Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recently Reported Alien Encounters

The following entity related reports were recently entered into the MUFON CMS:

(Note: MUFON reacted personal information) - One summer between 1972 and 1973,in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, in the vicinity of Melrose & Virgil, N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] experienced a form of alien contact. It was between 3 & 4 in the afternoon and they were sitting at opposite ends of N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] 10-ft sofa. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] was straddling the large, padded, round arm end, of the couch and S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] was sitting in a chair at the other end of the couch. That was unusual because they normally sat close together, as they talked. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] said they were bored and just making small talk when she distinctly said to S [Item Moved/CMS/nd], “You are changing and you have a big head”. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] noticed that S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] face had changed. S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] face was smoky white with a large cranial area that tapered down to a pointed chin that was rounded at the tip of the jaw. The eyes were large and medium gray and covered approximately 1/3 of the face. The face had no wrinkles or hair and she felt the face was like a triangle, large at the top and tapering down to a pointed chin. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] didnt see any ears or eyebrows and the vision lasted more than 1 minute and less than 5 minutes. The being had a small mouth that was closed and it was like a slit or a line with no lips. The attached picture is very close to what she saw with the exception of the nose. She didnt remember seeing a pronounced nose or defined nostrils on the face. In the area of where a nose would be, she thinks she saw 2 small dots. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] did not remember receiving any telepathic thoughts or messages. The face did not move or show any type of expression and though she had no knowledge of what she was seeing it brought her a peaceful feeling. When N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] told S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] that she was changing, S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] replied that Norma’s face was also changing in the same manner. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] now had a big head and big eyes and S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] was no more frightened by the experience than N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] was. When talking about the experience, S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] would say it was all very weird.

N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] would talk about the strange event over the years and neither one could understand what their weird experience was all about. Not until the book Communion by Whitley Strieber that was published in Feb of 1987 did they have a better understanding of UFO’s and aliens. However, both had very different viewpoints on what they experienced after reading the book. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] still feels that the experience was positive and is still searching for answers on what she experienced. S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] stopped talking about the event after she read the book. She became completely silent and refuses to talk about the matter to this day. S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] felt it was an evil presence and as time went on she could barely remember the incident and in time she has completely forgotten the event and will not discuss it. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] had on several occasions and just recently asked S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] about the experience. However S [Item Moved/CMS/nd] says she no longer remembers the incident and remained silent when questioned about the event. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] feels she won’t discuss it with anyone else.

I asked N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] if she had any prior knowledge of the subject of UFO’s and she had none whatsoever. It wasnt until she read the book Communion and saw the picture of the gray headed alien on the cover of the book that everything fell into place and made more sense. N [Item Moved/CMS/nd] felt the experience was positive because the face conveyed a very friendly and peaceful appearance. It wasnt scary and it emanated a high level of consciousness as if you were looking at a Buddha or another religious deity. It’s as close to a religious experience that she ever felt.

She now believes that what happened to Shirley and her was an encounter with an out-of-this-world being. - MUFON CMS


Tarzana, CA - 6/16/1969 - unedited: It happened many years ago when I was about 10 or 11 years old. It was nice whether. I went to my friends house. we all went outside to ride our bikes. This was a populated neighborhood with flat streets in Tarzana Ca. for riding bikes and not much car traffic. There was a long driveway with a graduated slant up, that we could all get our bikes up to the top and then turn around to ride down with some speed and when you get to the bottom where the driveway meets the street you have to go right or left so we always went right and raced each other down the driveway then right down the street back to her house..just a normal playing on an average day, nothing was different UNTIL I decided to go up the driveway one more time by myself for one more ride, as soon as I got to the top I noticed what I thought was kid riding a bike from the main part of the property that was wooded, seemed broken down and deshoveled, you could not see in the area that he came from, like outta nowhere, so I stood there while he rode over to me, Believe it or not he was on a boys bike with a sissy bar even, he was dressed in a red shirt with jeans,I noticed he was not very well versed and very shaky on the bike and noticed he had very thin long feet, but as he got closer I saw his head size was huge, his, what would be eyes were very large and black almond shaped taking up most of his face and up to his forehead, the whole face was like almond shaped. I cant remember a mouth or a nose or even ears, it was grayish white head and face, funny I do remember a hairline type black in color but not hair it was like smooth flush to the face and head, he had a very small frame extremely thin, but then when I looked at this fingers on the handlebars they were VERY LONG and thin and distorted not like ours even the hand part from the wrist was very elongated and were the same color as his head. The clothes he had on covered everything except his head and his hands the next thing you know he was face to face with me looking right at me and never looked away, never blinked and had a deadpan look while staring at me. I remember my thoughts flooding in to make sense of what I was seeing yet the weird physical deformations were not like anything I had ever seen before,Then I remember I was frozen, where I stood stradeling my bike, the reason I remember this is because I wanted to flee when I was terrified (kinda like when someone jumps out to scare you) That knee jerk reaction But absolutely I could not move or speak or even make a sound. Then next thing I know I was able to break away, I jumped on my bike terrified rode as fast as I could back to my friends house where to my dismay all the kids were in house eating with the TV on and laying around the couch Etc... I busted in the door wondering what everyone was doing in the house and eating and stuff we were just outside what happened to everyone, and did they see the freak boy. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy and to quit trying to scare them. They all looked at me like I was crazy and said they all thought I went home because they did not see me and that they had been in the house for a long time and were tired of playing, I remember I could not believe it I was very confused and I do remember feeling sorta like the odd man out all the sudden like I had done something wrong, so I left and rode my bike home, then I had to ride past that driveway and was so terrified I could barley compose myself to get home. That driveway has burned in my memory to this day I can barley drive by it I shutter everytime I go by it as an adult!

The only other thing I have ever happened to me is one night in the wee hous of driving back to LA about 8 years ago in the desert in Victorville I was the only one on the road when outta the blue in my rear view blinding bright lights White, red and blue caught my eyes speeding super fast and swooping down on the back of my car, I almost crashed trying to get outta the way, cause at first I thought it was the cops cause I was speeding but it all happened so fast and the lights covered a huge area, there was no sound. I had no idea what the hell was happening, then that fast they were gone. It freaked me out cause there was no one there, gone as fast as it came. - MUFON CMS

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