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Cryptids...& More Cryptids 4

Over the years I've read and reported on many odd creatures and anomalies. I've been fortunate to have so many great witnesses and readers send their accounts. I'm going to run this as a series, similar to the 'Humanoid Incursion' posts. This series will not include personal encounters or current research (Flying Rays, Conewago Phantom, etc.). Here are a few more interesting examples:


“During the school year, my girlfriend lives in Strong Hall on the University of Tennessee campus. One night while we were at her place, I was talking about how I was walking back to my dorm (Greve Hall) with a friend of mine. I was beside him, but very slightly ahead. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be a man in a black cloak walk up to my friend and sort of lean into him, almost like he was going to put his hand on my friend's shoulder. Only when his hand fell on my friend's shoulder, he simply disappeared. I will admit that during this time I was a bit tired from studying for an exam, and my friend says he felt nothing, but that's neither here nor there.”

“After telling my girlfriend this story, she told me that during the first week of school she looked out her ground-floor window toward the corner of 16th and Cumberland, and saw what appeared to be a human-sized cat walking on its hind legs, with glowing eyes. I don't remember the details she gave me, as far as how long it was there or how long she saw it.”

“It should be noted that my girlfriend is from Minnesota and I have no reason to believe she would try to trick me by reading about the Wampus Cat and then trying to pretend she saw it. We're very close and I have no reason to believe she would lie to me.”

Source: Knoxville, TN witness

NOTE: Granted, this could have been a dorm party induced phantom, but I think the writer was serious. There are accounts of large cat sightings in the southeast USA that have an unusual twist. Lon



Location/Date: Baquedano, Chile - June 2000 - late night

Upon hearing the frenetic barking of his dogs, security guard Luis Alberto Calivar armed himself with a flashlight and a knife and went outside to investigate. Soon his lights illuminated a dark greenish form that ran very quickly, climbing up a Wasintonia palm. As he shone the flashlight at the figure he felt his arm become "cold" and the knife and watch dropped out of his hand. At the same time, the dogs stood very quiet and still. A feeling of numbness overcame his body and he ran back inside his security shack. He was followed by the dogs that hid under the room and began to shake in fear.

He could only describe the creature as having large flopping ears, fluid-like in nature, as if it was without a solid bone structure. It gave the appearance of being a flexible mass that moved around 'like a kangaroo' (?). It moved silently and was about 1.30m in height. When he first spotted the creature it seemed to have been crouching down, behind a bush. It seemed to twist its body around and never looked straight at the witness. Incredibly, despite the reactions, the witness felt no fear and did not notice any odors coming from the creature.

The encounter lasted about 5 minutes and the creature was about 9 meters away from the witness. He further described the creature as having greenish hairs about 5 to 6cm in length. Soon after the encounter, Calivar had too see a doctor and lost about 20 pounds of body weight.

Source: La Verdad Oculta / Albert Rosales



Location/Date: Northern Virginia - January 2001 - 3:00 am

Several family members living in a remote location heard strange screams or yells coming from the woods resembling that of a woman crying out in pain. Terrified, they called the police and went out to investigate. The police searched the area with high-powered lights but could not find anything. Some time later they heard the screams again and again the police were summoned and again nothing was found. Next time they decided not to call the police again.

Days later the dogs were heard barking in the backyard. A female witness points the flashlight out back and sees 2 huge red eyes looking back at her. She focuses the light on the eyes but can't make out the figure. She yelled out for additional family members but the eyes disappeared. She vaguely sees a dark figure run into the woods.

A couple of months later, the main witness was taking a stroll near the horse trailer when he saw a huge figure, with gray wiry fur and black patches. The terrified witness froze in place and fixed the flashlight on the creature, which moved behind the trailer and vanished. Day's later neighbors saw a similar creature in their backyard.

