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Monday, February 17, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Woman Marries Her Exorcist -- UFO Seen Near Dodger Stadium -- Sir Alec Guinness Once Witnessed a Ghost

Woman Marries Her Exorcist

A mother-of-two says she finally found peace after years of being tormented by evil spirits after marrying her exorcist.

Cortney Stiles, 33, says she used to feel plagued by demons which taunted her mentally and even, she says, attacked her physically while she slept.

It was only after she met Tom, 32, on internet discussion boards that she was able to banish the demons from her life forever.

The pair fell in love, married and now have two children, Joshua, two, and three-month-old Jacob.

She said: 'Exorcisms are not quite what people imagine them to be. Tom gave me information and support - but I, like all victims of demonic oppression and possession, could only be freed through exorcism once I was ready and willing to be freed.'

Mrs Stiles, who today raises her two children full-time and supports her husband in his ministry as a pastor and practitioner of exorcism, says she was traumatised by contact with evil presences since childhood.

She said: 'I had a very intense experience at my eighth birthday party. I was alone in the church hall before all the other guests had arrived, when I saw a boy sat a table.

'He looked human, but I knew there was something different about him.

He promised me everything I always wanted - a happy future with a nice house and freedom to do anything I wanted in life. But there was a condition that I give my soul over to Satan.

'He spoke to me as if he knew all my inner thoughts. He finished my sentences for me. When I spoke to people about it afterwards, no one said they had seen the boy at the party.'

By the time she was 24, Mrs Stiles claims she was being attacked by demons at night.

She said: 'As I lay in bed, I saw demons appearing in different forms. They had horrifying faces, covered in blood, with sharp teeth and claws.

'They clawed at me, bit me and stabbed me with knives. It was an extremely tangible, physical sensation.

'It happened every night for a year and if I prayed while they attacked, it only got worse. It was terrifying. I'm still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of it.'

In 2009, she related her experiences to an online community which included people who were committed to researching and fighting demons.

She said: 'I noticed one user who was posting regularly. He was very knowledgeable about how to combat the forces which were attacking me.

'I thought that maybe he would listen to me and not think I was nuts. When I spoke to Tom I didn't get attacked. He had a very powerful protective effect over me.

'I soon told him I could imagine a future where we were married. He told me he felt the same way.'

In May 2010, Mrs Stiles moved 2,000 miles from her home in Washington State to Indiana to be with her protector. The pair married two days after she arrived.

She said: 'For a whole year, I was still being attacked. I couldn't sleep unless Tom was in the room.

If he left, even for a few moments, the demons would come back to taunt me.

'If Tom realised I was being attacked, he would go to where I was, and pray, and was able to fight them off.'

Eventually the couple booked a place on a weekend retreat where a group of people, including Tom, prayed over Mrs Stiles for 15 hours straight.

Mrs Stiles recalled: 'It was only then that I was freed. I was able to renounce my past life and become a true Christian.

'I had been very reckless in my youth. I had been vain and I had partied a lot. But by giving myself over to God, I was able to defend myself from demons.'
Not long after Mr and Mrs Stiles returned from the retreat, Mrs Stiles discovered she was pregnant.

She said: 'It was a time of huge change for me, and it was a challenge to adjust to my new life. But it was a joyful challenge too. Joshua is a wonderful little boy. He's very happy and he loves to read."

In October 2013 their family was joined by Jacob, now three months.

Mrs Stiles, of Francisco, Indiana, said: 'Me and Tom are still going through a learning process. We spent a long time trying to figure out why the demons came to me - and today we're mindful and vigilant to make sure it never happens again.

'There's still a lot I don't understand. But I've learned to give myself over to God and not try to understand.'

Mr Stiles said: 'All I did was channel God's power, not my own. Our goal is to share with as many people as possible the truth of demonic oppression, and the only solution to it, which is faith in Christ.' - Malaysia-Chronicle

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UFO Seen Near Dodger Stadium

I was driving home from work, around 5:45 pm, on Monday, Feb 10th. I was on the 5 FWY heading north near LA County/USC Hospital when I first noticed the object. I thought it was an airplane.

As I kept driving north towards Glendale on the 5 FWY, I noticed how the object was completely lit. Like a light bulb glowing against the dusk sky. The object was completely lit, like a glow in the dark sticker, but not green, instead it was white. But it did NOT radiate light, like a flash light. By now it was around 6 pm and I was driving near Dodger stadium. By then the object was traveling my way and it seemed to glide in the sky. Perfectly gliding. As I drove towards it, I noticed it looked a little bit like a football shape, and like I said, the whole object was glowing like a glow in the dark, white color sticker. By then I could definitely tell it was NOT an airplane, nor helicopter and not a blimp or a Chinese lantern or a kite or a remote control toy.

As I drove, the object was on the other side of the 5 fwy near I would say the Atwater Village area. Then, the object stopped and hovered over a building. There are lots of factories around there, near the LA River area. The object was hovering I would say no higher than a 40 story building. Then, it appeared to freeze in the air. It was PERFECTLY still. It was amazing. I rolled down the window and I could not hear a sound. NOTE: I was on the freeway but it was congested. I was traveling no more than 5-10 m/p/h and that's why i was able to see it for so long. Another thing, this was the closest I got to it and I would say that the object now resembled a Saturn shape. But the edges were kind of fuzzy. Also, I noticed a small red light on the bottom of it, that pulsated every few seconds. So maybe it was a drone? I am pretty sure the object was the size of a mid sized car.

I've lived in the Burbank/Glendale area all my life, I've seen lots and lots of airplanes, helicopters, blimps, toy airplanes. But this was not one of those. It turns your life upside down when you see stuff like this. I am surprised more people didn't see it. I wanted to film it but I was afraid I might crash if I tried to film it with my smart phone. Like I said, the glow of it and the way it seemed to literally freeze in the air was amazing. I feel very lucky to have seen one if it turns out to be a UFO. - MUFON CMS


Snake handling pastor died after being bitten

Pastor Jamie Coots from Middlesboro, Kentucky died on Saturday night after he was bitten by a snake.

According to the Middlesboro Police Department, emergency crews responded to reports of a possible snakebite victim at around 8:30pm, but say the victim had already left the scene by the time they arrived.

Police say they found Coots at his home with an apparent snakebite to his hand. Officials say EMS responders explained the dangers of not treating the wound, but that Coots still refused to be transferred.

Police and EMS returned to the scene an hour later to find Coots dead. Coots was the pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church in Middlesboro - WATE


Sir Alec Guinness once witnessed a ghost

The legendary award-winning actor detailed his encounter in a recently published letter to his wife.

The letter was written by Sir Alec on March 23, 1984 and was sent from Bangalore during the filming of "A Passage To India". Well known for his roles in movies such as "Star Wars" and "The Bridge On The River Kwai", the then 69-year-old detailed a strange incident that took place one night when an unexpected noise woke him up.

"Last night I heard my bathroom door click open," he wrote. "I was immediately awake and called, 'What’s that?' A very conventional white ghost appeared, an elderly... woman in grey white and heavily veiled. I couldn’t make out her face. She moved... with dignity down the side of my bed and as I clicked on the light she disappeared."

The actor's official biographer Piers Paul Read stated that he hadn't been aware of the letter but knew that Sir Alec was known for being superstitious.

"In the Navy he also had a premonition about being drowned in an oncoming storm," he said. "I don’t think he claimed to be psychic but he was open to the idea."



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