Monday, February 24, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: 'Ghostbuster' Passes Away -- UFO With Searchlight -- Woman Gives Birth to a Stone

'Ghostbuster' passes away

Comedy legend Harold Ramis died early Monday (Feb. 24), the Chicago Tribune reported. He was 69.

The Chicago Sun-Times confirmed the news.

Ramis was surrounded by family when he died at 12:53 a.m. from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that involves swelling of the blood vessels, his wife Erica Mann Ramis told the Chicago Tribune. Mann Ramis added that his health struggles began in May 2010, with an infection that led to complications related to the autoimmune disease. According to Laurel Ward, Vice President of Development at Ramis’ Ocean Pictures production company, Ramis suffered a relapse of the vasculitis in late 2011.

Ramis was best known for directing and writing "Caddyshack," "Groundhog Day" and "Analyze That." He also played the role of Egon Spengler in "Ghostbusters," which he co-wrote with Dan Aykroyd.

He was born and raised in Chicago, but moved to Los Angeles once his career took off.

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UFO With Searchlight

Leeds, UK - 2/2/2014 - unedited: I was in my bedroom watching Sherlock on my laptop when a bright object caught my eye out of the window. I observed it for about 30 seconds. It was a very bright light with a searchlight emitting from it. The searchlight varied as it would scan the ground for a few seconds then it would point to the clouds. I ran out side to get a look at this object. As i looked at it i could start to see an object that look like a diamond with 2 red orb like objects orbiting the diamond. The object brightened with no searchlight from it, i realised the searchlight was on me. i started to hear a low hum. It was the metal railings surrounding me vibrating the searchlight then swung around and pointed towards the sky. I could see the light cast on the clouds. the object then continued on it path start along to North west then it shot off. I went back inside and when i looked out of the window at the top of the stairway the object was low on the horizon hovering there gradually getting dimmer. I took out my phone and i recorded the object for a few seconds til my battery died out.

The object is still on the horizon as i write this nearly 2 hours after the encounter. I had a very head ache after the sighting i'm not sure if it is linked to the searchlight on me or if it is just coincidence. I'm not sure if it is alien or extratresstrail or if it is just so weird weather stuff all i know is it is not a helicopter there was noise and a helicopters isn't diamond shaped. I saw video from west africa were a diamond shaped craft fixed a beam of light on a village and it like transfix them. It could be linked i don't know.

I have had two other encounters prior to this. Both was a single green orb like object performing acrobatic maneuvers such as moving in a triangular path in the sky and making angles at such high velocities that it would kill a human with the amount of g force.

I have a video and lots of photos on my phone but i can't transfer them over with bluetooth as it won't allow me. - MUFON CMS


Woman Gives Birth to a Stone

A 25-year old woman in a remote village of Yolde Pate in Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa has been delivered of a sizable stone.

Madam Amina Bello of Unguwar Jalo village, narrated her story at the opening ceremony of Vesico vaginal fistula (VVF) free medical treatment at the Yola Specialist Hospital.

Bello, who was also a VVF patient, told the gathering that after four years pregnancy, she was delivered of a sizable stone last year.

“I was carrying a pregnancy for four years, which I bitterly suffered because of the heavy weight of what was contained in the stomach.

“It was last year around June, I started feeling labour and I was in that condition for three days and finally I was delivered of a stone,’’ Bello said.
She said it was after the delivery she discovered that she had VVF.

Dr Sunday Lengmang, Director VVF Centre, Jos, confirmed that giving birth to a stone or any object was possible.

Lengmang was in Yola to attend to the VVF patients for one week.

“Stones and other solid objects can form in a human body in different cases.

“Stones can form in a gall bladder, urinary bladder and other several parts of urinary tracks,’’ he said.

The medical expert said why VVF patients were prone to giving birth to stones or any solid object was because they drank less water to reduce urine leakage.

He said as a result of taking less water, their urine become concentrated.

“Inside urine, there is salt, sodium and chlorine, and when the urine becomes concentrated, the salt is crystallised and finally forms itself and latter ends up as a stone,’’ he said.

Lengmang confirmed that three VVF patients had stones in their placentas and they would go under surgery.

He said the size of the stones uncovered from the three women was six by seven and three by four centimetres.

Lengmang advised VVF patients to drink more water instead of taking less to prevent them from risk of having stones.

Wife of the Governor, Dr Halima Nyako, said the medical treatment was free and that over 150 women benefited in 2013.

Nyako said the state government would establish a centre where VVF patients would be given free treatment. - The Nation Online NG


Using Light to Stop and Start Pain

Because you’re reading this right now and not staring into my shining eyes, you won’t understand how excited I am for a major development in optogenetics, the manipulation of nerves using light. Let me be clear: I’m stoked to the max. Researchers have discovered that light can be used to create or end pain, and that’s exciting and terrifying news.

A study published this week in Nature Biotechnology explains how scientists at Stanford’s Bio-X lab accidentally stumbled on their ability to end pain as we know it while researching light’s impact on muscle movement in mice.

The team had inserted proteins called opsins into the nerves of the mice and then waited several weeks until the mice’s nerves were light-sensitive to begin their tests. During the course of their research, they realized that different shades of light also seemed to impact the mice’s pain neurons; some shades stopped pain altogether, while others increased it. Says Scott Delp, co-author of the study and owner of the lab, “We thought, ‘Wow, we’re getting pain neurons, that could be really important.’”

Adam Clark Estes nicely summarizes the study’s significance for Gizmodo: “This bears huge implications in a number of fields, from neuroscience to psychology, and could help millions of people who suffer from chronic pain.”

It’s hard to imagine the effect that this incredible new development may have for modern medicine–or modern weaponry and warfare. However, it’s not the first mind-blowing discovery to be reported by Bio-X in the developing study of optogenetics.

In the past, pioneer Karl Deisseroth and his peers have written about the field’s potential for curbing hunger and curing brain disease and alcoholism. So there may be a brighter future ahead of us–just don’t try these cures at home yet. - Geekosystem



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