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Monday, June 09, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Trio Over New Jersey -- It Sucked the Life Out of Me -- Important 'Phantoms & Monsters' Newsletter Notice

UFO Trio Sighted Over West Trenton, NJ

West Trenton, NJ - I was driving home from dinner on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. At approximately 8:15 pm when I turned onto my road, I noticed an incredible fog rolling into the 300+ acre field across the street from my house. I pulled my car over and took several pictures of the fog rolling into the field and onto the road. A few minutes later, immediately upon returning home, I posted seven fog pictures to Facebook directly from my iPhone.

Later in the evening, I looked at the pictures I posted from the vantage point of my laptop. In one picture, I noticed three objects in a triangle formation. It struck me as odd, as birds don't typically fly in a formation like that. I downloaded the picture into my basic photograph editor on my MacBook Air. I cropped the picture and zoomed in on the three objects. They appear round and metallic and you can easily see air disturbance around each object. It is important to note that I did NOT notice these objects when I was taking the pictures, nor did I hear any sound associated with them at all.

MUFON is welcome to analyze this photograph and, if interested, I will provide my iPhone for further analysis. Any feedback regarding the nature of these objects would be greatly appreciated. - MUFON CMS


After a lot of contemplation and because of my expenses, I have decided that the 'Phantoms & Monsters' newsletter will end in the near future. I will still publish the blog and the feed will continue...but I am losing too much revenue by offering the free newsletter. I will make an official announcement soon. Thanks...Lon

NOTE: The Amazon Kindle feed & service will continue.


It Sucked the Life Out of Me

I live in Massachusetts, in a well known summer tourist destination. The summer season is about to break open so my girlfriend and I decided to take a drive down to the harbor tonight to people watch. On our way home, we're driving down a poorly lit road, there's another car in the oncoming lane a ways down the road. My girlfriend is fiddling with the iPod, I'm just staring off into space, letting my mind wander. Literally out of nowhere, a green ball of light appears out of the woods to my right side. It was roughly the size of a car tire, it just floated across the road in front of us, is happens so quickly, yet time seemed to slow down. I was in awe. It made its way across the road, I can't describe it any other way than to say that it almost felt like it was looking back at me. As it came to the other side of the road, it glided upwards extremely precisely and gracefully, Illuminating the trees is front of it on its way up. I as I drove past, I looked into the woods and followed the sky where I last saw it, but it was gone. I was the only one of us that saw it, my girlfriend was looking down at the iPod. As I was describing what I saw to her, I suddenly felt like all of the energy was draining out of me. Like all of a sudden I could just fall asleep, right there, as I'm driving. I have no explanation for this, but I know what I saw. Can anyone offer an explanation or similar experience? - Reddit.com


Mysterious Supernatural and Ghost Encounters in Indonesia

‘The night was cold and gloomy, I was walking alone. All I could hear was leaves rustling and all I could see were lights flickering..’ That is an common opening to Indonesians’ ghost stories. Whether or not one believes in ghosts, no Indonesian children grow up without hearing some creepy chill-inducing stories. Indonesia has a number of haunted places which are sure to keep one on edge should one dare to enter and seek the creatures which dwell beneath the dark and mystical ruins..

Here are some real-life experiences from those who survived the encounters:

The Lady in White

A girl was going home from her campus, she decided to take an angkot (public mini-bus) for a quick ride since it was late and there were not many cars around. She sat in the angkot and stared outside the big glass window at the backside of the bus. Suddenly the angkot stopped, she assumed it must have stopped to accommodate another passenger for the ride. She did not bother lifting her gaze from the glass window. But, the angkot did not move. She was getting impatient and looked towards the driver’s seat. To her surprise, the driver was missing and the driver’s door was wide open. She decided to get off the bus but there stood a lady in white dress at the door. Her face was very pale, she had a long hair and she was looking straight at the girl. The next morning, people found the girl inside the angkot with a terrified look on her face and took her to a psychiatric ward. The horror does not cease even after she got out of the ward. She still could see the lady in white everywhere and at all times.

The Mysterious Hitchhiker

This story was found in an Internet forum. A lady reports an incident met by her husband and her family about 20 years ago when they were driving on an a abandoned road near a forest in Indonesia. The road was dark and they spotted a girl walking along the road. Seeing her alone in a deserted area, the family offered her a lift home. The girl accepted it and got into the backseat. Nothing about the girl seemed strange, she pointed towards a light hinting to the family that her home was nearby and pointed towards a road that was leading up to a mountain. The family kept driving for an hour up the mountain but they did not see any signs of houses. The mother got a bit uneasy at this point and asked the girl if they could drop her off somewhere there since the family was unfamiliar with the route and they did not want to end up getting lost. The girl got off, went into the trees and disappeared. The family started looking for a spot from where they could turn the car around. Suddenly, a pair of headlights speed towards them. A forest ranger in uniform got off and walked towards them. The ranger informed them that he saw them travelling up the road and rushed to stop them because after about a mile ahead, there was a 1,000-feet cliff they would fall into if they kept on driving. Also when the family asked about the girl, the ranger said that there was no one living in that area. The family freaked out and quickly drove back. The girl they met was probably a ghost or someone who would have definitely caused them harm.

President Yudhoyono’s Encounter with the Supernatural

Ghostly encounters do not even spare the rich and powerful. In his book, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono (SBY) shared his experience. SBY and his wife had a close encounter with a supernatural force when they were sleeping in their private residence. The president who, like many Indonesians, believes in the existence of supernatural presence , saw a dark swirling cloud entering and exiting his bedroom. His wife screamed at the sight. Doors and windows were opened and the president and his wife prayed for the blessings from Allah. The dark clouds finally left the house and they were able to take a sigh of relief.

These stories were not conceived out of thin air. Indonesia is indeed known for her mystical and mysterious forces surrounding the many islands. Therefore, should you travel to Indonesia and decide to explore the country, take heed from the locals about the different mystical areas to avoid and the many rituals that should not be disturbed. In this instance, an out-of-the-worldly experience may not be pleasant. - Global Indonesian Voices



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