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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered Over UFO Secrecy? -- 'I witnessed a UFO crash' -- Real-Life RoboCop Developed

Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered Over UFO Secrecy?

Donald Burleson, Ph.D.has been fascinated with the death of Marilyn Monroe for many years. In fact, as a certified UFO field investigator, research consultant, and New Mexico State Director for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), he had heard rumors of a UFO connection with Marilyn’s death.

One of the linchpin’s of Dr. Burleson’s hypothesis is a CIA document, that has come to be known as the Marilyn Monroe document, which mysteriously surfaced in 1994.

The document has a subject line “Marilyn Monroe” and a project line “Moon Dust”. According to Burleson, “Project Moon Dust” had existed since 1953 and whose purpose was the recovering of debris from fallen space vehicles, certainly to include UFO crash depris.

According to “UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe”, the document has an apparent reference, in the routing data at the bottom of the page to MJ-12.

This reference to MJ-12 further associates the Marilyn Monroe document with the whole question of governmental secrecy about unindentified flying objects.

Dr. Burleson’s work involves computer image enhancement. He is a director of a computer lab at Eastern New Mexico University. One day, when the Marilyn Monroe document was being displayed, a student noticed “a sort of smudge or shadow” to the left of the TOP SECRET stamp.

When enhanced the imprint contained the name “Schulgen”. This proved to be another invaluable piece of UFO evidence. Brigadier General George Schulgen was the Chief of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division of Army Air Corps Intelligence. His job basically was to investigate UFOs! How did his name get on the document? Read more w/ video at The Viral Post

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'I witnessed a UFO crash'

Fredonia, TX - 12/6/2013 - unedited: I was traveling on 12/2/13 at 2200 hrs, keep in mind I am in the middle of nowhere with no city lights, it was pitch black besides the night sky. I witnessed what appeared to be a shooting star. I immediately got the attention of my wife so she could see the shooting star also. Rather than the shooting star burning off like I have seen in the past this one continued to burn entering the atmosphere, with a bright blueish-white train the shooting star then turned a greenish color and hit the earths surface. I clearly saw the object make impact with the ground because I was at an elevated viewpoint. Once the object made impact my wife and I saw it burst into a green-yellow-red glowing light (like a bomb would in a movie) behind a segment of trees. We were so baffled that we drove off the main road onto some country roads towards where we saw the object hit. After about 10 mins I realized there would be no way for me to accurately find the object without an aerial view being that the night sky could distort the actual distance the object landed off the road. We gave up our search and now I have tried to contact anyone who will help me try and locate this object for historical and scientific purposes. I contacted the Chief Investigator, Fletcher Gray, he seemed to be very interested. Please contact me, I feel this is extremely important for the scientific community. - MUFON CMS


Real-Life RoboCop Developed

An autonomous robot that uses predictive analytics and collaborative social engagement to predict and prevent crime is being developed by Knightscope Inc.
The robotics company said its K5 Beta-level prototype is designed to collect data through its sensor array payload, which is then processed through a predictive analytics engine. The engine combines the machine data with existing raw business, government and crowd-sourced social data sets, and assigns an alert level for notifying authorities of a security concern.

When an alert is pushed, the K5 will turn on all of its sensors to allow the entire community to review the information transparently and contribute additional relevant, real-time information, it said.

"Population growth and constrained government budgets render today's methods of fighting crime unscalable," said Stacy Dean Stephens, vice president marketing and sales, Knightscope. "The Knightscope K5 utilizes technology to push alerts to public safety professionals and the community providing a profound new layer of security and more efficient deployment of resources, saving both money and lives."

Knightscope said it will begin initial test deployments next year.


Glowing anomaly was PR stunt

A strange luminescent creature watched by crowds of people at Bristol harbor has turned out to be a hoax.

Footage of the spectacle emerged earlier this week and generated significant interest online. The video shows members of the public flocking around the edge of the harbor to view and photograph the 'creature' which resembled a large luminescent jellyfish or squid.

The truth was finally revealed today however when it was announced that the whole thing was nothing more than an elaborate PR stunt for the TV channel "Watch" that is attempting to promote a new TV series called "The Happenings" from the producers of Derren Brown.

"In The Happenings magicians Barry and Stuart use techniques of illusion to bring incredible movie-like experiences to British and American towns," said the channel's general manager Steve Hornsey.

The revelation came as a bit of a let down to those who were hoping that the spectacle had been something genuinely unexplained, with theories ranging from a totally new species of deep sea creature to aquatic extraterrestrials like those from hit movie "The Abyss".



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