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Monday, October 14, 2013

Additional Small T-Rex Observed in South Texas Plains

I received the following information on Monday morning:

Hello Sir - this morning I was told by my neighbor that you had received reports of small T-Rex dinosaurs seen in Hebbronville, TX. and you mentioned it on a radio show. I live near Falfurrias, TX which is about 18 miles east of Hebbronville. I and others have seen those creatures. My neighbor and I saw a pair in December 2012 on the roadway behind our houses. We were scared to report our sighting. I know other people in this area have seen the same creatures.

A family member from Sabinas Hidalgo in Mexico told me that he saw a 'big lizard' the last time he visited us. He saw it while he was driving near McAllen, TX. He described the same thing we have seen. It was 2-3 ft. tall with a large head and long tail. It ran on 2 legs and was very dark in color. The two creatures we saw were dark brown and walking quickly on 2 legs also. It was about 4:30 pm and we watched them for about 20 seconds as they moved towards the dead end of the road. We got a very good look. For a few nights after that, we heard short shrills coming from the brush at the end of the road.

A couple of weeks later, my son told me that he and his friends found many quail feathers and deer bones scattered by a tree in the same brush. I did contact a wildlife authority about the remains but didn't mention what we had seen. He said that it was probably coyotes, though I have not heard or seen coyotes for long time. Another neighbor lost a dog about the same time. Again coyotes were said to be the predator. No remains were ever found. My husband was alarmed and had a high heavy duty steel link fence built around the yard so that our grand children and pets are safe.

My neighbor said that she thought these may be Chupacabras, which I did not believe in. I don't know now what to think now. Do you think these are real dinosaurs or maybe a Chupacabras? Our dog (Rottweiler) has been acting strange lately. He acts calm and fearless sometimes, but hides and whines other times. This always happens at night. I think these creatures are around again. LM

NOTE: I contacted the witness and explained that I had published a post about the Hebbronville sightings. The witness, LM, was very hesitant about her comments being posted. After thinking about it she did email me giving me permission under a few conditions, which I will abide by. I mentioned on the show Sunday night that this south Texas plains area (from San Antonio southwards) has a large number of odd accounts...UFOs, cryptids, weird hauntings, etc. If you have had an experience, please feel free to contact me at lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com. Thanks...Lon

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