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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Taugwank 'Ape-Man' -- Alien Saves Town? -- Meteorite Hits House, Fire Kills Two

Strange 'Creature' Terrifies Young Girls, Rural Connecticut

Biddeford, Maine, Biddeford Weekly Journal - April 2, 1926

Stonington, Conn., April 2–(AP)–George Denison, game warden of Mystic, today undertook a search of the Horace D. Miner farm here for traces of a strange creature said to have been molesting Mildred and Muriel Miner, young girls living alone in the old Miner farmhouse. The search was to cover the woods and swamp of Taugwank on the 2,000 acre estate.

The girls, whose father died a month ago, reported that a fear-inspiring figure, scarce human in appearance, lurked about the house, danced on the summit of a rock 300 feet from the door, and uttered cries like those of an infant. They professed to believe that an attempt was being made to force them to leave the place and sell the farm. They said that an offer had been made to their father to sell the estate during the year preceding his death.

The game warden said the object of his search was to settle once and for all the rumors that a “strange creature” had been seen in the swamp and woods of Taugwank.

“I plan to cover carefully every acre of the locality,” he said. “If there is any trace of a strange freak of nature about I may reasonably be expected to uncover its tracks.”

The young women, who have kept loaded firearms around since the lurking menace was first reported, are living alone in the farmhouse. An aged caretaker, Frank Miller, who had been staying at the farm, resigned yesterday. Miller believed in ghosts and was terrified at the situation.

“Every time a wind blew with the wind or the coal shed door squeaked he persisted in saying it was a ghost,” the girl said. “When the strange creature was first seen, we told Miller it was a real ghost. He was so frightened that his teeth chattered and his knees knocked together.”


The Syracuse Herald, Saturday, April 03, 1926

Bullets Await "Ape-Man" Who Attemps to Scare Girls Into Sale of Farm

Friendly Neighbors of Connecticut Estate Load Up in Preparation for Reappearance of Hairy Creature.

North Stonington Conn, April 3, (UP) -- Taugwank's "ape-man" is a plain human being in fur coat and trousers.

George Denison of Mystic, a game warden, came to that conclusion yesterday after a thorough search of the Horace D. Miner farm in Taugwank.

Further, he declared his belief that the man was attempting to frighten Muriel, 19, and Mildred Miner, 16, orphans, into selling the valuable farm which they inherited on the death of the father three weeks ago.

The ape-man has variously been reported by the girls and neighbors as a hairy creature of terrifying mien. While those who have seen him differed in detail, it was agreed that the creature slumped along in the manner of an ape, and jumped about with considerable more agility than was possible for a human being.

A check of neighboring insane asylums and circuses disclosed no missing inmates or animals. Attention then was turned to the theory that the apparition was a man. Authorities who became interested in the investigation learned that before he died Mr. Miner had refused to sell the place.

Despite the desertion of the aged caretaker of the estate, Frank Miller, who confessed he was terrified at the events of the last three weeks, the Miner girls are unafraid.

Loaded firearms await the ape-man masquerader and, according to Denison, that is why he has not been seen in the last few days.

"If that fellow goes out there again they are going to put the lead to him," was how he summed up matters after yesterday's visit to the farm. "I wouldn't try it again if I were he."

Neighbors of the Miner girls are standing with them, and there is many a loaded shotgun standing in readiness to do duty when Taugwank's terror next appears.

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Kenyan motorcycle cab riders blame ghosts for accidents

Bodaboda riders in Ukunda town Kwale County are blaming ghosts on the increased number of road accidents in the coastal tourist town.

In a meeting with Msambweni deputy commissioner Benjamin Leparmorija and police boss Jack Ekakoro, the riders said they could not explain how rampant traffic accidents have become, and blame the rising rate of road carnage on the supernatural.

“We always observe traffic rules, which everyone, including the President, has been talking about, so we cannot really tell what is happening on our roads. To us, these are the ghosts. It must be ghosts causing these accidents and nothing else,” Stephene Oduor, one of the riders, told the crowd.

His sentiments were supported by many riders who said they could not explain how some of the accidents happen. But their sentiments were, however, brushed aside by the county commissioner and the police boss who told the riders to repent if they felt ghosts were to blame.

“There is nothing like that. If you believe accidents are caused by ghosts, then go to church, mosques or Kayas and get cleansed!” said Leparmorijo.

At the meeting, the riders also blamed ‘beauty’, especially among women, as the biggest hindrance towards enforcing the requirement that all riders wear helmets.

“Some of them say they cannot wear the helmet as it will ruin their hair, which costs a lot of money to make and maintain in hair beauty salons,” added the rider.

But Caro Karimi, who is a regular user of the motorcycle taxis and who spoke to this writer said that some of the helmets have bad ordour, that they stink of stale sweat, and that she would rather use a matatu or walk rather than using the helmet if police enforced the rule.

The police, on the other hand, warned passengers that the rule on use of helmets is not negotiable.

“A helmet can save your life in the event of an accident on a motorcycle or save you from life long brain damage. We will, therefore, arrest anyone found riding on a motorcycle without one.

“But we urge to riders to also maintain hygiene and keep the helmets clean so that the passengers are comfortable using them,” said the OCPD.

Ukunda town, which is a tourist hub, is notorious for motorcycle accidents, with an average of two to three recorded daily. The accidents always attract curious onlookers.

To catch a glimpse of the ghosts causing accidents, perhaps? - Standard Media


Alien Saves Town?

The fall of a huge fireball has caused panic the people of a small Maya Town in Ichmul, Southern Yucatan.

On Sunday at 8:30 pm, while the locals were waiting to see a circus, a sonic boom was heard followed by a huge fireball. The sound was so loud it shook the ground and shattered windows,

"It was just like an earthquake" one witness stated.

"As we watched the fire fall from the sky, all the power in our town went out, and all we could see was this huge ball of fire in the sky, the whole town was terrified, we thought we were going to die."

Local police and some residents who attended the crash site, recovered pieces of burnt debris from the scene, including several melted objects which looked like mechanical parts.

The most unusual find was a supposed charred humanoid figure, roughly 12 inches in height...with a head, two legs and two arms.

Some locals believe this was possibly an alien ship intercepting a meteorite that was headed for their town.

"We do not fear the sky people, they have come here for many centuries, watching over us and protecting us from such things, all our ancestors talked about them."

"I think this little creature gave his life to protect our town, it saved our people I think."

The area was quickly sealed of by government officials.

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Meteorite hits house, fire kills two

PEEBLES, Ohio (AP) - A fire at a southern Ohio farmhouse has claimed the lives of an elderly couple.

Authorities say the fire broke out late Friday in Peebles, Adams County. That's about 60 miles south of Columbus, and close to Serpent Mound.

Family members say 82-year-old Lyle Lambert and 79-year-old Jayne Lambert were killed in the fire.

Reports are unclear, but this may be connected to an unconfirmed report of a meteorite hitting and destroying a home in Locust Grove in Adams County, reportedly killing two.

That was the second fireball seen in the area in two days.



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