Source: VGHRS



Location/Date: Villa San Rafael de Calama, Chile - September 15, 1999 - 11:00 pm

Enrique Fowler and his grandson, 13-year old Jean Fowler were just arriving at a location on Yerbas Buenas Street. Enrique was parking his truck, when they both suddenly noticed a strange figure standing only 4 meters in front of them. Terrified, both saw the creature clearly illuminated by the truck headlights. The creature was described as bipedal and only 1 meter in height, ape like in appearance, dirty gray in color, and very hairy. It had a short neck, with a long rounded torso. When first seen the creature was standing with its back to the witnesses, the creature suddenly “twisted around” making an incredible 180 degree turn with the top of its body, in order to look directly at the witnesses. The terrified witnesses could now see that the creature’s face was gray in color, with large glowing almond shaped eyes and a small mouth that kept opening and closing as if very exhausted. It appeared to have a long scraggly beard and several tufts of unruly hair hung from its head. It had very short arms, resembling that of kangaroos that he kept close to the body. Its hands had three fingers with long sharp gray colored nails. A curious feature was that the creature’s toe nails seemed to protrude and then go in again, in some type of rhythmic sequence. Suddenly the creature turned again, and made a three meter leap, quickly disappearing from sight in the nearby trees. Enrique Fowler was so stunned that he waited nearly 15 minutes before he exited the truck. Both were soon struck by a severe skin allergy after the encounter. In October 31 2000 Enrique Fowler, only 60-years old, died of a massive heart attack.

Source: Calama UFO Center



Location/Date: Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada - May 18 2000 - 10:30 pm

The witness was walking his dog along Mackenzie Road when he noticed an orange/red glow just at the end of the road. He shone his flashlight at it and an object started to rise. The object was described as spherical, only about 1.5 feet to 2 feet across, and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orange glow was a band around the middle extending to the outside edges of the sphere. The sphere appeared to have two black or dark half moons on the top and bottom. There were two connecting sections between the top and the bottom. The craft rose quickly at a sharp angle. When it was almost past the witness he shone the flashlight at it but it disappeared.

As the witness arrived home his dog barked continuously and ran back and forth, the witness looked around but did not see anything. Two days later the witness was to remember that when he first shone the flashlight at the sphere, he saw a pair of green eyes, set fairly far apart and below the sphere. Then he remembered seeing a dark figure that appeared to be crawling away from the glowing sphere. It seemed to be on its knees and elbows and appeared to have difficulty moving, almost dragging the feet area. The head was above the arms but the witness did not have its light on it and did not see any features.

Source: UFO BC



Location/Date: Dalekoye, Crimea, Ukraine - November 18, 1998 - daytime

Four boys from the local “elementary” school, Eldar Islamov, Anton Kireichev, Server Devlyatov, and Alyesha Alyabyev had gone out of the school building to use the toilet. On their way there they heard a strange guttural sound coming from behind them, and looking back they saw a strange humanoid entity climbing over the fence. The entity was approximately 1.7m in height.

The boys froze in terror as the entity began approaching them. The alien had a large head, not in proportion to its body, two huge red eyes and a square flat body. Its long arms touched the ground and ended in three clawed black fingers. The legs of the entity were black and straight. The rest of its body was semi-transparent, smoke in color. The boys noticed neither hair, nor mouth, ears nor nose. The boys named the entity “the slug”. The alien approached one of the boys and put its hand on his shoulder. The boy felt neither heaviness nor pain and tried to push it away. The boys noticed that the entity had some type of device with a button attached to its elbow. The alien then pressed the button with its clawed finger and immediately the alien was “sucked” through the wall of the school building. Only the entity’s red eyes could still be seen on the wall. The boy’s skin turned red on the place where the entity had touched him, but he felt no pain or burning sensation.

Soon it disappeared and the screaming boys rushed to their classroom. The teacher was unable to calm them and one of the boys stuttered uncontrollably. They feared going to the toilet alone after the incident. A number of UFO observations were reported around the area in 1998.

Source: Galina Neiman, “Krymskaya Pravda”, Anton Anfalov

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