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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Burning UFO Chased by Black Helicopter...Portal Opens -- My Grandmother's Story -- Firefighter's Body Found...Strange Incident

Burning UFO Chased by Black Helicopter...Portal Opens

Evans, CO - 621/2008 - Cigar shaped UFO is on fire, covered in flames, Black Military Helicopter respondant on scene hovering. A flashing yellow light appears and some sort of Portal opens, the cigar shaped ufo flies in and portal seals shut with a brilliant flash, Black helicopter flies away.

I was driving in my car late at night to get to my dirt road residence when I thought I had seen a missile. I slam on brakes and jump out of my car. I was shocked and frightened, I wasnt sure if WW3 had started or not cause I thought it was a missile launch.

It was a cigar shaped UFO with narrow strip of windows? down the side, flames were licking at it, 2/3rds of it was on fire.

I wasnt sure whether to stare at the UFO or the Black Helicopter on scene or the flash of yellow light that opened up a hole in the night sky.

Looking for artist to recreate and volunteer services to find peace of mind. Willing to take lie detector test if anyone in doubt. Psychologically effected and feel alone and frightened cause this is my third sighting in two years time.(2008-2009) No sightings since. I am seeking more answers, reassurance.

Happy to share. This happened in 2008. - MUFON CMS


Reports of an Ostrich running free in Wiltshire

Police have said they are responding to reports of an ostrich running along Warminster High Street this afternoon.

Sgt Jim Suter announced on Twitter that officers are investigating the reports. - Wiltshire Times


Missing California firefighter found dead 1 mile from where he was last seen alive two weeks before

Michael Herdman, 36, went missing June 13 when he ran after his dog in difficult terrain in Los Padres National Forest. His body was spotted 1,200 feet above his campsite among rugged cliffs. His dog was found alive on Sunday in the parking lot where Herdman left his car 12 miles away.

(This has a 'Todd Sees' feel to it!)

A California firefighter who went missing two weeks ago during a camping trip after he ran after his dog has been found dead among rugged terrain in Los Padres National Forest, authorities said Friday.

Michael Herdman, 36, ran after his black lab, Duke, the night of June 13 while he was barefoot and wearing just a T-shirt and shorts.

The wayward pooch was found Saturday in a parking lot where his owner had parked his car — about 12 miles from where Herdman and buddy Taylor Byars, 27, had set up camp along a river bottom in woods outside the city of Fillmore. Read more at


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My Grandmother's Story

This is a story my grandmother told me a few years ago. I forget how it came about or where we were when it was told but this is how I remember it.

Her father had just passed away, and back when it happened, they held wakes in the houses of the deceased. So my grandmother was there for the wake and staying overnight in the house. Well after the wake when she was asleep, she woke up in the middle of the night, feeling some sort of presence. She sat up and saw a tall dark figure, wearing a top hat standing in front of the bed with no discernible features other than the top hat. Obviously she was freaked out, but was almost paralyzed and couldn't say or do anything (my grandfather was sleeping next to her). She then closed her eyes for a minute, opened again, and the figure was gone. After calming herself down she lied back down and continued to try to sleep. I could be wrong about that I don't exactly remember what happened after it was gone.

However what I found most interesting about the story was what she said after. Years later (not exactly sure how many) while looking through some photos, she saw a picture of her father wearing a top hat and dressed in black. She said it looked exactly like the figure, in terms of shape and size. She is convinced it was him. Of course I cannot verify if any of this actually happened, I'm just simply relaying a story I heard a few years ago. - Reddit.com



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