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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Archive: 'Black Eyed Kid' Encounters

In light of the C4C BEK Encounter that I posted yesterday, I decided to pull up a few of the BEK encounters forwarded to me by eyewitnesses over the years:

My father and I were in Dulce, NM today. I've lived in NM since 2000, but never been to this town, despite it having quite the history in cattle mutilations, etc. As we were inside the grocery store, there were 2 very strange-looking teens wandering around, almost like brother and sister. The younger boy was about 11 and had his hair slicked like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals and the teen girl was wearing dark black sunglasses indoors the whole time.

Upon leaving the store, another family was coming in - a white, engineering-type nerdy government lab-looking type with a native American woman, along with their 4 children. There was a baby in the basket covered with a blanket, 2 year-old, and what looked like 4 and 7 year-old girls. The combination of the nerdy engineering-type white guy with his native-looking wife, in such an insular community seemed strange, to me, for this area.

Then, there was the children, whose skin was much, much darker than that of what I assumed to be their native American mother. The 2 girls stopped short of me, as I was coming out of the grocery store entrance. The way they looked at me - almost animal-like, in curiosity, with silent gazes and their heads cocked inquisitively, almost like a curious puppy dog, with what seemed to be extremely dark black, very reflective, glistening eyes. KZ

NOTE: This is an interesting combination of two phenomena related to aliens...Dulce Base and black-eyed children. I'd be interested to know if others have experienced an encounter this unique. Is it possible that the BEK phenomena is a result of human experimentation in deep underground facilities...ex. Dulce Base? Lon


Hello Lon,

Your recent posting about black eyed children was new information to me. I read lot of UFO material and watch a zillion TV shows on the paranormal, but this was the first time I had heard about possible alien/human hybrid children now living among us. (Guess I should come out from under my rock more often.)

The "black eye" part of the story really gave me a shock. We live in a neighborhood of small family houses in Arlington, Texas. Every year we have from 40 to 60 trick-or-treaters at our door on Halloween night. They usually consist of small children accompanied by adults, older children in groups, and teenagers who can't seem to give up their childhood fun. Sometimes the teens don't even bother to wear costumes.

Halloween night of 2011 was a busy one on our street. At one point I answered the doorbell to a large group of kids of various ages. Two of the tallest ones were dressed in rather flashy costumes. I remember nylon net, glitter, sequins, and garish makeup. I don't remember if they were both girls or if one was a boy. I always pay attention and compliment the kids on their costumes. When I looked at the eyes of the teenagers, I was really taken aback. The entire visible eyeballs were a shiny coal black! I told them they had great costumes and I think I asked if "those things" hurt their eyes. I naturally assumed they were wearing contact lenses covering their entire eye surface. I got no answer to my question. They just sort of smiled. Maybe they just didn't want to converse with an elderly grandmother type. I don't even know if I got a thank-you for the candy from them or not.

I closed the door before the mass of kids left the porch, so I don't know if the two teens went off by themselves or were with some of the younger kids. I remember mentioning to my husband that some teens were wearing what looked like painful contact lenses and then didn't think about the incident until you told me about "black-eyed-children." Wow. or not a Wow. Were they hybrids or just ultra cool teens? I tend to believe the latter, and that they were trying to shock people. In any case, they succeeded with me. I know I would not have let them in my house, whatever they were!

Thanks for all your work. Grandlady


They Are Among Us

A few days ago, a Memphis, TN woman called into TN MUFON to report that she was sure she had just had an encounter with an alien/human hybrid baby at Cosco's in Cordova, Tennessee. She and her granddaughter had gone there to pick-up a birthday cake. As soon as they walked through the entrance, a tall Asian-looking man, who was apparently in a big hurry, walked directly across their path almost running into them. He was dressed casually in all black clothing and had a Caucasian-looking infant in a carrier basket strapped in front of him. He seemed to take no notice whatsoever of her and her granddaughter as he marched on past them without one word of apology for his near collision with them. My correspondent, who has asked to remain anonymous, told me that seeing a man of Asian descent who was over six feet tall was in itself unusual, but she had to confess that the racial contradiction between himself and his infant companion startled her more than anything else.

She didn't get a good look at the baby at that time. If she had, she might have stopped in her tracks right then and there and asked her granddaughter, "did you see that?" But neither she or her granddaughter commented at that moment about this sudden "close encounter." They just proceeded on back to the bakery as if nothing had happened. After they purchased the cake, they started heading towards the entrance to leave. As they did so, the lady told me she spotted this Asian fellow moving rapidly down some aisles and taking a quick, sharp right-angle turn to cross over to another aisle. He didn't have a shopping cart and hadn't picked up one item from the shelves. Maybe he was just anxiously looking for one thing for some emergency need, possibly to do with the baby.

Just as the lady and her granddaughter were approaching the front of the store to leave, the second "close encounter" occurred. The Asian man suddenly appeared again and walked by them. My witness then got a good look at the baby. This woman swears to me that this infant had intensely bright blue eyes with no white area surrounding them! I talked to other researchers like Linda Howe about this report and was assured that these all blue-eyed people are being seen all over now in different parts of the country, adults as well as children. The Native American Medicine woman Three-Spirit Wolf who spoke in Memphis last June told us after hearing this recent story from Memphis that she had met some of the hybrids out in New Mexico last year. They were wearing dark sunglasses. One of them removed his glasses to reveal his utterly eerie-looking all-blue eyes without the white. He asked her if people had commented to her about seeing him or some of his other hybrid companions. Apparently they are trying to be as inconspicuous as possible in public.

