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Daily 2 Cents: Angels Have No Wings -- Woman Claims Bigfoot Abduction -- Short Stories of Hairy Man

Senior clergyman: 'angels have no wings'

A Catholic 'angelologist' has contested the traditional depiction of angels as winged cherubs.

Father Renzo Lavatori, a senior clergyman who is an expert on the subject of angels, believes that although these spiritual beings are once again culturally relevant, the way in which they are depicted in stories and pictures is all wrong. He contends that angels are not physical beings as tradition suggests but are instead entities comprised almost entirely of light.

"I think there is a re-discovery of angels in Christianity," he said. "You do not see angels so much as feel their presence - they are a bit like sunlight that refracts on you through a crystal vase."

Angels have persisted in stories and belief systems for more than 3,000 years with their name "angelos" meaning "messenger" in ancient Greek. Having no definitive shape or form, artists have come up with many different depictions of angelic beings over the centuries including the traditional image of a winged person with a halo and harp.

Despite the rising interest in angels however it seems that a lot of focus still lies in the areas of demons and demonology. "There is a lot more interference from diabolical forces," said Father Lavatori. "That is why you see queues of people outside the exorcists' offices in churches. Pope Francis talks more about the devil than about angels and I think rightly so. But it's still early, he will get round to the angels too." - Unexplained-Mysteries

NOTE: Angels (I call them 'cosmic spirits or messengers') DO NOT have wings. Guardian Angels, your personal 'spiritual helper' ('guides' are intuitive beings and more difficult to make contact with) DO NOT have wings. They can have 'perceptional form' during contact...but the energy is their unmistakable calling card. I believe we must all recognize those beings around us and use what they offer. Lon

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Woman Claims Bigfoot Abduction

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Woman claims she was abducted by a Bigfoot in 1970 at Boulder Cave National Recreation Area.


Short stories of Hairy Man along the Yukon River

These short stories happened a few years to many years ago.

There is a story about a Kass’aq who lived in one of the Yukon River villages that saw and killed a Hairy Man. He fled the killing and went back to the village. Then at night, one or more Hairy Man creatures came to his house in the village and began to bother him. This went on night after night. Finally the Kass’aq, for fear or otherwise, got fed up with the visits by the Hairy Man or Men and left the village. The villagers didn’t know why he left, but soon word came about why he did.

A boater from Mt. Village was riding on the Yukon River when he entered the slough at Fish Village above Emmonak. While rounding a bend in the slough, he ran into a Hairy Man along the bank of the slough. As soon as the Hairy Man saw the boat, it ran off into the brush.

Commercial fishermen from Kotlik were drifting for salmon along one of the forks of the Yukon River when they spotted a Hairy Man along the riverbank. The fishermen watched it for as long as it was out on the riverbank.

A man in Alakanuk was riding in his ATV when he rounded a bend in the road. A Hairy Man stood up from alongside the road and began walking away. It crossed a pond effortlessly on its way to a stand of brush on the other side of the pond. When it got out of the water, it walked into the brush and disappeared.

A group of boys were walking home in Mt. Village when they spotted a large Hairy Man walking on the edge of town, below the old airport. The creature stopped and stared at them for a moment before it walked away and disappeared behind houses and brush. The boys continued on home.

A couple men from Alakanuk were checking sloughs while moose hunting between their village and Emmonak when they spotted an upside down tree root whose trunk appeared to have been driven deep into the ground not far from the slough. One of the men said it was used by the Hairy Man as a post and to look around for game from a higher vantage point. Southeast Alaska Natives say that upside down tree roots are used by the Kushtaka (or Bigfoots) to mark their territories. - Delta Discovery



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