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Monday, August 19, 2013

Praying Mantis-Like Humanoid - Feasterville, PA

I recently received the following narrative from a reader:

Your articles have inspired me to speak of an encounter I had quite some time ago - an incident I've only recently made sense of by surprise.

About a month ago, my brother brought a YouTube video to my attention where former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hillyer, at a Citizen's Disclosure hearing in May 2013, spoke for 17+ minutes about the presence, cohabitation, & collaborative research with ET's. His plausibility, to state the obvious, can't be denied. His testimony inspired me to look further, where I found Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, in January 2013, stated "the time has come" to disclose the truth about ET's, urging Obama to do so or they will. Among these and other articles, I came across some drawn descriptions of aliens encountered. I've always been a believer in the existence & presence of ET's as a simple, logical reality. There's simply too much undeniable evidence supporting this.

Like most people, the common perception of ET's, in appearance, are what I've come to learn are referred to as "The Greys", as opposed to the horror-based varieties via Hollywood. Then I discovered descriptions of a Mantis alien, alarmingly consistent with each other, given at different locations throughout the world. However, the Mantis pictures & descriptions came as a shock.

What I had always imagined was a strange dream now seems like much more of a reality. I've always had a keen memory of my early childhood. At an apartment complex that we moved from when I was 2 yrs old, I remember being on the sidewalk outside of the building where I lived (we lived on the top, 3rd floor). I don't know how I got there (certainly not by my own doing), what time it was, except that it was night time. Beside me were three beings, strong in resemblance to the Mantis alien descriptions, yet I wasn't afraid at all. I had this inherent, comforting feeling that I was among friends. I was asked something but I can't remember what it was. I know there was more that took place because the memories feel like segments/parts whatever took place - if anything. I remember watching them fade/disappear as I felt a warm assurance of friendship.

I remember my mother rushing out of the apartment building door and picking me up in a panic. This was 1971/72. It always puzzled me why/how this memory has always stood apart from the rest and how could I have imagined such a thing.

I did a Google Image search for Alien Mantis & you're article's pic of the river (I know I'll misspell it) was the second pic. I live in Missouri but grew up in New Jersey (Medford area) which struck me when I saw the location of your articles. As I read them, I was shocked to find accounts of an exact description of what I saw as a small child.

My experience took place at Top of the Hill apartments (to my surprise - still the same name as it was back then) in Feasterville, PA - which gave me chills when I discovered it's less than an hour's drive (according to Google Maps) from your location.

I would gladly, and enjoyably, discuss this with you further if you'd like. Please note that my email address is my own & is titled such pertaining to a project of mine unrelated to this topic.



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NOTE: So...are these 'mantis beings' extraterrestrial, ultraterrestrial or cryptid?

All around the world native folklore speaks of visitors from the stars. The serpent beings, so often seen in the petroglyphs, are often shown with these mantis-like beings.

The vase above is from Naqada, a town on the west bank of the Nile in the Egyptian Governorate of Qena. It was known in ancient Egypt as Nubt and in classical antiquity as Ombos. Its name derives from ancient Egyptian nub, meaning gold, on account of the proximity of gold mines in the Eastern Desert.

Similar tall insect-like creatures with antenna that we see in the Native American pictographs, also dated 2,000 to 5,000 BC. (Below - Sego Canyon, Utah)...Lon