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Daily 2 Cents: New Rendlesham UFO Verification -- What Do They Want? -- ‘Haunted House’ Database

New Rendlesham UFO Verification

Rendlesham AFB, 1980.

I was station at Camp New Amsterdam in 1980 (9/2/1980) and was working ZULA alert for the Air Force and the ground mechanic on F-15 C, fighter jets.

That night approximately 8:30 PM I believe, both of our jets scrambled for Rendlesham area, and flew over for about an hour and a half were killed their BINGO fuel, and had to RTB, return to base.

The pilots flying was [Name removed/cms/tg], and [Name removed/cms/tg]. We recover the aircraft, and as mechanic's job is to download the video set a UHF cassette and put in a new one for the next flight.

The pilots came back that night and instantly started talking about the scramble with us. Both them indicated they thought they were chasing them up unauthorized helicopter trying to find it on the radar, because of the low level and low-speed.

However, they did mention that two objects left ground level and proceeded at 35,000 feet within seconds. They told us the actually told the tower, without somebody shot missiles up in the air they were tracking. However the objects stopped at 35,000 hovering briefly and then took off at 70,000 feet, or until the radar cannot track them anymore.

The video(s) were downloaded by a crew chief friend of mine, on the recorder, which is standard protocol. I observed two objects that appeared to be black in color, it was difficult due to the quality of the video, and the speed the fighter jets were moving towards the objects approximately 650 kn,

The video also records radar tracking, and the objects shows approximations according to all aircraft loaded in the memory system so the fire just can have a match or friend or foe, the computer designated no match for the items. There was also no MODE 4 or squawk, friend or foe that typical aircraft send out under FAA regulations of that time.

The pilots reported the objects came back, approximately 35 miles down range, and simply could not catch up with them even though they were stopping for skipping moving from 45,000 feet to 2000 feet.

The one pilot, the Capt., Was a Texan a good old boy, and he indicated that he was not a believer in UFOs he was that night. There was no man in black, however there was some closed door meetings days later, but they never asked the ground crew me us, about videos or the radar.

What I saw on the video recorded from the F-15 HUD, heads-up display by McDonnell Douglas, wasn't night but did indicate an object with no wings, triangular shape, and no FAA regulation lighting but did have one maybe two lights, not sure where, the object was about 1 mile distance in front of the F-15.

We did notice, when the pilot(s) returned they had indicated their radar when off-line briefly as well as their INS, for both aircraft this extremely improbable if not impossible.

The F-15 aircraft were turned around and put back on 15 min. alert status. The next night I was not there but they did scramble again back to England. I notice none of the reports from this airbase indicated Col. Halt, that any aircraft jets were scrambled.

And I'm indicating they were, because I was there. It was camp in Amsterdam CNA, the Netherlands. Or camp Soesterburg Holland Netherlands.

Thank you - MUFON CMS


What Do They Want?

When I was 7 years old, I had dreams. Often. It was fun at first, and I can remember a lot of them I had, even now. I am 19 years old, currently, and it's been 12 years since it happened. I just came across this subreddit, and I thought I'd share since this was the only supernatural activity, frankly anything interesting, worth sharing, thats ever happened to me. I don't have dreams often anymore, mainly because of my lack of sleep (been an insomniac since age 11). But what happened on July 7th 2002 was the most demonic activity that has ever come across me. It was mortifying.

Since the day I realized what hands and feet were, I've never been able to go to sleep without having to hold my mother's hand. She would reach out her hand from her bed to my crib, and I'd mine from a gap between the bars of my crib, and hold her hand until I fell asleep. I've been doing that since I was 7 years old. Until we moved to a new house. The shape of the room was made so that my crib bed couldn't be next to my parent's. Therefore, I was unable to hold my mothers hand and fall asleep. I learnt that way. It was hard, but finally I was able to normally fall asleep after that. I've always had trouble sleeping, but was deemed an insomniac by a doctor at age 11, though I'm sure I was born with it. Anywho, the dreams. Most of the dreams I had were happy and fun dreams.

