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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Mexico Mountain Phantom -- Did I Sell My Soul to the Devil? -- UFO Captured On Plane Over London

Mexico Mountain Phantom

I recently received this correspondence and image:

Hello from Mexico Lon:

A friend sent me this image...was taken on a mountain called Ajusco, south of Mexico City in 2007.

They spent a weekend camping....but they preferred to return because "something" was observing them one night.

He told me that they saw 2 eyes on the dark forest....but one of the eyes has a vertical movement and the other not. They had a flash light and got closer to the "eyes", when they saw a big shadow but the flashlight cannot illuminate it. They decide to go back to camp, pack everything and return to the city.

So they took the photo to remember that night. Wasn't until my friend saw the image on his computer that he realized that "something" was behind one of them. He told me that the guy in the yellow jacket heard the noise of branches breaking, that's why his head was turned looking to other side.

I put a red circle on the photo B for you can see what I'm talking about.

I send you my best regards from Mexico and I hope you have any idea of what this is.

Thank you

Ricardo B.


Did I Sell My Soul to the Devil?

When I was in 5th grade, I was a pretty popular kid, well liked, and I liked it that way. Before class started, a fellow student brought in a book on witchcraft. He said that there was a page with an incantation and if you say it three times, the devil will appear. Nobody would read it because they were scared, and to be honest, so was I, but I wanted to stay popular so I said I would read it. The gist of it was (as far as I can recall) a prayer to the devil... saying that he was the one true god and that I give my soul to him, etc. On the third time through reading it, I physically felt something pass through my body. It was like my breath was taken away for a split second, I got those cold chills... you know the ones I'm talking about... and I felt faint. I stopped mid-sentence and the kids freaked out. They said they saw something happen to me. My hair blew like a fan was on but there wasn't. They said that I was still for like two minutes not talking or responding to them. When it was over, I opened my eyes to see the kids in my class with wide eyes and their jaws open asking me if I was okay. I closed the book and told them what I felt, and they said they believed me because of how I was acting. I have never been one for believing in the supernatural, but when I feel myself starting to doubt, I remember back to that day when I was a stupid 5th grader who may have inadvertently sold my soul to the devil for a little popularity. I am Catholic and every time I go to confession, I ask for forgiveness from that, and I try to be a good man, hoping that when my time comes, I don't find myself on the wrong side of the fence. I have thought that maybe it wasn't the devil that passed through me, but rather an angel... protecting me and also scaring me straight by passing through me, in a way saying "uh-uh-uhhhh.... don't do that..." But either way, the story is true, and I will always carry that question with me... did I sell my soul to the devil when I was in 5th grade? - Reddit.com

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UFO photographed from plane over London

A passenger on a commercial flight over the English capital this week caught something unusual on camera.

Photographs of UFOs taken from aircraft tend to be some of the most convincing and this latest case is no exception. The images were captured on camera by a passenger flying over London just four days ago on the morning of May 25th.

The object appears to be flying above the cloudline and resembles a dark-colored disc or cigar-shaped craft with lights on either side. The series of photographs show it flying upwards and off in to the distance towards the right.

The sighting has been generating a great deal of interest since appearing online. Some viewers have suggested that it could be the top of a tall building peeking out through the clouds, however the subsequent shots of the craft moving upwards seem to discount this possibility.

Click for video


Did elusive chupacabra attack farmer’s cows? (Uh...no. Just a mangy, probably rabid, raccoon)

After the disappearance of two goats, evidence of attacks on his cows and some mysterious late-night howls, James Newton believes he has found the culprit — the chupacabra, a creature many experts don’t believe exists.

Newton, who owns a farm with his wife, Vanessa, on Dixie Road, had been noticing unusual happenings since taking over the land more than a year ago, including the unexplained loss of two goats in December, and discovering his cows with bloody ears that he believes were evidence of a creature trying to bite the animals.

On Monday morning, Newton said his wife alerted him to what she described as “the ugliest animal you’d ever seen” behind their house.

The creature, which they believe may have been killed by the couple’s German shepherd, was 2-feet long, had short, dark gray hair, a long thin tail, protruding teeth and — according to Newton — an uncanny resemblance to a creature popularly known as a chupacabra.

“I looked it up on the Internet before I called anyone, and sure enough, if you look it up online, you’ll see this looks exactly like the chupacabras people have been spotting,” Newton said. “On the Internet, a man actually shot one on his porch.”

“Chupacabra” is a Spanish word that literally translates to “goat sucker.” Reports of the creature can be traced back to Puerto Rico in 1994, when eight sheep were reportedly attacked and drained of blood. Since 1994, a consensus has been formed on how the creature supposedly looks among those who have claimed to have caught the creature in the act.

The most common features used to describe the chupacabra are dark skin, little to no hair, a long, thin tail and protruding canines.

“What they do is they grab a hold of them and suck the blood out of them,” Newton said. “Every time they find ‘em, the bodies of animals they’ve attacked, they have the blood sucked out of them. This one man had 100 chickens and it just sucked the blood out of every one of his chickens … All it has to do is latch on to an animal and hold on. Now, a goat can be up to 200 pounds. If one of these things can take down a goat, then taking down a full-grown man wouldn’t be a problem. ”

While there have been a number of cases in which people have found an animal, dead or alive, that they believe to be a chupacabra, skeptics have been quick to dismiss these discoveries as dogs, coyotes or some other kind of animal suffering from mange.

In the case of Newton’s chupacabra, both Dr. Curt Locklear of Lumberton’s Southeastern Veterinary Hospital and Tommy Rains, wildlife damage control agent with Cape Fear Wildlife Control, seem to agree, from only viewing photographs, that the body is likely that of a raccoon.

“That is definitely a raccoon, but one that had been under a lot of stress,” Rains said. “Skin disease and malnourishment can make it look like that. It does look a lot like the pictures of a chupacabra though.”

Rains added that in his 16 years of working as a wildlife damage control agent, this was the first time he had been asked to identify a chupacabra. Both Locklear and Rains warn that a raccoon that sickly may have been infected with rabies and have suggested that Newton have his dog checked for the virus. More than a dozen cases of rabies were reported during an outbreak of the disease in Robeson County last year.

“I think that chupacabras may exist, I am not saying they don’t,” Rains said. “Just that I have skinned a lot of raccoons over the years and after you skin an animal, it becomes much easier to recognize the way their body and bones are shaped.”

Newton remains convinced.

“See, it has hair on its back, but no hair on the legs,” Newton said. “I thought it was a ‘coon, but a ‘coon ain’t that color. They have white around their eyes, and he’s got tan color up there.”

Newton and his wife said they will be keeping an eye out for any other chupacabras and keeping a close watch on their four dogs.

“I had never seen anything like that,” Vanessa Newton said. “It is scary to see something that looks like that, and the way I see it, if there is one, then there is another one.” - Your Daily Journal



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