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Saturday, August 31, 2013

UFO Encounters: Lights in the Valley -- Taking Notes -- Flaming Craft -- On the Road

The following narratives were forwarded to me several years ago:


In 1982, I was 12 years old. One evening that winter, near the holidays, my mother woke me up from a deep sleep at 2am. She was freaking out, and wanted me to verify that she wasn't crazy.

Our home in Vermont is located high on the East side of the Winooski River Valley. From my bedroom window, there is a beautiful 20 mile view across the valley towards Camel's Hump. About 8 miles away down in that river valley there is a hydro-power dam. At the time it was under construction and there was a large crane at the site. During the holidays they hung a array of lights on the crane tower to look like a Christmas tree. We could see that from our house.

So, what had my mother so scared? There was a light hovering over the dam, and it was changing colors. Red, blue, green, white, red again. It was moving back and forth ever so slowly, and occasionally would "bounce" up and down. I was an aircraft freak even at that age and mom wanted to know if I knew what it was. I didn't. From our vantage point, it was impossible to tell if it was something moving on the mountain side beyond the river or if it was between us and the far side of the valley, but it sure looked like it was moving over the lights on the crane.

My mother called the BTV airport and asked them if anyone else was calling in about this mysterious light in the valley. Of course, they pretty much thought she was a crazy lady and said that nothing was amiss. They did, however, give her the number to our nearest military installation, Plattsburgh Air Base (closed in 1992). So, at my behest, she called them and told the same story. You guessed it - same result. "You're crazy lady!".

It was a crystal clear night, so we returned to the window to watch this object some more. Within five minutes something unexpected happened.

From the opposite side of the valley several aircraft popped up over the ridge in formation and headed down the valley. We could see their collision lights with the familiar red, green and white strobes. I figured military, of course, but wondered about the response time. Plattsburgh is at least 50 miles away by air, so it is possible they could cover that distance under full military power if they had been on the ready line when we called...or, had they already been on the way?

The jets got to within two miles or so of the mysterious object when it suddenly brightened, turned white, and went straight up. Fast. It disappeared into the night sky effortlessly. We continued to watch for several more minutes as the jets did a few orbits, then returned the way they came. With that, we called it a night.

Others in my high school saw the event or heard the jets, but we never saw anything in the news. I'll probably never know, but it definitely helped form the opinions I have today about our visitors from other worlds. GM

NOTE: this location has a history of strange and unexplained lights...Lon



I have been abducted by aliens. The last time I remember clearly was in 1979.

I was abducted with a large group of people on one occasion. It seemed they were studying human social interaction. The reason I say this is because I recognized an old boyfriend. He was married by then and the aliens suggested I go over and talk to him. I said I wouldn't because he was now married. They seemed very confused. If I still had strong feelings for him, why wouldn't I do this? His wife died since then (now ten years) and we have talked on the phone and send e-mails to each other, almost 25 years after we broke up.

Back in 1976, I met a family who said an alien lived in their house but was invisible. To prove it, the husband said he would ask the alien to put on a show for us that night. We all saw 5 craft fly over and one hovered over the cornfield after it got dark. They even flashed their lights when we waved. I know it sounds crazy, but I am at a point in my life where I know what I saw and don't care if anyone believes me or not. This family also told me that the government came to their home once a month to pickup notes the family kept. This all took place in Lansing, Michigan.




In 1994, something happened to me that would change my life. I witnessed a UFO for the first time.

At that time, I had been working as a special security officer. I was in my car on my way back home from work late one night. I was in the south of Sweden.

After I had driven a few miles, something suddenly started to glow on my left side. It was about 150 meters long 40-50 meters wide (it was huge!) and just looked like it was on fire. It looked like it was going down over a ridge, but change direction twice. Then it looked like it was going down again, so I tried to follow it with my car. But when I came around the ridge, I had to stop because there were 2 horses standing in the middle of the road....it seemed like they were hypnotized.

After banging the horn for about 2 min, I got out of the car and could not move them. I pulled and push each one but they still stood there looking at me. I looked toward the glowing object but it was gone by that time.

I turned my car around and went home.

I know what I saw...I'm not crazy. Through the flames was a metallic body. I will never forget that. I even called the Swedish Air Force and asked them if something went down that night, but they stated nothing was reported.

I know that what I saw was NOT from this earth. Name Withheld



I had a trip every Tuesday night that started at midnight. The truck was a small and loaded with lots of sausage product, but carried a big payload (about the size of a standard pickup truck but a lot wider). I’d leave here around midnight and if making good time I’d stop at a truck stop for breakfast, unload my truck and then “back track” on my way back to deliver to any stores that was “short” on product.

That night was a very clear and warm night. I had the radio on but don’t recall the station. It was probably at least around 3:00 a.m. or later. Nothing remarkable but at some time the radio was acting strange. Would seem to have lots of static; then nothing; then clear as a bell. That probably happened for about 5 minutes or so and as I was looking around I noticed something out the right side window.

As I said, it was not something you could clearly see, but it was like a saucer with lights on the outside. I don’t want to dramatize this but I think the fact that the object didn’t streak across the sky brought its attention to me. It sort of hovered along side of me but some distance away. When you see a plane at night you see the port and starboard lights (one on the tail, one on bottom and one on top-normally red, and strobes on the wing tips). Back then I don’t know that there was any where near that kind of marking on aircraft so white lights would not have been a concern.

All I knew was that it did not look like a traditional plane nor did it act like a traditional aircraft. It was like a cigar (saucer) shaped based on the lights. Nothing on top or bottom to define height. It seemed to spin but not fast but that may just have been the motion because the movement of the lights was not fast. Hard to explain. I don’t recall that it made any noise, just seemed to hover while along side and then disappeared.

Obviously, I had to concentrate on the road so I don’t know what direction it went but it was quick. The lights just went off and it was gone. Since I didn’t stare at it, I can’t tell you how long between glances. At the time I figured we had some experimental stuff that we weren’t supposed to know about (and that may still be the truth) but it was strange. Not at all scary, but not something one expects to see. Bill M.

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