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Friday, November 01, 2013

Flying Cryptid Encounter - Reedley, CA

I received this witness submission on 10/31:

It was July of 2012 and I was at my sisters house in Reedley, CA (Fresno County, California - San Joaquin Valley). This is in a residential neighborhood. There is a river that is very close by which is right next to the cemetery. Everyone was inside getting ready for bed and I was in the back yard with my son. We were sitting having a conversation about life and looking up into the night sky. I have to admit that I'm the type of person that is always looking up in the sky to try and find UFOs. Haha. But this night I was just relaxing looking upward. My son was talking and then all of a sudden in my right peripheral vision I saw what I thought was a bird flying down towards the both of us. It looked like it had its "wings" spread open like it was about to land. There is a big palm-like tree in the distance and in my mind I thought it was an owl. These thoughts were quick. I turned my head in the direction of the thing to get a better look at it. What I saw was a translucent bird like object. It was light in color. The translucence reminded me of a jellyfish. I stood up and yelled out "what the **** is that!" We both stood up and my son yelled out "where, where?!" I said right there and pointed to the thing. It was about 30 ft. off of the ground. He finally caught a glimpse of it and said "what is that?" I kept asking "you see that right? What the **** is that?" Over and over. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After we stood up, the thing banked to its right. Then you could see it from its side. It looked like it was gliding.

The back yard we were in was fenced in all the way around. There are no alleys in the neighborhood so your neighbors are right over the fence. The thing glided around the perimeter of the fence and flew over the neighbors back yard. The neighbor was directly behind my sister's yard. The really weird thing during this was it looked like it was changing shapes as it went in the different directions. Like I said before, when I first saw it it looked bird like, then when it turned it looked like a oval shape. As it went over the back neighbors yard it looked like something was hanging off its "wings" or sides. It was almost like ragged wings. My son thought it looked like the way a bat looked like you could see a skeleton in the wings. The further it flew it looked like an oval shape. The whole time the color and translucence stayed the same. Honestly, after the whole thing happened I thought I saw what people describe as a witch. Like a ghost witch. This thing was definitely there. We saw something. The wing span must have been about 10 - 15 ft wide. - DS

NOTE: this flying being may be similar to the 'flying ray' phenomenon. The translucent qualities fit...though the shape-shifting is a bit different. Again, this was also near water (Kings River). If anyone has had an encounter with a flying cryptid / humanoid, I'd appreciate a submission. Lon

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