Interesting, and really enjoyable. Those kinds of dreams that you wake up to and dread that its not real. But since I stopped holding my mothers hand to fall asleep, they became worse. I've had many nightmares since then, but one in particular stood out. One that would happen ever so often, and it was the only nightmare I've had more than once.

It was a dog. A big black furred dog with glowing red eyes. That's all I could recall from it right now. The dream was short. No series of events, nothing drastic, but the dog just chased me. It kept going after me running and running behind me but it would never catch me because I ran faster in my dream. It wasn't lucid, not at all, though I remember every single feeling I had. Scared, terrified, any word you could think of to mean that I was being haunted would be how I felt. But regardless of how much it chased me, and how much I feared that thing, it never caught me. I always ran faster until I woke up.

July 7th, 2002. That was the night. I couldn't sleep, my parents weren't home and I was scared shitless. I always loved being home alone, but tonight was different. Even though I thought I was, that very instinct you have when you know someone else is with you, haunted me. That.. That thing.. That dog or whatever it was was there. I could feel it. The exact same feeling I had in my dream, except I wasn't dreaming. I was wide awake and fully knew of it. I don't know what it wanted with me, I don't know why it kept coming after me, I just knew it wanted me. I was scared.. I was so absolutely terrified, I couldn't feel my body. I was literally paralyzed. I couldn't move. Not one bit. I was laying in my bed, and my body was still with a thin blanket over me. I couldn't move my hands, I couldn't move my feet, and I remember thinking "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!" I wanted it to end, but I somehow knew it wouldn't. I was trying so hard to move.. but.. I couldn't. I was just paralyzed. Then I heard it.. a growl. The same growl as in my dream. I couldn't quite tell where it was coming from, but I knew it was somewhere inside the house. At this point, I started crying. My eyes.. My eyes started hurting.. But as I was crying, a tear rolled down my cheek.. Or so I thought. It felt heavier than a mere tear, and it was slowly going down my cheek to the left.. It dropped down to my white sheet of the bed, and I remember moving my head slightly only to see it was blood. Was I crying blood out of my eyes? This can't be happening, this can't be happening.. I kept thinking in my head. Another growl. But this time it felt closer to me. I noticed every time it made a noise, another tear of blood came out.. I still couldn't move. Anything but my head couldn't move. It came closer and closer.. The dog. The big black dog that's 3x the size of me with glowing red eyes kept coming. It was in my house. The one thing that has been haunting my dreams for months, now was in my house. I couldn't believe it.. I was still trying so hard to move, but couldn't. The pain of my eyes grew larger. It was a very stingy pain. Like I was constantly being stung by a bee on my iris. I couldn't take it. That was the first time in all my life that I actually wanted to die.

I never saw the dog. I never saw it coming, It never came any closer to me than the second growl. July 7th, 2002.. July 7th, 2002.. The 7th day of the 7th month.. When I was 7 years old. I'm not the greatest Christian, but that signifies something. The number 7 came up a lot in my lifetime.. But after that day, I never saw that dog again. It changed me.. What I felt was mortifying, and I felt like I should never do bad again unless I would pay the ultimate price. I swore by my name that I'd never do any of the shit I did before as a kid. Nothing bad.. I dont know if that's the devils doing, or if God sent a message to me. But whatever it was.. By God's grace, I will do better as a human.

Its still really hard to believe my own eyes. I don't know how that could've happened, but the drop of blood on my sheets of my bed.. My mom was never able to clean it. -


China Property Agency Launches ‘Haunted House’ Database

From flimsy fixtures to pestilential pipes, Beijing apartments generally come with one defect or another. So who needs an angry ghost added to the equation?

To help potential residents suss out whether their apartment might be prone to supernatural visitors with axes to grind, one Chinese property agency has created a database cataloging unnatural deaths—murders, suicides, etc.— that have occurred in Beijing homes.

