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Friday, June 20, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Bigfoot? What Do You Think? -- 3000 Year Old Alien Mummy Found -- Zombie Passenger Pigeons

Bigfoot? What Do You Think?

New footage has emerged showing what looks like a bipedal creature standing at the side of a road.

The video was recorded near Sundance in Utah and begins after a couple had turned their car around to take a closer look at something that they'd spotted at the roadside.

As the car headlights illuminate the trees at the side of the road a bipedal creature can be briefly seen standing between the trunks. It's difficult to make out much detail in the low light but it certainly appears as though there is something there.

The couple backed their car up and drove past again but by this time the creature had disappeared. The footage has been gaining in interest since first appearing online three days ago but to date there has been no explanation for what it is that the couple had witnessed.

Click for video - Bigfoot spotted near Sundance, UT or cut / paste

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3000 Year Old Alien Mummy Found

The mummified remains of an apparent strange humanoid creature has been found in Northern Germany near where the 3600 year old Nebra Sky Disk was found in 2001. The mummified remains have been described by the researchers as alien in appearance. Shown to have human and non-human characteristics. They observe that the creature would have stood between 3-3.5 feet tall. No outward sign of genitalia were found. The origin and abnormalities found in the remains has triggered intense investigation by German researchers.

The Nebra Sky Disk is a blue green bronze disk inlaid with gold symbols. It is the oldest accurate depiction of the night sky ever found. The first representation of the Universe in human history. The markings are generally recognized as the Sun and stars; including a cluster interpreted as the Pleiades. Two golden arcs along the sides, mark the angle between the solstices. A final addition was another arc at the bottom surrounded with multiple strokes interpreted as a Sun ship with numerous oars. Read more at Paranormics


Scientists to create zombie passenger pigeon

The passenger pigeon is an odd case of extinction – it died out not centuries ago, but in 1914, within the lifetime of some people living today. Its extinction shocked the world, going from a population of billions to being hunted into extinction in a relatively short time. Once Martha, the last surviving passenger pigeon bid farewell at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the world assumed they were gone for good, but perhaps not: The Great Passsenger Pigeon Comeback, the flagship project of genetics group Revive & Restore, aims to see to it that passenger pigeons fly among us once more.

To reach their goal, they intend to employ some genetic wizardry. “The goal of The Great Passenger Pigeon Comeback is to bring the passenger pigeon all the way back using the genome of the band-tailed pigeon and state-of-the-art genomic technology,” they wrote on their website. “The genomes of the two birds will be compared in close detail, to determine which differences are most crucial. The data and analysis will begin with the process of converting viable band-tailed DNA into viable passenger pigeon DNA.”

As complicated as that sounds, Revive & Restore says that the passenger pigeon “offers relative technical practicality for the scientific work of de-extinction.” The project also won’t be easy, likely costing millions of dollars and taking at least a decade to raise a sustainable population. Though some are bound to have ethical quandaries with the idea of de-extinction, others view it as a sort of retribution for the damage mankind has dealt to the planet.

“This was a real wake-up call for the public and frankly for scientists, too,” said Helen James, curator of birds at the Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of History. “Ornithologists studied birds and they didn’t really think of species becoming extinct.”

Presently, Revive & Restore is initiating research designs for the isolation and culturing of band-tailed pigeon primordial germ cells. This is expected to be the project’s greatest hurdle. - Daily Digest News


Mom charged with fatally poisoning son for posts on mommy blog

A young mother who documented her 5-year-old son's persistent illness on social media was arrested Tuesday, accused of fatally poisoning him with sodium, WABC-TV reported.

Investigators said Lacey Spears was desperate for attention and used her son as a tool to make that happen by publicly documenting his condition.

Spears brought her son to Nyack Hospital in Rockland County on Jan. 17, reporting he was having seizures. Two days later, with no medical explanation, Garnett-Paul's sodium levels rose to an extremely dangerous level.

Spears was sharing her son's hospital room, and prosecutors said the mother administered sodium through the boy's stomach tube. The boy was then transferred to the Westchester Medical Center, where he died.

"During the afternoon, that child goes from moderate to severe cerebral dysfunction," prosecutor Doreen Lloyd said in court. "And as that is going on, this child's sodium level is going up. It coincides with the actions of this defendant."

The Westchester County district attorney says doctors there suspected Spears was harming her son and called New York state children's services, which launched an investigation.

Spears, who pleaded not guilty, documented her son's various health problems using a public blog.

Spears was ordered held without bail. - WCVB



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