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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Reader Submission: '...the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed'

I received the following narrative this morning:

Love the site...feel free to publish this Lon.

True story.

I witnessed an event in my home that till this day I simply have no plausible explanation for.

I have always wanted to write to you and tell this story to find out if others may have seen what I have witnessed.

It is something that is never far from my mind and has left me with no plausible explanation or answer...other than my personal belief that there are in fact things in this world that can not be understood or explained. I believe I witnessed something that few people have or ever will see or encounter in this world or possibly even the next.

A few years ago now my wife and I and our family cat were all sitting together relaxing in our living room watching the tv. The cat was directly in front of me sitting on our coffee table and my wife was to my right sitting in our living room chair. It was a quiet and uneventful evening.

Our patio door was open and there was no breeze that I could feel coming in through the open door.

I then noticed our cat turn her head, look in the direction of the patio door and stared at something. I glanced over at my wife and noticed she too had also noticed the cat was looking at something and she had also turned her head in the direction the cat was looking. In turn I as well turned my head to see what it was that had caught their attention and that is when I saw it.

We all saw it, and we stared...just looking at this thing.

There in the living room about a foot in front of the open patio door was this ball or circular mass about the size of a beach ball. It was made up of what appeared to be literally thousands upon thousands of interwoven pieces of what looked like smoke that resembled string. Each piece of this 'smoke' or 'string' was turning, twisting and undulating in every possible direction all within this ball...weaving intricately in and out of itself and in some type of what looked like an organized pattern. There were colours of grey, white and black all moving at the same time and all in different circular directions...almost like a giant ball of string, but each piece moved at the same speed and together almost like a machine.

It was like something out of a science fiction movie right there in our living room, but it was far more complex and intricate than any special effect I have even seen. It was mesmorizing and hypnotizing. I found myself draw to it, staring and just trying to wrap my mind around exactly what it was I was seeing...at the same time attempting to rationalize it and to place it into some understandable category. We sat there staring speechless as it continued to float, weaving and turning. It gave me the feeling that the object was somehow alive and very intelligent...possibly even self aware.

It just sat there 4 feet or so off the floor undulating, twisting and turning...weaving in and around itself, just hovering there almost like it knew we saw it but didn't seem to care. It did this for over 40 seconds or more...then almost as if it was pleased that we had now seen it, it stretched itself out into a long approx. 8 foot cylindrical grey tube and then left the room at an extremely high rate of speed...then it was gone.

It had been watching us. It had been aware of us.

I asked my wife "did you just see that?" She said "yes, what was that"?

I asked her to describe what she had seen so I could be sure that we had seen the same thing and her account was exactly the same as mine. We, including the cat, had all seen this thing.

I have searched the internet looking for pictures that may describe what we may have seen, but have never been able to find anything like it.

Was it a spirit? Was it a drone of some kind or an entity from another dimension?

I don't believe we will ever know but it makes you think what things may possibly exist in this world that we have never been taught about and it makes me wonder where they come from and why they may be here. It was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed. LR

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