Top alien abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University is convinced that the alien hybridization program is alarmingly evident in our society now. I know this lady who reported seeing the all blue-eyed baby in Memphis just the other day. I can vouch for her credibility. She saw what she saw. Maybe this can be explained as some weird new mutation showing up in the human eye at this time...or maybe it is true that "they" now walk among us.

(Postscript: the lady told me that when they got back home, she asked her granddaughter what she thought about seeing the strange Asian man and his all blue-eyed baby in the carrier. The lady had thought it a little curious in fact that her granddaugher who usually comments on seeing cute babies in public had not said one word about this. The granddaughter said she hadn't noticed this man or the baby!)

NOTE: This email was forwarded by a MUFON investigator...Lon


Mr. Strickler – I was listening to your radio interview with David Weatherly because I am seeking information concerning black-eyed children. I hope it is OK to direct my concerns directly to you.

I am a widow with a teenage daughter in Casper, Wyoming, an area west of the city near the county airport. The property had been in my husband’s family for many years. I recently purchased an adjacent home and property after the owner passed away. This is where the story actually begins.

I settled on the new property just after Thanksgiving. Since it was purchased ‘as is’ it was fairly inexpensive but requires a lot of work. I hired an auction house to come in and remove the contents for future sale. The auction was scheduled for next week, but there have been a few odd things going when the items were first listed for sale.

I received a phone call from the auctioneer a few weeks ago. He wanted to know if I had any knowledge concerning the contents from the house. I told him that I didn’t know the owner that well but that I did know that he had lived on the property since the 1950s. The auctioneer said that a young woman came into the auction house and told him that the property and contents were stolen and that it belonged to her family in North Dakota. She didn’t give her name but assured him that she had documentation to prove her assertions and that she planned to take legal action if the sale continued. I contacted my attorney and the realtor who verified that the property sale was legal and that there were no prior claims to it.

The young woman, who was described as ‘very plain, thin with long black hair’, has not been heard from since. It was decided that the auction would continue as scheduled.

Then this past Tuesday, New Years Day around noon, someone rang the doorbell. I was in the kitchen and I knew my daughter would answer the door. I heard the door open and the voice of a young girl. My daughter soon yelled loudly ‘Mom, come here’. As I walked down the hallway toward the door I noticed 3 girls standing on the porch. They stood without movement staring directly at me. As I approached, I was shocked when I soon noticed that their eyes were completely black in color. I asked if I could help them. The tallest girl asked if they could come in to talk about the house and property I had recently purchased.

I immediately replied that we were busy and that I would give them the phone number to my attorney if they had any inquiries. They just turned and walked away without saying anything else. Each of the girls had blonde hair and wore heavy winter clothing with boots. They seemed to be in their early teens. I watched as they walked toward the highway and eventually lost sight of them.

Since then we have not been contacted by anyone concerning the property. The auction has been postponed for other reasons and has not been rescheduled. My attorney continues to research the property records for any other information.

I supposed the most important question is – who are these children? Do I need to be concerned? I look forward to your comments. SA


The Kansas Babies

Hello - something happened last summer that has left me with many questions and few answers. I was employed at an appliance and furniture rental & sales business in Great Bend, Kansas. One morning a co-worker and I opened the store. When we arrived we noticed that the backdoor was open and when we entered the backroom all the lights in the store had been turned on. I didn't look like a break-in because the security latch was intact. The security system had been disabled - there was no power indicator on the code box. We immediately called the police and the store manager to report the situation. We were told not to open the store and to remain in the back office until someone arrived.

A few minutes later, after hanging up the phone with the store manager, a police officer was knocking on the back door. I left him in and told him what we had found when we arrived. The officer started to walk through the back room and into the showroom when we started to hear a baby cry. I thought that a customer may have somehow entered the store and that they had a baby with them. My co-worker and I followed the officer in the direction of the crying - well, I didn't believe what I saw. There were 2 babies lying on a twin size bed display. The officer told us to stay there while he checked the rest of the store. He had also radioed for another police officer to come to the location.

I looked down at the babies who were both tightly wrapped in dark green cloth. Both babies were quiet, very still and looking at me and my co-worker. I was taken aback by their odd eyes - both babies had large pupils that were black. There were no irises and neither of the babies blinked. The police officer was soon back with us - he commented on the babies' eyes as well. In fact, he was totally freaked out - so much so that he looked scared.

The store manager soon arrived as well as a senior police officer. We all stood around the bed looking at these strange babies who laid there quietly watching us. The store manager pulled my co-worker and I to the side and told us to go ahead and leave. He was not opening the store until he found out what was going on. We quickly headed toward the back door and left.

I wasn't scheduled to work until a couple days later but I had talked to a few co-workers who said that the atmosphere in the store was very strange. They had been receiving weird telephone calls and that the security system alarm would trip on several times during the day.

I got to work a little early for my next scheduled shift. When I arrived the store manager was sitting in the office so I asked him what had happened after we had left. He said that 2 young women, who said they were from the municipal court, eventually showed up and took the babies. The senior police officer told him later that he had no idea who the women were but that he was told by his superior not to impede. He thought they were probably from McConnell AFB in Wichita. He also said that the babies were very quiet and seemed relaxed the entire period that they were there.

I stopped working there not long after. Things were just never the same and it got tougher each day - especially when odd-looking people would come into the store and just walk around. I didn't feel comfortable being there.

I read an article not long ago about black-eyed kids and the theories on their existence. Have you heard of similar incidents? I'd appreciate your feedback. SH

NOTE: The thought of two babies left unattended in an empty store, possible overnight, seems somewhat far-fetched...let alone, how did they get there. Lon

The Black Eyed Children

The Black Eyed Kids

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