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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: The House Next Door -- Reptilian Encounter in Ohio -- Slenderman's Origin

The House Next Door

It has long been rumored that the house next to me has been haunted. People would come and go like it was a perpetually revolving door. The longest anyone stayed was about 6 months. It was a normal house, upper middle class, tan, with a white picket fence, a good sized deck and a decent yard. The only thing slightly creepy about this house was that the man who had owned the house for years and moved, had buried all of his dead pets in the back yard, so it was an animal graveyard of sorts. It sat empty for quite some time, and this is where my experience begins.

I was in high school when this happened, probably my freshman year. I had gotten together with two friends, Carol and Erin, and we were trying to figure out what to do to keep from being bored. Someone, maybe it was me, decided to go check the house out and see what all the fuss was about. We walked through the open gate and into the backyard. A cable man had recently come by to do some work, which was very odd since no one lived there, and had left it open. After standing in the yard for a minute, we decided to play some hide and seek. We decided to draw the boundary at the front and back yard. Going inside was OFF LIMITS. I would count and they would hide. Well I found Carol almost immediately, and she decided to help me find Erin. We looked and looked for about a minute or so, when we heard a noise that sounded like movement in the house. Kind of like someone scurrying across the floor. We assumed that our friend had broken the rules and gone into the house. "Erin!" we shouted at the house. "You know inside is off limits!" We expected to hear the door open and Erin come walking out talking about how she just wanted to look, when we hear her come out from the bushes behind us, explaining that it wasnt her in the house.

We get a look of horror on our faces and slowly turn to look at the large windows that overlook the yard. The house is pitch black so it is impossible to see inside. We arent looking for very long, when I see something directly in front of the window. Its a young girl. Maybe 11 or 12. The only thing that is out of place is that shes not from this time period. Shes wearing a dark dress with a high color and two braids down her back. She looks sad and mouths something that I understand to be "help me." I cant figure out what she means when I see something behind her that made my blood run cold. Its a man. About 6.5 feet tall and sinister. He has a look of pure hatred on his face and his hands are reaching out as if to choke the girl standing in front of him. As fast as he appears, they disappear. I come back to reality and turn to look at my friends. They look like the had seen a ghost. I turn to my friend Erin and ask her what she saw. She describes the little girl exactly as I saw and the man.

We hightailed it out of there as fast as we could and I have never been back. - Reddit.com


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Reptilian Encounter in Ohio

7/2005 - unedited: My father woke me up one day (this was in the middle of summer) and asked if I needed anything from the store. I said no and went back to sleep while my dad and sisters went to town to get groceries. I later woke up around noon that day and looked out the door window and I saw a 7-8' tall olive green skinned reptilian-like humanoid alien with a normal sized head and long limbs with long fingers and regular-sized all black eyes (no pupils). The creature appeared to be walking from right to left looking at the ground like it was looking for something. The creature was walking in the place where my dad's old barn used to be before it was taken down. There were small trees and old scrap metal and junk in that area when I saw the creature. I stared at the creature for about 15-20 seconds then I quickly closed the curtain, sat down on my couch and stared at the ground in shock/disbelief thinking to myself "what did I just see".(Unfortunately, I had no camcorders or cameras at that time) A few minutes later, I got the courage to look back out the window but the creature was gone. It affected me so badly that I'm paranoid to this day sleeping with a light on at night. I have nightmares about aliens and sometimes wake up screaming but sometimes i have good dreams about them where we make peace. There are also times when In my dreams I overcome my fear with anger and actually fight with the creatures using super strength and my body's internal chi. I recall one dream where woke up strapped to a surface with aliens all around me and I got so angry that I used my body's chi to explode out of the bonds and beat up the aliens. I am still angry with aliens for what they do to humanity (according to abduction reports). - MUFON CMS


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