Tuesday, May 06, 2014

These 'Things' Are Real!

I recently received the following narrative from a longtime reader who has experienced a great deal of paranormal phenomena throughout their life. This reader had an encounter with the Point Pleasant Mothman not long before the Silver Bridge collapse on December 15, 1967. I had posted this specific encounter previously. Over the years, I have received many interesting Bigfoot encounter accounts...especially incidents that occurred throughout the state of Ohio:

Lon...Just saw you on TV for the Sykesville Monster and would like to ask you some questions if that's okay. I want you to think back and see if you recall any signs in the larger areas of these sightings that told you research of any kind was going on there. Here in Ohio we had a research institute on a sign in a heavily forested area. The name of this particular place was (*********) Center and the lab's name was in small letters at the bottom of the sign. Locals asked questions about what was going on up there but got nowhere. When the questions got to be too great for them we saw that they'd brought in a big well-known university and changed the sign to reflect this. We all assumed this was to help them look more benign however it did not. Both were well known for doing huge government contracts that dealt with fringe science. The public wasn't supposed to know what they were doing, but since their employees talked about things they saw that bothered them, they told others.

Our family had an inside track on what was going on around us because people were calling Dad to have him find out what was going on, and who was doing it. Then, people could make a deal with him to talk care of the problem if you get my drift. Memories of that period of time have recently been resurfacing so they're fresh in my mind as I'm typing this email to you. The things you want to pay close attention to in all the reports don't seem to have anything to do with what you saw but I assure you they do. I know this because it happened to me and I know of other places in our area where teenage girls' bedroom windows were being tampered with. Of course the teenage boys, men, and sheriff's deputies all thought this had to be some pervert doing this. Their fathers all got a good look at what had to be a very big man with long hair all over his body. They saw his face and he looked human you see. He was very tall, very broad, and going around barefoot unless he was in some kind of suit. In more than one place these fathers said they saw his privates and that this wasn't a costume! Dad laughed at what they said and told them that some men would stoop to doing anything. The one father got really loud saying he knew what he saw and it was definitely a man the size he had never seen before in his life and the hair on him was coming out of his own skin. This one particular house evidently had a teenage girl in it that this hairy man really had the hots for. Each time he came by he left the stack of stones on the road in front of the house. The girl's dad came out with a gun one night and started shooting. He said this big hairy guy went right up this sheer hillside with loose rock all over it. No human could've gotten up that hillside and the man marveled at how fast this big hairy guy got up it with ease.

Boys from the high school liked this girl, a pretty blonde with a great figure, so my brothers said, and so they took their guns and staked the place out at night. They complained at school that he never showed up. One night after that most of them decided to give up this venture as they heard the yells and it threw rocks from the top of the hill down at them on the road. I saw it the next day and some of these rocks were pretty good sized.

Sometime later I heard boys in the high school talking excitedly about guns and going to this fire tower. I asked our oldest brother what fire tower they were all going to and he told me there was one near our nearest small town. They took sleeping bags and food with them. My brother came back kind of early. Seemed that someone crashed their stakeout and not hearing any vehicles come near the place they suspected boys who lived nearby. One of the boys said if it happened again he'd shoot at whoever was doing it. Some of them went back up there and whatever was there the night before came back only this time it was shaking the fire tower! Then it started yelling that told them this wasn't human. It was throwing big rocks at them too. My brother took me up there the next day and said to keep an eye out for a big hairy man and if I saw one I was to tell him immediately and he'd hit the gas! One leg of that tower was bent and this was heavy metal! I could see these good sized rocks laying around the tower.

When you go back through the eyewitness reports of where your sighting and the others were, look for reports of missing chickens and pigs as well. Farmers were too ashamed to tell the Sheriff's deputies that they'd seen an enormous hairy man taking their pigs and chickens. Some did tell the officers and were laughed at. Pretty soon the Sheriff's office began wondering what was wrong with people down in the hills. Then, they began talking to neighboring communities. The reports about the stolen pigs and chickens were making the evening news on the TV. One day it got big news coverage when huge hairy men were seen in a pig pen over at a small town some distance away. The pens over there held around 300 head. I believe the news people called this rustling and some prankster in a furry costume. The next news update to this was that multiple men in costumes had been seen in the pens in broad daylight and the witnesses swore that they could see the private parts and that they were definitely not wearing costumes! Dad was called over there as well so we got to hear some of what the witnesses had seen, including the farmer.

No one said Bigfoot or anything, just a giant naked hairy man. The farmer at Amanda had suspicion cast on him when tire marks were not found to suggest how the pigs had been taken. I think his insurance carrier must have investigated. Farmers with a small number of pigs usually didn't insure them but the big farmers did. Every place where there had been trouble with this, the forest was clear cut for some distance. In the end the small farms with pigs and chickens sold their animals and some even sold their farms. There was a beagle breeder up the road who's pen of 27 dogs was being torn down so the dogs were let out. A neighbor just down the road had sheep and one day around the same time, his entire flock were killed. They all lay in the same area, their throats were ripped out and there were fang marks in their throats. None were eaten. There were no dogs running loose at the time. We heard the commotion from our house and saw something huge and dark up there. I swore I saw sheep being flung in the air. When we went up to see them it was after we saw the farmer go up there. The legs of some of these sheep were broken!

