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Daily 2 Cents: Clearfield Bigfoot Day -- My Old House -- 'Demon-Possessed' Child Severely Abused

Clearfield Bigfoot Day

Wide-ranging views on Bigfoot converged on Clearfield in northcentral Pennsylvania on Saturday, as about 50 Bigfoot enthusiasts and investigators gathered at the Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre for Bigfoot Day in Clearfield.

Bigfoot enthusiasts fall into one of three camps, the group heard from Fred Saluga, state director of the Mutual UFO Network of West Virginia and director of the West Virginia Mountain State Sasquatch Watch. The first believe that Bigfoot is a "cryptozoological hominid creature." (Cryptozoology is the search for animals that have not been proven to exist. The animals that cryptozoologists search for are often referred to as cryptids. A hominid is a primate mammal that resembles humans and apes, and walks on two legs.)

Saluga said, the second group thinks Bigfoot "dwells in extraterrestrial origin," travels interdimensionally and has UFO or non-Earthly ties. And, the third group believes the Bigfoot types envisioned by the first two groups are two different creatures.

"I think he's a creature from another dimension," he said. "He can come through whenever he wants, and he becomes like us, flesh and blood." For Saluga that explains why Bigfoot is not susceptible to diseases, infections and the like; never has been wounded by people shooting at him; and can simply walk away from or disappear from collisions with vehicles.

Both Saluga and Stan Gordon, a Greensburg man who has investigated UFOs, Bigfoot and other paranormal incidents since 1965, noted apparent correlations between reports of UFOs and reports of Bigfoot within the same areas at about the same time.

Gordon pointed to 1973 as a time when both Bigfoot reports and UFO reports were at an unusually high peak in southwestern Pennsylvania. He described it as "an incredible time to live through" as a paranormal investigator.

He said "the case of all cases" was reported on the night of Oct. 25, 1973, when witnesses reported a UFO landing and two Bigfoot appearing at the same time in a field in Fayette County.

"There's more to the Bigfoot phenomenon than we understand," said Gordon. However, he cautioned, "There are things that may appear to be very unusual on the surface, but when you investigate may turn out to be natural or manmade. There are a lot of things you can explain, but there are a lot of things you can't explain." He noted that he has never seen Bigfoot or a UFO himself.

Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and producer-host of Beyond the Edge Radio, traced the legend and lore of Bigfoot-type creatures back to pre-Colonial Native Americans in various parts of Pennsylvania and newspaper accounts of "wildmen" in Pennsylvania as far back as 1838. He noted that none of those historical accounts used the term Bigfoot, which "was not invented until 1958."

Altman noted that concentrations of Bigfoot and UFO reports often correlate to the availability of a local investigator that is known to the local community as the person to call with reports. Southwestern Pennsylvania and northcentral Pennsylvania, around Clearfield, are two such areas just now. And, large numbers of reported sightings often lead to a localized pop culture around the Bigfoot phenomenon, which is ongoing in Clearfield County.

He commented, "I truly believe that the phenomenon is real. People believe they are seeing something. Is Bigfoot real? I'll leave that for you to decide."

"A lot of animals we know today at one time were cryptids," said Brian Seech of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies in Aliquippa, Pa. As examples, he pointed to the mountain gorilla, which African natives were describing long before physical specimens were recovered in 1902, and the giant panda, which was well known in China for centuries before westerners documented its existence in the latter 1800s. He wondered, "Could Bigfoot be far behind?"

Andrew Lin, a Bigfoot enthusiast from New York, told the gathering he believes Bigfoot could be captured by a team of special-operations-trained military in an "A Team meets Bigfoot" scenario. However, to raise the funding for that operation he plans to first produce documentaries, in which he will "interview everyone who's had an eyewitness account and those who have spent years researching it."

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My Old House

For nine years of my life, I lived in a small town called Huntington, Texas. There was an old house there that I lived in that is especially creepy. This house was built in 1890's and was originally used as a pharmacy and medical treatment for people passing by. We find old medicine bottles in our yard and even blood stains under the carpet where the original hard wood flooring is.

