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Cryptids...& More Cryptids 2

Over the years I've read and reported on many odd creatures and anomalies. I've been fortunate to have so many great witnesses and readers send their accounts. I'm going to run this as a series, similar to the 'Humanoid Incursion' posts. This series will not include personal encounters or current research (Flying Rays, Conewago Phantom, etc.). Here are a few more interesting examples:


Columbia, Missouri - November 2000 - 10:30 PM

A local bow-hunter had recently found 3 deer carcasses completely drained of blood and was out on another night hunting expedition when he again found a dead deer with two bleeding wounds abut 2 inches apart in the neck area. As he began his trek back to the truck he heard a sound in the brush behind him. As he continued to walk, he soon realized that whatever it was it was following him. He turned around to see the brush move on the hillside and he was able to make out a dark shape moving quickly against the snow. The witness turned the flashlight and witnessed a creature about 3 ft tall with dark thick and matted hair. It's face was baboon-like and the eyes were a little larger than those of a human being. The creature ran up the hill as the witness moved rapidly towards his truck. He could make out its shape about 15 yards away from him. The witness fired his bow and thought he had it, but the creature continued to run away. He found no arrow or blood.

Source: Albert Rosales



Location/Date: Powys, Wales - March 2001 - 7:30 PM

A British biologist and a few colleagues were conducting some research in the area after being notified by a local of "something" strange that was witnessed a month earlier. As they stood at the edge of some woods by a quarry they suddenly looked upon an extraordinary entity. Measuring 3 ft. or so in length, it resembled a serpentine dragon with four short limbs, but its head was shaped very like that of a sea horse, and it was airborne...undulating and wriggling as it flew about 10 ft above the surface of the quarry in a wide circle.

They were unable to recall seeing any wings, but it had a long tail that ended in a pair of horizontal, whale like flukes. The entity was green in color and shimmered somewhat, but appeared solid, not translucent or ethereal. They watched it for 3-4 minutes, at a distance of approximately 50 ft, before it finally vanished into one of the numerous caves and large crevices pitting the quarry. The biologist had the distinct impression while watching this creature that it was deliberately seeking to keep them at bay, warning them off from approaching further into its territory.

Source: Reported by 'Strange' Magazine

NOTE: the Powys, Wales region has had it's share of UFO reports over the years.



Location/Date: Viluco, Chile - January 5 2004 - 5:15 AM

40-year old driver Juan Berrios was on his on an errand on Santa Filomena Street on his way to Las Vertientes terminal. At about 70 meters in front of his car he noticed a strange figure standing on the middle of the road. He rubbed his eyes and then saw nothing and kept on driving, at about 5 meters away the bizarre figure again appeared. Stunned at what he was seeing Berrios almost lost control of his vehicle as he swerved around the figure almost upending the vehicle.

The strange creature had what appeared to be the carcass of a bloodied dog clutched in his jaws. The creature suddenly jumped and disappeared into the brush. Berrios described the creature as about 1.50m in height, with large hind legs like a kangaroo, small curved front arms that ended in claw like protrusions, a spiked dorsal fin and a tail resembling that of a rattler on a snake. The facial features were also bizarre; it had a wolf-like snout, several sharp rows of teeth, and fierce-looking red eyes. It jumped a height of about 5 meters and disappeared from sight.

Source: local La Cuarta newspaper



Location/Date: near Murmansk, Russia - Summer 1995 - 8:30 PM

Two men were riding a car on a local road outside of Murmansk. Despite being in the evening it was still light out. The road was about 4 meters wide and was asphalt and surrounded by fields and tall canes on both sides. The road was straight and there was excellent visibility.

At approximately 15-20 meters in front of the car a strange creature was seen running across the road. The creature looked bird-like and it was visibly huge. The entity had long legs, about 2 meters long, dark feathers along the back and an odd shaped body. Unfortunately the witnesses were unable to see any additional details, but discerned that the strange 'bird' was similar to a 'running reptile.'

