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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Interacting With Extraterrestrials -- ‘Wild Man’ Was Killed In 1886 -- Bigfoot In The Adirondacks

Alien Life Experts Urge Creation Of Guidelines For Interacting With Extraterrestrials

Humanity should start thinking about how to interact with alien species long before coming into contact with extraterrestrial life, experts say.

Coming up with a strict set of guidelines that govern the way people on future interstellar space missions study and interact with aliens is imperative before anyone blasts off to a distant world, according to attendees at Starship Congress in August.

While a "prime directive" — the rule that prevented Star Fleet officers from interfering with the business of alien life-forms on TV's "Star Trek" — might be a little extreme, such a rule could help govern interactions between aliens and humans.

"In the event that we discover evidence of intelligent life on another world, that will be a social, cultural and technologically influential event to human affairs which will need to be managed with great care and to ensure our culture and their culture remains intact and not disrupted by this new knowledge," Kelvin Long, the founder of Project Icarus, said during a panel on Aug. 16. Continue reading at Alien Life Experts Urge Creation Of Guidelines For Interacting With Extraterrestrials

Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Blu-ray]

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Making of Steven Spielberg's Classic Film


Bigfoot in Maine? 10-foot-tall ‘wild man’ was killed in 1886, newspapers reported

In the same month the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York in 1886, a handful of newspapers in New England published stories about a deadly encounter in the Maine woods involving what today likely would be termed “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch.”

The story of the 10-foot-tall “wild man” with 7-foot-long arms and hair growing all over his face and body was reported in broadsheets of the time after first gracing the pages of the Waterville Sentinel, a weekly paper that no longer exists. The Waterville Morning Sentinel was established 18 years later in 1904.

Tales of these seldom-seen, mysterious apelike beasts are found in Maine folklore, according to experts, but they are more prevalent in California, Washington and Oregon tales. Online searches yield hundreds of similar stories from around the globe.

The Maine story starts in early October 1886 when “an affrighted Frenchman from over the line” arrived in the Elm City to weave a frightening tale of woe, according to an excerpt from the Sentinel published in at least two other papers of the era, the Wilton Record and The Industrial Journal of Bangor.

“The Frenchman’s story, which is implicitly believed, is that three men were camping out in the woods about a hundred miles north of Moosehead Lake,” the 127-year-old newspaper articles state. “Two of the campers were away from the camp for a week and came back to find the dead body of their companion.”

The unnamed storyteller, possibly a Canadian, “had his fellows in town all by the ears” with the story about the giant wild man he encountered in the dense woods above Moosehead, according to the papers. Continue reading at Bigfoot in Maine? 10-foot-tall ‘wild man’ was killed in 1886, newspapers reported


Bigfoot In The Adirondacks

The Adirondack Mountains have many tales to tell, and likely keep even more secrets.

The town of Whitehall, NY is tucked away in the southeast corner of the range -- population a little over two thousand -- and for the most part, it's a quiet place to live.

But spend some time in it's deep forests, or hike its brooding mountains, and you might come to understand why many folks in town think something strange is out there.

Accounts of Bigfoot sightings have become legend over the years, a cultural phenomenon, evolving from tales whispered around a campfire to questionable accounts documented on reality TV.

But Whitehall has been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity for hundreds of years. Paul Bartholomew is an author and Whitehall resident. He's been researching this pheomena for almost 40 years.

"You can go all the way back to the Algonquin and the Iroquois and their stories of the Giant Men and the Giant Men Of The Mountains, and the Stone Giants," Bartholomew said. "In the 1800's they were called "wild men" or "strange bears", so there's a consistent pattern of sightings from the Algonquin and Iroquois to the present day that maintains this mystery."

Bartholomew has documented scores of sightings over the years, has even collected physical evidence such as plaster casts of huge bare footprints found in the area. But the most compelling testimony comes from Whitehall's most famous incident, which happened in August of 1976.

The sightings took place over a two day period, beginning with the initial encounter by three teenagers on lonely Abair Road outside of the town. The trio were hanging out on the deserted back road when they got the shock of their lives. Bartholomew explains." This is a drawing done by Eric Miner, an excellent artist in Whitehall, and Eric took eyewitness testimony based on the Abair Road incident from 1976, which was multiple witnesses, and from that he was able to draw what may be the closest representation of what the Abair Road creature actually looks like."

Bartholomew guided 2 The Outdoors to the deserted spot and pointed out a marker on a telephone pole that measured the creature'sa height. " This is where...the height of the creature, you see right next to that four up there, that would represent the approximate height of the creature that was sighted back in August of 76. Was described as being between seven and eight feet tall, having red glowing eyes, walking like a man, but looking more like a gorilla, and it was reported by multiple witnesses that it made a sound like a pig squealing or a woman screaming."

Bartholomew says that what makes this encounter even more intriguing is that during the two day stretch the creature was also seen by a number of police officers." We had the Whitehall Police, the NY State Police, and a Washington County Deputy Sheriff all respond to the scene. There were multiple witnesses, many don't want to go on record, some have, and we have this sighting of a creature up here by police as well as civilians.

Although the 1976 incident is still widely debated, that was not the end of the sightings. There have been numerous encounters in the decades since the Abair Road sightings. In 2010, a local landowner caught a startling photo on a trail camera. Many speculate that it is an owl caught in the photo, but others think it's something else. " The evidence that we have analyzed, the photo that has been analyzed says that it was taken at a distance." Bartholmew states."It wasn't taken close to the camera,and if that's the perspective we're dealing with something very large, larger than a man."

2 The Outdoors reporter Terry Belke ventures another interesting aspect of the photo. " The really intriguing thing about that is that little paw, it looks like a little paw."

Bartholomew replies. " There does look to be almost a paw tucked under, and some people have suggested that maybe it's some sort of creature carrying young."

No matter what has been roaming these mountains, the town has gone from denial to acceptance, embracing the legend for all it's worth. There's a statue of a Sasquatch in town and in 2004, Whitehall even enacted legislation protecting Bigfoot from hunters. But no matter what people believe, there's no denying so many witnesses...people are seeing something in those dark hills. " The witnesses that have come forward, a select group of witnesses, are very high credible, have nothing to gain by this, and are extremely honest and their story hasn't changed over the years. It's these stories, and occasional track finds and things like that , that keep me leaning towards this all being a reality, and that this is simply an unclassified creature." - WGRZ

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