I've never felt comfortable living there, I constantly felt like I was being watched, someone was following me, and overall uncomfortable in almost ever room. I slept with my door open and the hallway light on because I couldn't stand being in my room when it was dark. But when I went to my friends house or something, I could sleep in pitch black and I would be fine. My family felt the same way.

We've all had at least one experience, the most activity was seen by my Dad and I. Now, on to some of the things that happened

-I would be swimming in the pool in out backyard at nighttime, and regularly see shadows walking by the lights upstairs
-My sisters we're playing around on a recording app they got on a new phone, you can hear in the recording you can hear my sisters talking, and then you hear a bump somewhere in a room. All three of them go quiet, and in the recording a deep male voice says "No" They didn't hear this in person and no men we're on that whole side of the house. They deleted the recording out of pure fear
-I used to have a toy truck I played with all the time, my parents walked in my room and told me to get dressed because we were going to Tyler to visit family, I left the truck in its spot and we left the house. We came back at about 8:00 p.m. To find the truck had moved from where I left it, all the way to the doorway. Leaving deep tire tracks in the carpet
-Also in my bedroom, I was 14 by this time and my little sister was recently born 1 month before this, we had bought her a new toy that talked an danced. Every night at exactly 2:00, the toy would go off, and one night we found it in my bedroom. I hadn't heard it but my dad did, and came in my bedroom to shut the toy up, and found it right below me on the side of the bed.
-Frequent footsteps in the attic
-One year during a Christmas party, my mom went home early because the baby was crying, so she left by herself to put her to bed. She called my dad in a panic voice "Get home now, I just heard footsteps on the porch" and she looked out the window at the very moment. No one was there, my dad arrived minutes later and searched the porch. No sign of footprints or anything. She refuses to believe it was anything unnatural though, and even if it isn't, I just thought I would include it
-In my baby sisters room, a cardboard box full of our family pictures fell off a shelf, keep in mind this box was an inch away from the edge before it fell, and it flew away from the shelf instead of fell straight down.
-Every night I would close my closer door, only to find it open in the morning when I woke up, and even witnessed it open slowly one time.
-My sisters have seen an orb float down the hallway
-My dad has seen a shadow figure one night while going to the bathroom
-I was home alone, talking to my friend Tanner over Xbox. I heard a loud bang on the opposite wall behind me. Like a fist hitting it. I went quiet, I heard tanner through the mic "Hello?" "Are you okay?" I responded with "You fucking heard that?" Yeah I did, what was it?" "I have no idea" I replied. I immediately started freaking out, and called my parents about it, and they arrived home soon after.
-My friends came over (one of them was tanner, before he heard the bang over Xbox) All of them said they hated that house, and hesitated when I asked them to come over again. They felt uncomfortable and didn't want to ever come back again.

That is all I can think of right now, If I remember anything else I'll comment it. We now live in San Antonio and next week, are going to move back to East Texas. Either to Lufkin or Hudson. None of this is false, I wish it was. Most of it could probobly be debunked, so tell me what you think. I want to know from anyone who has had experience themselves.

Sorry for bad spelling, telling this story actually gave me chill bumps and I'm shaking a little, so I'm not really paying attention to grammar.

EDIT: I just remembered something else, my dad didn't say anything about his because he didn't want to scare us while we lived there, and told us the day we moved away. He heard noises when he would come home from work, like someone was in the house. At least once a week he would grab a knife in the kitchen and search around the whole house to find nothing. And since the house was old, the attic door was kept closed with a brick. One day when he came home, the second he walked in the living room. BANG. The attic door flew open, sending the brick to the bottom of the stairs, my dad bolted out of the house. I had no idea this happened because I was at school, and when my dad told me this story, It scared the living shit out of me. Whatever had did that was living with us, and it wasn't happy. - MUFON CMS


Will Clovis 'haunted house' be torn down for hotel project?

Todd Wolfe says the idea of demolishing his "haunted house" on Clovis Avenue isn't so scary anymore.

Clovis city officials are giving him a reprieve as he and developer Jay Virk begin working on plans to build a hotel on the 1.25-acre property just southwest of Sierra Vista Mall that is now home to the unoccupied -- at least by the living -- nearly century-old home.

Fans of the supposed haunted house are rattling the Internet in hopes of making sure it's saved, but Wolfe said he's come to terms with its potential demise.

