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Daily 2 Cents: Ghostly Escort -- The 'Yowie Man' Continues Hunting -- Taking the Wrong Step

Ghostly Escort

When Louise Lewin posted a photograph on Facebook which she had taken at a crumbling historic hall, friends soon pointed out the ghostly apparition in the picture.

Louise, 34, of Shanklin Avenue, Grantham, is an urban explorer and was visiting Nocton Hall, near Lincoln, recently with her friend John Harrison. She took a photo of him under a cellar of the old building at about 9.30pm, but it wasn’t until Facebook users pointed out the apparition that she noticed the shadowy white shape.

Louise, a care worker, said: “Everybody kept commenting on it so then I looked into the history of Nocton Hall and there was a story about a crying girl who haunted the building. She was a servant girl who was raped and murdered.

“When we were there we did not feel any kind of presence. Reading the stories on the internet I think I do believe it now. It all makes sense. But it’s weird how we did not notice anything at the time. It looks like she is walking next to John and trying to link arms with him. When you zoom in her mouth is open and it looks like she is crying.

“Now we want to go back again and take a proper camcorder and I can use the nightcam.”

Nocton Hall was built in 1834, replacing an earlier hall which was destroyed by fire. The present building was also badly damaged by a fire in 2004. It was last used as a residential home in the 1990s. It was previously used as an RAF hospital. - Grantham Journal

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Sun Mysteriously Goes All Quiet Just When Its Activity Should Be Highest

Almost every measure of solar activity flatlined over the weekend. The event, though not unprecedented, is odd considering that our local star has just passed what is supposed to be the peak of its solar cycle, when activity is at its highest.

“It really underscores this solar cycle playing out as being pretty benign,” said Robert Rutledge, lead of the forecast office at the NOAA/National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction Center. “This has been by any measure a really pretty quiet cycle, and I think we shouldn’t expect the second half to be any different.”

Measurements of the sun’s X-ray activity flatlined over the weekend. NOAA/GOES 15
The sun goes through a natural 11-year variation called the solar cycle. Periods of high activity generally coincide with increased numbers of sunspots and energetic bursts such as flares and coronal mass ejections. Before it started, scientists’ predictions for this solar cycle ranged from very eventful to rather lackluster.

“Quite frankly, we’re not very good at solar cycle predictions,” said Rutledge.

Considering that this solar cycle is the weakest in more than a century, some researchers are already predicting that it could be the start of an ebb in overall activity, with several more low cycles ahead. The website, which monitors the sun’s activity, also suggested that this lull could signal a double-peaked solar cycle whose valley we are currently experiencing. But Rutledge pointed out that our fundamental understanding of how the sun works is still incomplete. The sun could remain quiet or an uptick in activity, including the possibility of extreme space weather, could come at any time.

This weekend’s low activity is within the variation that the sun normally experiences and scientists don’t really know what its underlying cause might be. A particular snow storm on Earth can be attributed to moving weather fronts, said Rutledge, but we don’t have that detailed of an understanding of what drives changes on the sun. Within a week or so, solar activity should return to normal. - Wired


The 'Yowie Man' Continues Hunting

Rex Gilroy, Australia's noted 'Yowie Man', field naturalist and historical researcher, is planning yet another search in the mountain country for more evidence of the 'Taree Bigfoot', who has been leaving his/her 40cm long footprints in forest soil since before European settlement.

He will be accompanied by his wife and fellow researcher, Heather, who has shared 41 years of marriage with him searching for yowies and mystery animals in the Australian bush.

Rex the 'Yowie Man' is currently celebrating 56 years of Yowie (ie relict hominin) research. He will soon publish a book on the anatomy and physiology of relict hominins and is writing his life story. As he approaches 70 he has no intention of retiring.

"I believe we are closing in on the Yowie. 'His' identity is now known and lately we have shown these hominins to be the 'father' of America's 'Bigfoot'," says Rex.

He points out that the early Aborigines confused three races under the composite name 'Yowie' or "hairy man."

"One race of primitive creatures was an' apeish-looking' form of Australian Australopithecine, now called Australopithecus australis.

"We possess three skull-types dating back 2 million years of this species, found at Katoomba, Bega and near Bathurst. Like their African cousins these beings were herbivorous feeders and did not make tools whereas the other two races are between 1.6m and 3.66m in height and identified as Homo erectus.

"We have found skull-types of Homo erectus around Australia over the last 40 years. The Aborigines called them 'hairy people' because they made marsupial hide garments, stone tools, and also fire by friction," said Rex.

