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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Update: UFOs Exit Electric Blue Light Over Miami, FL

Is it possible that these bright electric blue lights or 'gas clouds' are created by a craft or whatever exiting a wormhole? On Wednesday night, a witness captured on camera a spectacular electric blue light. Another witness apparently observed a craft(s) exit from the same light. Hopefully, this phenomena will be investigated.

2013-08-07 - saw this very glowing blue cloud like, wasnt a cloud cause it didnt move as the rest of the clouds around, didnt make any sound, it just fade in 5 min .... I manage to take a few pics and use my telescope to get a better view but only a blue gas was observed.
BTW the pictures do not make justice to how big , glow and even beautiful was this. - MUFON CMS

Miami, FL - 2013-08-07 - I was outside my house when i saw this star-like object that caught my attention because it was emitting a bow wave in front of it, there was another ship behind it following the main bigger one, and then the bigger one did this HUGE "spray" like bow wave in mid air (looked just like the china sighting in 2010) as soon as this happened the other ship behind it divided into two smaller ships and continued to follow the bigger one....after a while they were out of our sight...but there was an electric bright blue cloud in the sky much more different than the rest that disappeared a little bit after the ships were gone. - MUFON CMS

This may be similar a mysterious blue light that appeared in the sky over Philadelphia on May 8, 2013.

Witness report: "I decided to record a bright cloud in the sky when suddenly a strange blue light appears through the clouds."

This phenomena has been reported worldwide, but in different forms. It'll be interesting to see if other reports come in from Miami and the surrounding area within the next few days...Lon


UPDATE: I received the following information this evening:

Last night around 8:30 pm in Miami, Florida I saw this in the sky, an electric blue cloud that dissipated within minutes. It was pretty low. This photo is from my one story house front porch. Please contact me if anything.

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