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Monday, December 16, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Black-Cloaked Visitors -- Blue Mountains Panther -- Terrified of the Outside World

Black-Cloaked Visitors

Unedited: The incident took place in early August of 2008 in southern California...in a section of the city of Whittier called "up-town".

I was at my girlfriends apartment located on the 2nd floor, on the north side of Greenleaf Ave, adjacent to a hill and hiking trail. It was a little after 12:30am, my girlfriend and I had an argument, then I went to lay down in her bedroom, while she remained in the living room on the couch with our cat.

I remember laying down on her bed and closing my eyes; I had a strange dream about being locked in a submarine trapped in ice when I heard the door open.
I immediately jumped out of bed, and all the hair on my neck stood up as I watched.

Then I heard and felt a humming noise, that was so low and deep that it made me a bit nauseated.

My heart stared racing as the door continued to open, and then, standing there in the hall was a small figure around 4ft tall that was dressed in what seemed like a black cloak. In shock, I tried to scream out and grab something from the nightstand next to me to try and defend my self in some way, but I went mute, and felt like I was paralyzed. It raised its hand and was holding something in it.

I fell and crippled down to the bed not being able to move, 2-3 more of the small figures cloaked in black entered the room, in a sort of, hurried waddle, and surrounded me.

I couldnt move, and all I could do was stare at the first small humanoid figure that was pointing something at me. It had hands, or what looked like hands. The skin color was dark, a brownish green; then the last thing I saw was its face as it stepped closer towards me. Its eyes where big and yellowish with slits like a cat or reptile. Its skin on its face was a bit lighter color then its hands, it had no hair, I didnt really see a nose, just slits where the nostrils should be, and its teeth where jagged and pointy in a small child like mouth. It said something in a low gutteral voice that I couldnt understand, it sounded like someone talking underwater, then I looked back at the clock, it said 1:30 am, then it all went black. The next thing I know im laying in bed staring at the ceiling. I go to sit up and I have a sharp pain in my left lower back, I turn to look at the clock and it said 4:30 am, then the humming noise came back and a bright light perred in from the 2nd floor window, I opened the blinds to look out and I saw a teardropped shaped craft with a dome hovering in mid air about 10 ft from the window. It was about 20ft long. It had lights of red, orange, blue and mainly white on the sides and underneath I saw what looked like landing equipment. It hovered there for about 3-5 seconds, then the humming noise dissappered,and it became silent as it floated slowly up past the trees and vanished out of my sight. I was confussed more then terrified and felt dizzy and disorented. I walked out of the room and saw my girlfrined laying on the couch, asleep, with the cat hidding curled up in a ball, with all of its hair standing up hissing in the direction of the front door.

I tried to wake my girlfriend as I ran past to the door, but she was in a dead sleep. Excited still, I ran out of the door and down the stairs to the street below our window where I saw the craft drift away to see if I could see where it went in the sky. But It was gone. I went back into the house when my girlfriend started to wake up and the cat was now calm and walking around the kitchen. I told her what happened and about everything I felt and saw. She didnt remember seeing anything, just seeing the clock on the cable tv box say 1am, and then she told me she got really tired out of no where and it all went black. I asked her to check my lower left back for any marks, when she did she found a small red spot that was slightly hot and a little swollen .I never saw anything like that again, but I still have nightmares sometimes about it, and I still have a small scar.

I dont know how else to explain what happened to me.

This is just what I remember. - MUFON CMS

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Blue Mountains panther spotted again

Weeks after the government declared the Blue Mountains big cat file closed, a Sydney father has spoken of a terrifying encounter with a panther-like creature outside his home.

Peter Russell told NSW Police he feared for his life after being stalked by a large, ''completely foreign'' feline predator at Riverstone, on the fringes of dense national park bushland.

It has been sighted at least 12 times in the Riverstone area over recent years. On Thursday, the member for Hawkesbury, Ray Williams, warned the government to ''rethink'' its position or face being ''accountable'' in the event of a tragedy.

Referring to a report, released in October, that dismissed the validity of about 500 eyewitness statements, Mr Williams said: ''I appreciate [Minister for Primary Industries] Katrina Hodgkinson might have more important issues to deal with but, in accepting those findings, she is ridiculing the many hundreds who have seen this creature.

''My wife and I saw this animal. People I know and respect have seen it. I have addressed the situation in Parliament and spoken broadly and openly about it since. If something awful happens, I'll sleep with a clear conscience.''

For decades, huge cats have been sighted by rural residents. Bushwalkers, tourists and locals say the animals resemble panthers.

A common theory is that the cats escaped from private zoos or a circus years ago and have since bred and survived across the three large national parks - Kanangra-Boyd, Blue Mountains and Wollemi - that connect across the mountains. But in the absence of definitive evidence, the subject remains a topic of widespread amusement elsewhere.

In a 1999 letter to then National Parks and Wildlife Service director-general Brian Gilligan, Department of Agriculture head Kevin Sheridan warned: ''The reports are becoming too frequent for us to ignore the possibility. To … do so could bring into question government's duty of care.''

