Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guest Post: 9 Scary Coming of Age Girls

Coming of age is an interesting time in our lives, to say the least. Everything you know to be true as a child is abruptly turned on its head. Your life is either ambushed by significant emotional change, like experiencing a loss of innocence because of some premature adult experience. Or there's the whole puberty thing, that time of blindsiding physical change when newfound sexuality emerges alongside pimples.

Universally shared, yet personally isolating, it can be a scary ride.

But as scary as coming of age is for most of us, the ride is a little bit bumpier for some. Here are nine girls from shows and movies whose transition to womanhood isn't just scary, it's downright terrifying.

**Potential Spoilers Ahead**

Charlene McGee – Firestarter

If there was ever an event that would make a young child see the world differently, it would be coming home one day only to find that your mother had been savagely tortured and murdered. Such was the case for little Charlie McGee.

Why She's Scary: Charlie wanted a normal childhood. Instead, she was forced to use her pyrokineses powers to eviscerate her mothers' killers and topple the agency responsible for her death.

Eli – Let the Right One In

She seems young and innocent enough, but little Eli has a secret. She's actually an ancient vampire, forever trapped in a little girl's body. Combine that with a lack of genitalia due to a ritual from her past, and Eli is in a perpetual "coming of age" state where she can never fully realize her womanhood.

Why She's Scary: First, she's a vampire. Second, she has no problem ripping people apart to protect those she loves.

Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons

Another character who is stuck in a perpetual state of coming of age, for entirely different reasons, is Lisa Simpson. Between her father's incompetence, her brother's rash behavior, and her mother's passivity, Lisa is for all intents and purposes the woman of the house—coming of age quickly to maintain damage control over everyone else's antics. She does this, all while also exploring dating boys, trying to be "cool", and bettering humanity. You go Lisa.

Why She's Scary: She's been on the small screen for over 20 years and hasn't aged a day. Plus, she's smarter than you.

Ginger – Ginger Snaps

Despite being a low-budget horror flick, Ginger Snaps has more depth than it is given credit. The film is essentially a large metaphor that parallels the process of becoming a woman to the process of becoming a werewolf—with Ginger being the main vessel.

Why She's Scary: Completely engulfed by her werewolf powers, which coincidentally were acquired the night of her first period, Ginger has no problem savagely turning on her family and friends.

Carrie – Carrie

If it weren't for Old Yeller, Carrie would be THE quintessential coming of age film, not just in horror, but across the board. It all starts with that unforgettable opening scene, when Carrie literally comes of age in the locker room shower. And it ends in an opus of death.

Why She's Scary: Carrie, embodying every insecurity that people go through at that awkward time, is easily empathized with. But once she loses it, there's no turning back. Friends and foes alike are unsafe from her wrath.

Dawn – Teeth

One would think that Dawn's coming of age "gift" would fit conveniently with her desire to remain abstinent in high school. I mean, what's more sex-deterring than a vagina with teeth? Unfortunately, it doesn't turn out so great. Instead, it derails her life, leaving her with a weapon that can only be sheathed with the right guy. Good luck finding him, Dawn.

Why She's Scary: She's the physical embodiment of every man's nightmare.

Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist

Before Regan had a chance to learn about kissing boys or how to properly apply concealer, she had to endure the ultimate side effect of puberty: demonic possession. Was having a young girl play the possessed a simple plot point for a horror film? Or was The Exorcist a misogynistic commentary on PMS? Either way, like every woman, Regan makes it through it in one piece.

Why She's Scary: 360 head spins? Spider walking down stairs? What's not scary about her?

Raven Baxter – That's So Raven

She's hip. She's sassy. She has great friends. Disney's teenage sweetheart, Raven, has everything going for her, including a special psychic ability that helps her out of tough high school situations. We all could have used that in high school at one point or another.

Why She's Scary: Ever think what it would be like in real life if one of your friends just randomly stopped and stared into nothing, only to claim to have just had a vision of the future? Yeah…

Hanna – Hanna

Hanna is the daughter of a runaway CIA operative. Though she has been raised as a calculating, disciplined killing machine her entire life, as she escapes that world, she comes to realize there is more to life, like forming friendships with other girls and keeping boys at bay — all things any girl coming of age would appreciate.

Why She's Scary: She can, and will, kick your ass.

From the powerful emotional changes to newly-discovered physical changes, coming of age can be a rough time. Remember to go easy on those going through the process. Take it from these girls, you don't want to be on their bad side.

AUTHOR: Adrian Rawlings
BIO: Adrian Rawlings is a TV and horror blogger. Look to him for the scoop on hit movies and TV shows, horror, tech reviews, how-to’s, and more. I can be reached on Twitter @adrianrawlings2


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