According to an analysis posted on a site operated by China’s Ministry of Justice, no clear law exists that requires Chinese landlords or would-be sellers to disclose, say, a particularly brutal history attached to an apartment. To be sure, there’s precedent for buyers who weren’t aware of such a past to gain compensation through the courts if they feel duped. In one 2011 case, a buyer surnamed Wang ended up being awarded about 60,000 yuan after the seller failed to make clear that a previous resident had committed suicide on the premises.

Still, the site warns, caveat emptor.

Enter the haunted-home database. Such databases have also been created in cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei, where residents likewise have a strong aversion to homes with violent histories. In Hong Kong, for example, such homes are meticulously documented. Traditionally, they have been sold for discounts of as much as 30% and are particularly popular with expats, who agents say are less superstitious and disturbed by such pasts.

A report carried in the Beijing Youth Daily said that the Beijing-based database, created by property agency Home Link, currently features 900 entries. The paper said the database was created after the agency had run into a number of sticky situations in which customers learned about a violent death in their home only after a deal had already been finalized. The company didn’t respond to a request for comment.

As China’s housing property prices have zoomed upwards in recent years, Zhou Yinggang, director of the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Center for Hospitality and Real Estate Research, said that while the database might be intended to assist potential residents, its information could also be helpful for investors. In Hong Kong, which in years past has experienced a meteoric property rise, some investors who might be priced out of other segments of the market have deliberately targeted haunted apartments, he said.

“This could help create a market for alternative investments,” Mr. Zhou said. “Some haunted homes are in pretty good neighborhoods.”

Either way, buyers can take comfort from one thing: Much of China’s housing stock is new enough that the odds of anything very sordid having previously happened in a particular apartment are comparatively slim. Nearly 80% of all of China’s urban housing stock is just about a decade or so old. By contrast, in the U.S., about 85% of housing was built before 2000. - WSJ


Satanism and witchcraft fears after boy vomits 'money'

A 14-year-old boy is alleged to have vomited mysterious objects including bearer cheques (Zimbabwe's old currency which was officially discarded in February 2009).

Some claim that witchcraft and Satanism are at work after the minor's disappearance and mysterious return a week ago.

There are claims that more children in the area were being targeted.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda confirmed the case saying that investigations were in progress.

"We received information about that case where a 14-year-old boy is said to have started behaving strangely before vomiting a bearer cheque that was written names among other objects. The father is the one who saw the child vomiting and inquiries are being done," he said.

A crowd quickly gathered to catch a glimpse of the mysterious objects and the boy had to be taken to a pastor's house where he received prayers.

"Come and see what this child has done. God help me, Satanists want to kill my son," cried the boy's mother who was being consoled by her relatives.

The mother who was still to come to terms with the whole incident said she believed her son was being used by satanic agents, fingering one of her fellow residents in the acts.

"Strange things started happening after our neighbour sent my child to steal his brother's money. The child later confessed that the woman who lives next door had instructed him to steal money from her brother before she went on to threaten him with death for exposing her.

"Two days after the resident threatened him, he was kidnapped on his way to school and was released five hours later. We reported the matter to the police and also noted the resident's threats," she narrated.

The woman added that they started seeing strange things at their house which she believes were acts of witchcraft.

"We then started seeing ritual herbs tied with a red cloth that had a needle on it. We saw my child's name written on the juju as well as names of other children who he plays with," said the mother.

She said things got worse when they burnt the juju. That is when the boy started vomiting mysterious objects.

"We consulted our pastor who prayed with us before burning the objects last night. My child then started vomiting strange things which I have never seen in my whole life.

"Every time he was vomiting he told us that he was spiritually seeing our fellow resident shouting at him for exposing her.

"We prayed last night until the child slept and when he woke up he requested that I boil him an egg as he was hungry. Before he could start eating the egg, he started vomiting again and we rushed him to the pastor's place," she said.

The boy reiterated that he was in trouble with Satanic agents who wanted his blood.

"I have never been so afraid and I don't know how this is going to end. I can't eat anything and I just feel like vomiting all the time and wheneverI vomit I see the woman," said the boy.

The boy's father, warned all parents in the area to pray hard hinting that the devil was at work and more was yet to come.

The accused resident was not around to comment. - newsbite



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