Wildlife ecologist Johannes Bauer was later commissioned to provide expert opinion.

''Difficult as it seems to accept, the most likely explanation of the evidence is the presence of a large, feline predator,'' he said. ''In this area, [it is] most likely a leopard, less likely a jaguar.''

In 2008, then premier Nathan Rees admitted to being a believer. ''It is easy for all of us to dismiss these things … but if we're actually wrong then there is an altogether different set of scenarios.''

But today, the O'Farrell government has put its faith in the findings of New Zealand invasive species expert John Parkes, who scoffed at the notion in October, labelling the 500 eyewitness accounts as ''at best prima facie evidence'', saying ''large dogs, large feral cats or swamp wallabies'' were the likely candidates.

The latest eyewitness disagrees. On December 5, Mr Russell went to investigate why his neighbour's dogs were acting ''so distressed''.

He said, as he looked along the path that led up the street, a very large, broad, cat-like creature ran straight for him.

''This was definitely no dog,'' he said. ''It had a low rumbling growl. It was between knee and hip height, extremely stocky and very fast. I spun on my heel and ran back towards the house. I didn't know that I was going to make it to the door.

''My mind was completely thrown by what I had just witnessed. I thought I was a goner.''

Mr Russell made it safely inside and called Riverstone police.

''The officer laughed and I acknowledged her reaction was understandable,'' he said. ''But I also explained that if some poor kid ends up being taken, and I hadn't called, I would be left devastated.''

Ms Hodgkinson said that, based on the findings of Mr Parkes, the government would not commit any further expenditure. ''As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed."

But Mr Williams thinks his colleague has missed the point. ''I don't want a million dollars spent on any campaign, I just want some general acknowledgement that this is no myth … and for visitors to the national park to be armed with the knowledge that these animals could pose a danger, particularly to kids.'' - SMH.com.au


Sketches: Who Is This?

For much of 2013, I have been a part of two important investigations that have required the talents of of several people worldwide. The Todd Sees Incident of Northumberland, PA is one of the cases. Since March 2013, there have been several new disclosures in the investigation. I am confident that a final report will be presented by the group in the not-so-distant future.

The 2nd investigation is still ongoing and is centered in southcentral Pennsylvania. At this time, I am required to be vague in the location and description of the case...though, I plan to detail the investigation in a future series on this blog.

Not too long ago, one of our researchers contracted a psychic artist as part of the 2nd investigation. As a result, two series of sketches were developed. One of the sketch series directly correlated to the 2nd case...but the other sketch series is an enigma. Since some of the same people have been involved in both cases, I have a sense that the other sketch series is the same person (the two sketches depicted) and may be related to the Todd Sees affair.

I realize that my request is a longshot, but any information that you can provide may be of use. Thanks...Lon



Son terrified of the outside world refuses to report father’s death, lives with corpse for two weeks

When a death occurs most people can quickly and responsibly deal with the situation. However, a man in Osaka knowingly left his father’s corpse in the house and lived with it for almost two weeks without alerting authorities. The man told police that he was unable to contact anyone about the death because he is a hikikomori! So what is a hikikomori and why would they live with a dead body?

The Japanese word hikikomori (引きこもり) refers to an individual who has withdrawn from society and social interaction for long periods of time. In many cases these people don’t leave their homes, hold jobs, or have any friends. They are often middle class men in their thirties who rely on their parents for support. In English we would probably call this kind of person a hermit or shut-in.

In Japan there is a growing population of people with this condition. A Japanese government report from 2010 stated there were possibly 700,000 hikikomori in Japan and 1.55 million more on the verge of becoming hikikomori. Rigid societal and cultural pressures are said to be some of the main contributing factors. For example, failing an entrance can be one of the triggers.

Anyway, let’s jump back to the story. On December 12 the police received a call from the Asahi district of Osaka. The 34-year-old unemployed man living in the single room residence stated, “My father is dead.” The man and his father had been living together because of the father’s poor health.

Upon investigation, the local police found the body of the 68-year-old father (Mr. Nakao) lying on a Japanese style bed in the residence. The father’s body had no signs of any external injuries so the man explained what had happened to his father.

After waking up on December 1, he noticed that his father wasn’t breathing. He explained, “I didn’t notify the police because I’m a hikikomori.” As mentioned, a hikikomori is someone withdrawn from society and shuns human contact. Rather than contact the outside world, the man lived with the body of his father in his one room house for almost two weeks. Authorities are looking into the cause of death and have started preliminary measures on whether to charge the man for abandonment of a body.

Can you imagine how the corpse would have smelled after 12 days? What’s worse, the man lived in the room with the body of his father for that long! That’s a little bit disturbing. Yet, it’s very sad that the son’s mental state was so severe that he was unable to properly deal with the situation. This unfortunate event highlights the importance of acknowledging and treating hikikomori and we hope strange incidents like this never occur in the future. - RocketNews



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