For now, all the city wants to see is progress, even if it's slow, Assistant City Manager John Holt said.

Planning Director Dwight Kroll said he's encouraged by the interest shown by Virk. The city wants projects on land where buildings have outlived their usefulness or are considered hazardous.

Wolfe was optimistic about conversations he had with city officials last week. He said demolition would be cheaper if he and Virk did it because unlike the city, they wouldn't have to seek bids or pay prevailing wages to workers.

Last year, the city's Board of Appeals declared the vacant house a nuisance and a danger after finding 22 building code violations.

In August, the city described the structure as "unsightly and in a state of disrepair." Among the issues in the roughly 5,000-square-foot house were excessive "cracking, peeling, chalking, dry rot and warping." It is in violation of fire, building and electrical codes and lacks plumbing. It also has broken and missing windows.

Clovis designated the house "unsafe to occupy" about two years ago. The city gave Wolfe until April to resolve the issues. In the meantime, Wolfe tried finding someone interested in making repairs to the home.

It may be next year before Virk knows if he has to raze Wolfe Manor or if he can make cost-effective repairs and incorporate it into a larger hotel project. He said he is unsure what will happen. "It's a beautiful house and a beautiful piece of property."

Wolfe is resigned to the idea that it may be razed.

"I am not a house hugger," he said. "I am past all of that and I am ready to move on with or without the house."

Wolfe said he is putting on his "business hat" when it comes to the house because he still pays the mortgage.

He bought the property in 1997 and used it for the "Scream If You Can" Halloween attraction, which drew about 20,000 visitors each year but ended in 2003. In 2004, the City Council revoked his permit to operate the haunted house after neighbors complained about traffic, noise and trash during the weeks before Halloween. He then gave it the name Wolfe Manor, with designs on turning it into a boutique hotel.

The house is the reputed home of ghosts and paranormal activity and has been featured on several television shows including "The Dead Files," "Mystery Quest" and "Ghost Hunters."

The television shows have generated quite a following, Wolfe said.

A petition by a fan trying to save the house was posted on the Internet with 1,000 signatures. There is even a prayer chain to save the home. Wolfe said he had nothing to do with either effort and personally reached out to the petition leader to break the news that he may have to demolish the house.

He also fields calls from celebrities and people around the world who want to visit.

A production company is marketing a program about renovating haunted buildings with Wolfe as its host. A trailer introducing the show has been created, but Wolfe said network offers were too low for show producers.

Even if you can't go to the house, pieces of it are for sale.

Wolfe is posting house artifacts on eBay and has been surprised by the prices paid, but "I'm not responsible for any (spooky) activity that comes" with the item. He also signs the memorabilia for buyers.

Is the house haunted? Wolfe said he's not sure -- but he wouldn't live there even if he could.

"Is there some kind of energy in here? I think so." - Fresno Bee

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'Demon-Possessed' Child Locked Up, Shocked With Cattle Prod

Two Oklahoma parents are in custody after they allegedly kept their 6-year-old child locked in an empty room where he was tortured, police said.

Edward Everett, 28, and 32-year-old Krystal Everett were arrested last Thursday in Canadian County, Oklahoma, after police received a phone call saying the couple's small boy was being abused and neglected in the home, according to Fox 25.

When authorities arrived at the residence, they said they found the boy sitting in a fetal position inside a bare room. He wore only underpants and had bruises covering his forehead and eyes. The boy also had burns and sores all over his body.

The parents claimed that the wounds were self-inflicted, and that the boy was possessed by a demon, according to KOCO News.

"This is one of the worst cases of child abuse and neglect I've ever seen, and it will serve to reinforce my commitment to protecting the children of Canadian County," Sheriff Randall Edwards said in a news release.

The sheriff's office and the Department of Human Services said they learned the child was fed only one meal a day, and was routinely beaten with a leather belt and buckle. The burns and sores the child suffered allegedly came from a cattle prod used to shock and burn him.

An empty plastic apple juice container was all the boy had in the room. He used it to go to the bathroom, police said.

The father was booked on complaints of child abuse and child neglect, while the mother was booked for enabling the abuse.

“I wouldn’t even treat my animals that way,” neighbor George Heupel told KFOR upon hearing the news. - THP



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