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Monday, December 23, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Iceland's Hidden Elves -- Ongoing Alien Abductions -- Hippo Ranching

Iceland's Hidden Elves Delay Road Projects

Elf advocates in Iceland have joined forces with environmentalists to urge authorities to abandon a highway project that they claim will disturb elf habitat, including an elf church. The project has been halted until the supreme court of Iceland rules on a case brought by a group known as Friends of Lava, who cite both the environmental impact and the detrimental effect on elf culture of the road project. The group has regularly mobilised hundreds of people to block bulldozers building a direct route from the tip of the Álftanes peninsula, where the president has a property, to the Reykjavik suburb of Gardabaer.

Issues about Huldufolk (Icelandic for "hidden folk") have affected planning decisions before, and the road and coastal administration has come up with a stock media response for elf inquiries, which states in part that "issues have been settled by delaying the construction project at a certain point while the elves living there have supposedly moved on". Scandinavian folklore is full of elves, trolls and other mythological characters. Most people in Norway, Denmark and Sweden haven't taken them seriously since the 19th century, but elves are no joke to many in Iceland. A survey conducted by the University of Iceland in 2007 found that 62% of the 1,000 respondents thought it was at least possible that elves exist. Ragnhildur Jonsdottir, a self-proclaimed "seer", believes she can communicate with the creatures through telepathy.

"It will be a terrible loss and damaging both for the elf world and for us humans," said Jonsdottir of the road project. Though many of the Friends of Lava are motivated primarily by environmental concerns, they see the elf issue as part of a wider concern for the history and culture of the very unique landscape. Andri Snaer Magnason, a well-known environmentalist, said his major concern was that the road would cut the lava field in two and destroy nesting sites. "Some feel that the elf thing is a bit annoying," said Magnason, adding that he was not sure they existed. However, he said: "I got married in a church with a god just as invisible as the elves, so what might seem irrational is actually quite common [with Icelanders]." Terry Gunnell, a folklore professor at the University of Iceland, said he was not surprised by the wide acceptance of the possibility of elves.

"This is a land where your house can be destroyed by something you can't see (earthquakes), where the wind can knock you off your feet, where the smell of sulphur from your taps tells you there is invisible fire not far below your feet, where the northern lights make the sky the biggest television screen in the world, and where hot springs and glaciers 'talk'," Gunnell said. "In short, everyone is aware that the land is alive, and one can say that the stories of hidden people and the need to work carefully with them reflects an understanding that the land demands respect." Gunnell said similar beliefs are found in western Ireland, but they thrive in Iceland because people remain in close contact with the land. Parents still let their children play out in the wilderness – often late into the night. Vast pristine areas remain, even near the capital, Reykjavik. "If you ask an Icelander about elves, they might say they don't believe," said Jonsdottir. "But we always have stories of them, if not from ourselves then from someone close like a family member. Of course, not everyone believes in the stories, but the stories and the elves are still there and being told." - AOL

Tales of Iceland: "Running with the Huldufólk in the Permanent Daylight" (Volume 1)

Hildur, Queen of the Elves: And Other Icelandic Folk Tales (International Folk Tales)


Ongoing Alien Abductions

Medina, TN - unedited: I have already filed two reports of abductions that I could sort of remember. Eddie Middleton had contacted me to investigate but I feel that I was not completely truthful. I cant remember what takes place during the abductions. And most of the time I cant even remember seeing them when they take me. A few minor memories had managed to leak through and from them I was compelled to fill out my first two reports. When Eddie Middleton called me, I told him that I didnt have nightmares and that I didnt feel that these things had caused me any problems. However, that was and is not the case. Theyre still coming for me. I wouldnt know if it werent for a combination of other witnesses and remembering the power going out in my bedroom. The odd thing with the power is that it ONLY goes out in the BEDROOM ALONE. I do still have nightmares. And I would say I have some "slight" emotional problems due to this. Ive been completely devoid of emotion since they started coming back. I sleep ten hours, but feel like I havent slept at all. I cannot go to sleep until at least 5 AM. I am overcome with paranoia at night. I have strange headaches and I DO have a strange mark on my side that looks like some of the flesh was scooped out. I really, really want a hypnotherapist. I just have to ease these feelings of agitation and frustration. I dont know where they come from. I know they come. Im not sure how often they take me. Its not just me in this area either. There are several people from this area who get taken. Ive spoken with them. Im ready to get to the bottom of this. And stare this darkness in the face. Im tired of being afraid. Its really shitting up my life. - MUFON CMS

Alien Rapture: The Chosen

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda


New dinosaur resurrection method proposed

They bestrode the earth millions of years ago before dying out, but dinosaurs could theoretically be brought back to life, according to an Oxford biochemist.
Dr Alison Woollard said it would be theoretically possible to recreate ancient animals, through the DNA of birds.

By identifying and altering certain genes found in the DNA of modern birds, she believes scientists may be able to “design” genomes of the prehistoric creatures.

The theory echoes the plot of Jurassic Park, but comes after a recent attempt to bring back the animals using techniques more faithful to those used in the 1993 film failed.

The Steven Spielberg production saw geneticists recreate dinosaurs using DNA recovered from bloodsucking insects which had been caught in sticky tree sap before it turned to amber.ewind’ evolution by switching these genes back on and using them to guide the development of that bird’s offspring, and its offspring’s offspring, backwards?"

A mosquito was recently discovered which had the blood of another animal in its stomach dating from dating back 46 million years, not quite the age of dinosaurs, but tantalisingly close. - Read more at Telegraph


Hippo Ranching

Hippopotamus ranching was almost introduced in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.

Out of the many ideas proposed as a way to tackle the national meat shortage suffered by the United States in the early 1900s, the idea of introducing a thriving industry of hippopotamus ranching is perhaps the most bizarre.

The plan was to address two different problems head on, not only providing a new source of meat but also unblocking the nations waterways by having the animals feed on water hyacinth, an invasive species that was causing further ecological woes.

Despite numerous revisions of the idea, including the possibility of using ostriches or antelope in place of hippos, the plan was ultimately scrapped. Instead, efforts went in to engineering the land to better support a larger number of traditional farm animals, providing more meat for people to eat without resorting to the importing of exotic livestock.

"I think there’s actually something beautiful about the idea that Congress would have a hearing on hippopotamus ranching," said writer Jon Mooallem. "It was this moment when anything seemed possible." - Wired


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