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Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Off Your Knees, Stand Tall, Look Around and Demand Answers – Your Survival May Depend On It!

By Chris Holly - I have written about this subject many times before. My words were received with yawns and boredom by a public living in denial and delusion which keeps them deaf dumb and blind to the harsh facts of life that are the realty of living on this planet at this point in time.

The advent and now addiction to cell phones, computers and hand held gadgets of every shape and form have transformed us into a society of detached humans controlled by the gadgets that addict us and keep us lost to the real world around us. I watch as the people in my community walk through their day’s heads down absorbed in their cell phones or hand held (whatever it is) that consume their attention and time. Rarely do they look up or at one another which I might add is developing a new rude behavior by mankind as well.

As I watch this take place I can see a new way of life evolving where a sort of invisible bubble surrounds the people as they become locked in their little world of cell phones, twitter, texting, face book consuming attention sucking devices that divide them from the very people and real world that surround them.

People do not look at each other, talk to each other face to face or look around them when they are out and about in the world. I am amazed there are not far more accidents or incidents occurring routinely due to this technology bubble of this new distracted society. We are without question addicted to these devices. I feel we have been pushed purposely to these new addictions as an easy form of society control. It is clear that we have given up smelling the roses along the way, in fact we rarely notice if there are roses unless it is a screen saver image!

All of this frightens me as I feel that although the new world of technology is great when used as tools that when applied save us time and help advance our species. I do however fear it when it is used in place of human contact and as a method to control and brainwash us in to controllable robotic like slaves addicted to our gadgets. The proof of this can be found in our nonchalant avoidance and denial of the massive changes and manipulation of what goes on constantly above our heads.

I understand that we tend to stay indoors during the cold winter months far more and do spend more time outside when the weather is nice however we all do still leave our homes and enter the world usually on a daily basis which is why I am so upset at our lack of interest in the world around and above us.

Thankfully there are people who do pay attention to what is happening on this earth and have been trying desperately to shake the rest of the population awake to what is taking place to them and above them constantly now for years. This article is my plea to all who may read it to please pull your heads out of your gadgets and bubble of oblivion and give your head a good shake and start to pay attention to the real world that you may be on the brink of losing.

Have you been watching the sky? Or have you become so use to massive spraying of chemicals over your head that they are now normal to you? Do you know what geo engineering is and that your sky has been and still is being sprayed with massive amounts of chemicals changing a beautiful clear cloudless day into a mass of explosive crisscrossing lines of sprayed chemicals which result in changing a clear blue sky into a thick covered white mass of fake clouds. How is it that it has not occurred to you that this is not normal or natural. If you have noticed this taking place how it is that it does not frighten the living hell right out of you?

Have you noticed strange weather patterns developing all over the world? Do you simply yawn and not give them a thought until it is you who is dealing with some type of massive storm or huge amounts of snow or flooding rain?

Look, I understand we all have our plates full with hard times, family obligations and pressures from work or the difficulties of routine life that seems to become more stressful by the day. I get it that you have your job to contend with while trying to keep tabs on your kids while figuring out how to stretch your paycheck to feed your family and pay the bills. I also know what it is like to be young and want to be connected to your pals and girl or boy friend. I watch as the world around me runs about like rats on a wheel chasing after one of these scenarios as we all try to live life in a busy difficult world. I get it, I have a life partner, family friends and do all that you do each and every day. I get it all but for one big difference. I know it could end in a snap if we all continue in our little bubbles ignoring the very air we breathe and world we live on.

This is where I stop and turn to you and say, - What the hell are we all thinking? Look up and tell me what the hell is it that they have been spraying all over us for the past decade without any of us demanding to know why and what is going on. Are we all crazy? Have we all been dosed with some type of dummy juice that prevents us from questioning these things or maybe a substance that has made us so completely self-involved that we cannot see a huge white hanging forest for the heavily cloud covered trees? People we have a problem here and it long overdue for us to shake our heads, get off our addicted texting knees and stand up and ask” What the Hell is Going on Here?”

I did a bit of research on this issue and became so upset and disgusted that I just do not know what to do or what to say to get the humans around me to question and fear what I consider a huge strange dangerous on going attack on mankind.

I have heard all types of theories. Some feel it is an attempt to kill off part of the population as a form of population control. Others think it is a form of cloaking so we here on earth cannot see what is going on out in space and on the moon that would be visible without this dimming of the atmosphere. Still other people believe it is a reflection event saving earth from what the sun is throwing at our planet. Other people think it is a defense against either other earth powers attacking us or aliens from another place in the cosmos. The list goes on and on including the spraying is part of the use of the HAARP machines that are being used to manipulate the worlds weather.

I do know this. The spraying of the chem-trails is being done all over the world in a massive organized effort by what appears to be every country in the world. It is the only project of this size by so many nations that has ever taken place. That fact tells me something very big and very serious is taking place and with that said I think we deserve to know what is going on.

I have found information in my research that was overwhelming for me to discover however all I can do is provide it for you to decide if it is worth your time and effort to start to get off your knees, look around and start to do something about it.

I will include the articles I found as well as my latest radio show where my co-host Randy Maugans and I discuss in detail the seriousness of this issue. I also have posted other videos and images to help you decide what you want to do about this awful issue.

I think at least you need to write at least a sentence of two to your elected officials and send them an email demanding to know what the hell is going on with this chem-trail issue

I have added a great deal more material on this issue that I feel may be extremely important to not only your well being but your survival including my recent radio show concerning this topic with Randy Maugans, articles by other experts warning you about the seriousness of this issue, tips on how to survive as well as other videos on the issue .

Please make the effort to listen and explore for your own safety the material I have gathered on this subject. It may be an issue of life and death for us all. You can find it all at the link below. I can only hope this will one day be found to be part of a world wide massive effort for the welfare of mankind and planet earth. Until we know what is going on I will tell you all I am deeply concerned over this issue. I hope you will be too!

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
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