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Friday, May 02, 2014

Insects in the Spirit World

I recently received the following email:

Hi, Lon - I know this story will sound completely random and crazy, and this is the sort of story I don't usually tell to anyone because of how weird it is. I've seen ghosts and ghost photos before, so I know what a ghost looks like; just what they were in life, except often see-through, pale and fuzzy/misty.

The sighting of this ghost insect happened in July of 2012 in Kent, WA. I was walking back from a local store with my family, and we stopped to take some pictures of each other in an overgrown sort of vacant lot area. A restaurant used to be there, but it was consumed by a fire and/or demolished. Now all that remains is lots of grass, plenty of trees, some flower bushes, and old pavement with bits of glass and other debris on it.

I had just had my photo taken, so I was watching the others as they had their photos taken. I walked a short distance away and happened to glance at the ground. What I saw was a cricket; a ghost cricket. It looked just like any other large cricket you might see in anyone's back yard, except it was transparent, white and misty. I could barely believe what I was seeing, and even as I looked at it, it chirped quietly just once and then hopped into the ground. And vanished.

I told my family about it, and they said that while the story was very unusual, they did believe me. We talked about it for a bit, coming to the conclusion that insects have spirits too, or at least that one did. This is the most random and even slightly funny thing that has happened to me in my history of paranormal encounters, and I swear that I'm telling the truth here; I'm not making any of this up. I would like to remain anonymous in this post, but I would greatly appreciate it if you post this on your blog. I'm eager to see if anyone else has seen anything like this ghost insect. Thank you for reading this through. - S.

NOTE: I suppose it is feasible that the life energy of an insect could remain after it's death. Animal ghosts are common...I guess few people look hard enough to notice if insects are part of the spirit world as well. Lon

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