Within a couple of weeks after that, there were coon hunters up in the forest across the field from our house. It was summertime and Dad said they were practicing. We saw that they had a bunch of dogs with them and there were many men that went up there with an awful lot of guns. We had a front row seat to this. They all went in long before the sun set and were up there making a bunch of noise. Then, it got dark, we heard yelling from time to time of men saying, "There he is!" Then there were a bunch of shots and we were thinking that was way too many shots for them to be shooting at one coon. It ruins the pelt not to mention that buyers don't buy summer pelts anyway! It was quiet for awhile and then there was a long very loud roar and dogs began coming out of those woods like they were running for their lives. Then, the hunters came running out of the woods. Some got in the vehicles and tore out of there. Others all stood in a group by the creek and their vehicles with their guns all pointing in the same direction. We heard some yelling but then they all got in their vehicles and left.

You'll need to find any hunting clubs that were operating in the sightings areas at that time to see what they've seen. I know in our area if all the dogs were riled up at night we neighbors talked about it later. If one dog in the valley started barking they all started. We could tell by their barks where the animal or person was headed and how fast. Our dogs were beginning to whine loudly and hide in their boxes. They'd never done that before. Others mentioned their dogs doing the same thing. Bigfoot don't like dogs. After all this stuff happened and was going on for some time, we saw a pack of feral dogs run through the valley. The next week people down in the block were telling us they'd seen a pack of feral dogs. When we asked how many there'd been and what breeds we knew this wasn't the same pack that we'd seen. They didn't seem to stick around long much to everyone's relief. The dogs were all very clean looking for having been running loose. Dad laughed and said maybe this would work for them. He wouldn't explain what he meant though.

My brother was with some other teen boys that went in the research place to get photos of primates the place told the news were not in there. My brother said he and the other two boys who saw them also saw what looked like a big hairy man in one of the cages. He said they tore out of there because it saw them and began tearing at it's cage so bad they feared it would get out and come get them. The news people were shown the photos and they were at the front gate with a mobile news crew and a big crowd of protestors. There were armed guards on that gate too. Battelle and the university made a statement to reporters later on saying they'd been doing primate research but there was nothing to be afraid of. People didn't give up on it though and I saw where they'd been throwing garbage into the place. A new statement was made sometime later saying all the projects were being shut down. A few weeks later they were confronted again and said all that was going on was biological testing for agricultural purposes I believe they said. In time the people living nearby and other interested people, shut them down for good. The place was just found wide open with no one around. Now, part of it is a park and the rest is barred from the public and guarded. Hmmmm wonder what's going on down there now? I don't have to wonder as I was down there around 2011 below the park about 1/3rd of the way down to the lake when I heard people yelling then screaming as big rocks were being lobbed at them from further up the hillside. I heard grunts that reminded me of a gorilla and decided it was time to turn and go back the way I'd come. Then I caught this awful smell so bad I tasted it. I started praying and continued until I got in the car and told my husband to get us out of there.

There were so many other incidents going on down in the hills for miles and miles that everyone pretty much stayed indoors or in large groups for some time. I believe it happened around 1972-73. (Please don't post this with my name attached) When this was going on, it was neighbor against neighbor who suspected their teenage boys and/or adults of doing these things. The authorities were talking with anyone with a record of doing such things. They had some suspects but those who'd seen what caused these things knew it wasn't exactly human. The police and others who hadn't seen them (more than one) didn't believe those who did so there was a lot of animosity and slandering going on and I imagine some people getting even. So it really tore up these small communities and those who lived out in the countryside. My last experience with one where I grew up, was just as the blizzard was beginning in late January of 1978. I heard the longest, deepest yell that sounded like some man was up the valley getting tortured or murdered. Dad came out to hear it and said that was my friend that used to visit me when I was young. I asked if he thought that was funny and he said no that it was true. I remembered those visits from a huge live teddy bear in the 1960s which went on for weeks if not years. That's what I called him at the time. I estimate he had to be around 14 ft. tall. My parents always said they'd find me outside in the middle of the night and didn't know how I got out there. Then they said they did know but no one would ever believe it. Then, they'd clam up and refuse to tell me anymore. If anyone slipped around relatives and said I'd been sleepwalking outside without unlocking doors or windows, mom would always say the door had to have locked behind me. My parents knew what was taking me and they were scared to death of it. When I was in puberty it and about five others like it came to our house. The biggest one was out in the field and dad was shooting at it from our front yard as it had come clear up to our house! When I saw it I asked my brothers, "What in the hell is that?!" One of them said it must be like King Kong or something. We all laughed nervously for a very short time. Our poor neighbors next door had a front row seat to the five in the deep drainage ditch between two fields across the road. I and my brothers were a cohesive bunch that protected each other unlike the neighbors who weren't very oriented to that kind of thing. These things finally left but I know we didn't go out of sight of our house for a very long time. Dad said he felt the biggest one had come to take me away with them. I believe he was right. The thought horrified me as to why they wanted to take me. I had my suspicions.

I want people to know these things so that they can better protect themselves. The response of local sheriff's was that they knew what was going on in our area but only after talking to a lot of experiencers down there and then they flat out refused to go look to see if a man had indeed been murdered up there. They complained to me that they'd have to leave their vehicle and it wasn't safe and I asked if they'd been smoking something or if they were just chicken. The one said they knew what had been going on down there, they'd heard the stories of the monster. I just thought they were being smart with me so I told them to get up there and look or I'd call the sheriff and tell him what they said. I called them back later to see if they'd been down there. They said they had and hadn't seen anything from their car! I did all I could and told them they should be ashamed that they didn't do all they could've for someone who was probably dead by now. They described the area which told me they'd been down there so I thanked them for doing that much.

Their job isn't easy and they have to prevent public hysteria as well as their own. Everyone can be forgiven when they are ignorant of the facts and have not experienced these things that aren't supposed to exist. Our country is backward in that we have too many knee jerk reactions to these things and others. Witnesses serve a crucial role in all other areas so why not this? Why are so many so scared to admit these things are real? P.

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