They stopped the car but realized that it was useless to look for the strange entity amid the dense cane fields. One of the witnesses, while reading a book on dinosaurs, found a picture that depicted almost exactly what he and his friends had seen. The image was later identified as a dinosaur from the Order Ornithischia.

Local naturalist stated that no species of animal fitting that description lives in the region.

Source: Denis Kashin, St. Petersburg, Russia newspaper



Location/Date: Calama, Chile - March 16 2002 - 10:00 PM

A woman was watching television alone in her bedroom when she began hearing noises coming from outside. At first she thought it was her dogs playing around with some empty cans, but the noises kept getting louder and she decided to go outside to investigate. Once outside she was stunned to see some an unknown creature that had somehow entered the rabbit cage and was attacking the animals that were making loud terrible screams. Thinking at first that it was one of the dogs she approached the case but soon realized that it was a gray-colored hairy and hunched over creature, moving furiously quickly inside the cage. She stepped back and could not understand how the creature had entered the cage, since there wasn't any apparent hole or aperture visible anywhere and the door was securely closed.

She frantically ran inside her home and called for her son. Both then ran out but the creature had mysteriously disappeared. Unnerved, they could not understand how the creature had escaped since the door to the rabbit cage was still securely locked.

After careful examination, they could only find a small round hole in the wire only several centimeters in width, not large enough for a creature estimated to have been about 70 to 80 cm in height. Several of the rabbits were found injured and one was dead.

Source: Calama UFO Center



I received the following email in September 2009. Full name and other identification held back by request:

"I was referred to you by a friend. Can you advise or direct me to someone who can explain what I witnessed?

On August 29, 2009, I was fishing from a boat with my son on Raystown Lake, Pa. It was around 6:45 pm and we were making our way back to the landing. We were near the Snydertown portion of the lake where there is a point of land.

As we were heading south, I looked toward the west shore after my son started to point at something. I really have NO idea what this thing was but it looked like a large, thick black snake with a huge head that bobbed in and out of the water. I moved a little bit closer but my son was getting scared, so I cut the motor and looked through my binoculars. The body was moving in coils or humps up and down in the water. The creature had no fins like a fish and the head was diamond shaped. The weirdest feature was that the eyes (which were dark, somewhat small and slanted) were not set on the side of the head...but placed forward. I got an excellent look through the binoculars (I'd say it was about 50 yards from us) when it raised up, it's head moved side to side. It made no sound. I'd say it was at least 20 feet long.

I have lived in Altoona, Pa for only a few years and this is only the second time I have fished this lake. I'm from Wisconsin and have fished many large lakes and rivers but I have never seen anything this big.

We watched for about 2-3 minutes until it slipped under the surface. My son's description was very similar to mine but he said he noticed lighter colored 'whiskers' or rays on the chin and face while looking through the binoculars. I had tried to take a photo with my cell phone but it just blended in with the water and was not discernible.

This is nuts! My friends think we saw a large fish or mammal, but there is no way it's either. Please give me some guidance or resources to help identify this. I am skeptical of monsters, ghosts, ufo's, etc. and don't buy into much of what people describe on TV. But, now that I have seen something that I can't explain....let's say I'm confused and frustrated." Thanks...Bill

NOTE: I had fished this very lake years ago (excellent striped bass fishing!). I knew that there were some reports of a 'monster' sighted there a while back but have not heard anything lately. Anyway, Raystown Lake is a very deep water man-made lake located in Huntingdon County, Pa., east of Altoona, Pa. and south of State College, Pa. I emailed back to the witness 'Bill'...he seems to be very sincere about this sighting. He stated that he reported it to another paranormal site but didn't get a response. I had a few questions for 'Bill' so I sent him an email asking him to attach the photos he took with his cellphone. I wanted to see for myself what he meant by 'but it just blended in with the water and was not discernible'. He forwarded 2 photos which I examined. Since he and his son were on the same level as the creature there was a dark background of the trees as well as some glare coming off the water. I tried to enhance the photos, but there was just nothing with any definition though I could make out some disturbance on the surface of the water. There wasn't much more information that he could offer...but I certainly believe he and his son witnessed something unusual...Lon

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