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Friday, June 27, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Aliens in Pittsburgh Mall -- Leopard Reported Roaming Sussex -- 'Missing 411' Scenario in Los Padres National Forest?

Aliens in Pittsburgh Mall

West Mifflin, PA - 4/2008: Barbara, a wheel chair bound retiree from Uniontown called and described the following. She and her husband were at Century 3 Mall. Her husband was setting on a bench in the mall. Barbara went to the men's dept. in JC Penny. While there she saw a creature that looked like an ET. There was another women present with her young children. She says they were rushing out of the area. Her son said" I want to see", and the mother replied "No, you can't, lets go now!" Barbara in her wheelchair, saw a grey man approximately 41/2 inches tall, wearing a red/black plaid shirt and blue pants. He was standing by a clothes rack. She saw his profile and then looked away. When she looked back he was now facing her. She described him as being male, no hair, grey skin, almond black eyes with a lumpy heavily wrinkled face. She said the face was not human, it looked like an animal. She again looked away because its not polite to stare, and when she looked back.. he is gone. She went to the register to ask for security but no body was around. She wasn't afraid and said that he had a pleasant smile on his face. She decided to leave the store because she and her husband were planning to attend a movie. Barbara tried to tell her husband but he told her to tell him after the movie. Barbara recalled sitting in the dark theater in the rear by the exit door. Every time the door opened, she looked to see if the creature was there. She started to get frightened. Barbara said that she completely forgot about the encounter and never told her husband until 2 months later when she saw a UFO article in the Tribune Review. It seemed to jar her memory. She said she has a tremendous memory and can tell details from years ago, but is surprised she repressed this memory. She believes that when the creature was staring at her, that it made the memory fade away. Barbara said that the newspaper article mentioned a UFO sighting in Jefferson Hills right near the mall at the same time she had her experience. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I had received a report from Ohio several years ago with similar looking beings. The witness called the entities 'Cicada People'...Lon

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Leopard Reported Roaming Sussex

Dianne Lonnon was walking her terrier-collie cross called James in Cantercrow Hill, Denton, near Newhaven, when they came across the “spotty brown coloured big cat” just in front of her.

Mrs Lonnon, 66, said: “I was just yards away.

“It was in front of us and looking away so I don’t think it saw us and I was just praying it didn’t turn round. I was just hoping the dog didn’t bark. “It was walking in front of us and just walked away. We were heading towards it so I turned around and hoped it didn’t smell my fear.

“I didn’t even look behind me I was so scared.

“Then I ran home with the dog and phoned 999. They told me I had to call the non-emergency number and were asking me lots of questions like what shape its ears were and whether it was bigger than a Labrador.

“Its tail was right up and I can’t remember what its ears looked like because I was so scared and keen to get out of there.

“I’ve been on safari twice and it looked just like a leopard.

“I saw it long enough to know it was definitely a cat.

“It was right in Denton village. I have seen lots of people riding bikes and up there with kids and I’m terrified. I just wanted to tell everyone it could be out there.”

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police: “A sighting of a large brown wild cat with lines on its tail was reported to police on Sunday at 9.44am by a dog walker who had spotted it in a field north of St Leonards Road, Newhaven.

“The sighting has been noted by the wildlife officer for the area.”

She added that if anyone spots a suspected leopard or other big cat they should call the 101 police non-emergency number. But if you are being attacked or in fear of attack call 999. - The Argus


Vicious Canine Attacks

A pair of unknown vicious dogs have been attacking people and evading police officers in Thornhill.

Regional authorities have been attempting without success to track down the canines which have to date been connected with several violent incidents. Two women have reportedly been bitten by the dogs while one man was said to have fended them off with a rake.

Several residents claim to have been chased in to their homes and one officer had to resort to repelling the animals with pepper spray after they lunged at him in someone's back yard.

Later the same day an officer shot one of the dogs in the shoulder but it still managed to get away.

Conflicting reports from witnesses suggest that they could be German shepherds or coyotes while others have suggested them to be something else entirely such as an unidentified hybrid.

"You’re having all kinds of people weigh in with different opinions, but until we actually have the animals, we won’t know for sure," said York Regional Police Sergeant Clint Whitney. "The safest thing to say is that they’re undomesticated canines of some sort. Large and vicious." Read more at The Globe and Mail


*Firefighter chases dog...now both missing ('Missing 411' scenario?)

Search and rescue crews were optimistic Wednesday they would find an off-duty Arcadia firefighter who has been missing for roughly five days in the Los Padres National Forest after chasing after his dog barefoot.

Footprints and a backpack belonging to Mike Herdman, 36, were found Tuesday, but the boulder-strewn and tree-covered terrain exacerbated the effort.

Searchers also found more of Herdman’s footprints south of the campsite near a creekbed, authorities said. Crews were using bloodhounds to try to pick up his scent as the search area narrows, officials said.

"That is a good sign," said Arcadia fire spokeswoman Beth Stogner. "We hope today is the day we find him."

Herdman has been missing since chasing after his dog in the Sespe Wilderness area north of Fillmore. His friend said Herdman was barefoot and wearing only shorts and a T-shirt when he ran after the dog when it took off unexpectedly Friday night from their campsite.

After Herdman didn’t return, his friend made the two-day hike out of the forest to alert authorities.

There was no evidence Herdman had returned to the site since he’d disappeared Friday, said Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Buschow.

About 50 people searching the area on foot have to be flown in due to how remote the terrain is, authorities said. Herdman and his friend were camping about 15 miles into the forest, an area they were both familiar with.

Herdman has been an Arcadia firefighter since 2007 and is known as an avid outdoorsman. The weather during the day has been moderate and at night, it’s been “survivable,” Buschow said. He added Herdman also has access to water from a nearby creek. - LA Times

*UPDATE: Firefighter's Body Found



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