Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Dead Farrah Talks To Me -- Space Burial -- One-Eyed Aliens in Argentina

O'Neal: Dead Farrah Talks to Me

Ryan O'Neal appeared on the Today show yesterday to chat about his legal coup regarding an Andy Warhol silkscreen of Farrah Fawcett. It wasn't exactly a dry, legalese-filled chat. Instead, O'Neal revealed that Fawcett granted him permission to appear on the show that very morning, because, you know, he talks to her. "She said I could do it," he explained. "I talked to her this morning."

O'Neal said he was having minor skin cancer surgery when he learned that the case had ended in his favor, not that of the University of Texas (which Fawcett bequeathed all her art to; more on the case here). His son Patrick "texted me. I was lying on an operating table. There was blood running down the side of my face and then there were tears running down the side of my face mixing with the blood. It was a pretty amazing moment for me." He also went on to say that the school went after the painting in the first place because "I have enemies, and one of them sent 90 emails to the regents there, said I stole it." - Newser

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Elysium Space Will Bury You In Earth Orbit For Less Than $2K

Elysium Space is taking orders to have the remains of the deceased sent up in to Earth's orbit.

A new start-up company called Elysium Space is offering 'space burial' services for as little as $2000 with reservations currently booking for the first flight next year. Due to launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida, the "memorial spaceflight" will carry the ashes of the deceased and give mourners the chance to track its progress with a mobile phone app.

"These are the kind of people who think space is a unique and beautiful place," said founder Thomas Civeit.

Several high profile individuals have had their remains carried in to space over the years including astronaut Gordon Cooper and Star Trek actor James Doohan.

Whether such send-offs will become more commonplace in the future however remains to be seen. - THP


Mumbai: Man gets divorce from wife who 'sees' ghosts

In a very unusual case, a family court recently granted divorce to a man accepting his allegation that his wife was hallucinating and used to see ghosts and goddesses in their house. The court considered this as a ground amounting to mental cruelty to the husband and granted him divorce.

The couple was married for three months before the woman moved out of the house and filed a first information report (FIR) against her husband and his family members alleging harassment under various sections of the Domestic Violence Act. She also demanded a monthly maintenance amount from the husband. Tired of all her allegations, the husband moved the family court seeking divorce.

In his petition, the husband alleged that the woman used to hallucinate. She had told him that she could see ghosts in their house. She said she even saw a Goddess who told her to jump off from the gallery so that her matrimonial life would be cordial, the petition mentioned.

The petition also alleged that the “woman resided with him only for three months but she made his life hell. She treated him in a cruel manner, harassed him physically as well as mentally and thereafter left the matrimonial home and thus deserted him.”

It was also alleged that when a trip to Goa was planned after their marriage, the woman refused to go. She used to avoid household work and kept reading religious and holy books. She refused to help his mother at her work. She used to lock her bedroom and stay inside. She quarrelled with his parents when they tried to speak to her.

After leaving her matrimonial house, the woman filed several complaints against her husband and his family members which are still pending before the competent courts.

The woman did not respond to the notice issued by the family court. Thus, the court passed an ex-parte order. The court granted divorce to the husband under Section 13 (1) (ia) and (ib) of the Hindu Marriage Act. - DNAIndia


Cyclops: One-Eyed Aliens in Laguna Blanca, Argentina (1969)

Date: 22 December 2013
Source: Planeta UFO, VisiĆ³n Ovni and ORBITA CERO

By Dr. Roberto Banchs

On Thursday, October 9, 1969, the area of Laguna Blanca to the east of the Province of Chaco (Argentina) was the stage for a unique incident, witnessed by a former police officer and farmer. Broadly disseminated through the Saporiti news agency (1), the item notes that a strange machine was seen resting on a tree, crewed by three unusual creatures of short stature, long blond hair and with a single eye.

The journalistic information reads thus: “Makalle, Chaco – According to a report made to police authorities in Laguna Blanca, in this jurisdiction, and which has caused true consternation, a well-known local farmer, traveling in a pickup truck, had the chance to see three strange creatures aboard a very strange machine, resting on top of a massive tree. According to Amaro Lotcket (a misspelling of “Lockett” in the original), a former police officer and current owner of a rural estate, he managed to see the mysterious beings – who stood something like 80 centimeters tall – at a distance no greater than ten meters. Lockett declared the entities had blond hair, as long as common hippies, but the most notable detail was that they each had a single eye. The claimant also noted that the strange apparition took place around 17:30 hours last Thursday. Lockett stated he was overcome by a sense of fear, or simply cold, which forced him to stop his vehicle to see if something was wrong. The machine in which the little men traveled (as he called them) made no noise whatsoever as it rested upon the tree, but its branches started to swing, showing that it had a considerable weight. He was stunned and merely limited himself to watch the movements of the alleged space travelers within the astonishing craft, which occasionally gave off flashes of multicolored light. Lockett, a well-educated man, urged the authorities to return to the place where he had seen the small beings. It was possible to ascertain at the time that leaves of the tree where the disk-device had come to rest were visibly scorched. According to the witness, when the mysterious craft gained altitude, noiselessly, losing itself in infinity, he felt “his soul returning to his body”; only able to set the pickup truck in motion after it had inexplicably shut down. He left the area in a hurry. His family urged him to file a report on the strange episode he’d experienced.” Read more at Scott Corrales - Inexplicata

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BTE Radio in 2014

The show schedule for Beyond The Edge Radio for early 2014 is continuing to form. Lot's of great guests & subjects coming your way...as well as a few new surprises. Stay tuned...we start back on January 5th with our guest Matthew Brownstein with updates on the Starchild Project and a discussion of Lloyd Pye's legacy. Don't miss this one!



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