The Gilroys have demonstrated that the earliest fossils of these three 'Yowie races' pre-date those of Indonesia and mainland Asia, and that a comparative study of Yowie footprint casts with those of other relict hominins of Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China and Russia compare with America's 'Bigfoot'.

"The evidence is that the giant form of Homo erectus and his smaller form migrated beyond Australia over the former Ice-Age land-bridge into the Americas, the giant form in particular spreading throughout the Americas to become known to the later-arriving Amerindians as 'Sasquatch' or Bigfoot. This means that America's 'Bigfoot' has Aussie genes,'' says Rex.

In August 2009 the Gilroys investigated the Mount George roadside night-time sighting of a male Yowie by local residents Faye Burke and Alana Garnett. Rex was able to cast an indistinct roadside footprint left by the hominin. It was 40cm long which is an average length for the smaller form of Homo erectus Yowie.

"Male and female Yowies have been reported seen in the Wingham area in particular for over the past 100 years and they are still 'out there'" concluded Rex. - Manning River Times

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Taking the Wrong Step

Location. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Date: January 14 1978 Time: 06:00 a.m.

Three 18-year old men, Mikhail Babkin, Nikolay Leontyev and Vitaliy Kravchenko were in a room at the local sports complex “Oktyabryonok”. They had been celebrating the passing of the old New Year with glasses of champagne and enjoying steam baths in the sauna and swimming pool, also eating mixed with some vodka. At 0600A the watchman proposed that the young men go home and accompanied to the rear exit of the building, through a long corridor with concrete walls without windows. The corridor was located in the basement area near the pool’s walls. They were walking along the corridor in the following order, the watchman walking ahead, followed by Leontyev, then Babkin followed by Kravchenko. The corridor was very narrow. Suddenly Mikhail seemed to trip, despite the narrow corridor and the obvious lack of reason. The smooth concrete floor had no potholes. However Babkin’s left leg had trip over some kind of “hole”. He screamed and Leontyev turned around in amazement. He could not believe his eyes as he saw Babkin’s shoulder penetrate into the concrete wall and in a moment Babkin’s entire body vanished into the wall. He disappeared, apparently dissolving into the wall (!). The stunned witnesses began examining the wall with their hands looking for any doors or crevasses but their hands only touched concrete. Mikhail later told his friends that he had suddenly entered a small and dark room. To his left he could see an object, which resembled a medical examination chair. Across from him he could see a slightly opened door. There was a narrow window on the right wall of the room. He could see tops of trees entirely covered in dense green leaves, they were moving about in a strong wind. Babkin was amazed, it was in the middle of winter, but outside this “window” it appeared to be summer and broad daylight. Also a few seconds ago he had been walking in an underground corridor and here he was looking at a view of a fourth story floor. Moving as if in a trance Babkin moved towards the slightly opened door and pushed it open. He then entered another room, also shrouded in gloom. There was a round platform on the ceiling that gave off a faint light and there were no windows in the room. A similar “medical chair” stood near the wall. He felt very lightheaded and moved about like a robot, he walked forward and opened another door stepping into the strangest room yet. It was absolutely dark, with some bright areas visible in the inky darkness. The lights seemed to hypnotically influence Babkin. He became numb unable to look away from the lights. Suddenly he noticed several black humanoid figures that appeared in front of him, faintly lit by the pulsating patches of light. Their heads appeared rectangular in shape. They were five of them and they stood unmoving in front of him. One of the humanoids, standing in the front was slightly hunched over and appeared to be working in some kind of device that gave off light. The device was not big, resembling a “corncob” with a pointy end, which was pointed directly at Babkin. The object emanated a very bright light but strangely it did not illuminate the surrounding area. Babkin then heard a male voice inside his head, the voice said, “This one?” Another voice, also inside Babkin’s head answered, “No not him”. The first voice then said immediately, “Memory erasure is necessary”. This phrase frightened Babkin terribly. He realized that with deafening clarity that it was his memory that was going to be erased. Horrified, Babkin seemed to snap out of his confused state and ran out the door and suddenly jumped back into the corridor of the sports complex, screaming inarticulate remarks. He heard a door closed behind him with a loud slam, when he turned around the door was gone. His friends had been searching for him for about an hour, running across the complex in complete despair. But according to Babkin he had spent only five minutes in that other strange parallel world.

Source: X-Libri UFO, Russia, Alexey K. Priyma “Unknown Worlds” 1996 Type: G
Comments: It seems like Babkin momentarily stepped into some kind of pseudo parallel universe and was indeed lucky to have been able to return. - Albert Rosales



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