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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Odds & Ends: Psychic Camera Captures Auras -- Man Witnessed Animal Mutilation by Aliens -- The Flying Devil

Photographer uses 'psychic' camera to shoot people's auras

A New Zealand photographer has set out to prove that auras aren't this airy-fairy myth that makes us feel better about ourselves.

They're real. And he claims to have a camera that can prove it.

The artist, Carlo Van de Roer told news.com.au that he used a camera known as the "AuraCam 6000" that reads the electromagnetic fields emitted from the person it is photographing, much in the same way a psychic does, creating a colourful aura field around them.

"Part of the reason I was interested in using an aura camera to explore the portrait making process is what it promises," Van de Roer said. "The manufacturers of these cameras make the claim that their technology can depict what a psychic might see, a claim that's difficult to objectively prove.

"It's an excessive example of a familiar idea - that a camera can provide an insight into the subject or the relationship between the photographer and the subject."

Van de Roer has published the incredible images in a book titled Carlo Van de Roer: The Portrait Machine Project

The camera works by connecting subjects to two hand sensors that are connected to the camera via cables. Polaroid film is inserted into the camera. Once the subject has both their left and right hands on the sensors, the AuraCam begins to gather "biofeedback", measuring the points of resonance around certain areas in the body.

"The measured points of resonance are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field of the person; this information about the energetic and auric qualities of a human being are then delivered to the camera," the AuraCam website claims.

However the Aura Imaging website says that it only produces an electronic interpretation of what it believes an aura looks like.

"It does not photograph the actual Aura. There's nothing that exists which can do this," the website says.

The camera assigns values to different aspects of your electromagnetic field which can be influenced by things like body temperature, humidity and static electricity in and around the person being photographed.

The finer scientific details of how it work are unclear, the site claims this is the secret to its patented technology.

Each of Van de Roer's photographs has an accompanying chart explaining what the aura readings mean.

Orange for example "represents energy with mental direction", the chart explains. "You are alive, artistic, perceptive creative. Constructive self expression is important to you."

Van de Roer wouldn't be drawn on his personal beliefs, and whether these portraits prove the existence of an "other worldly" field, but said he had always been interested in the idea that technology could reveal something that was "otherwise unseen, something that we can only see through a photographic process".

"I started making these portraits as a way for me to unpack some ideas about this, to explore the relationships between photographer, camera, subject and viewer," he said. - Herald Sun

Carlo Van de Roer: The Portrait Machine Project

Auras: How to See, Feel & Know (Full Color)


Man Witnessed Animal Mutilation by Aliens

North Highlands, CA - 1964-06-18 - unedited: Alien "animal mutilation" witnessed by my golfing buddy in 1964 at McClellan air base in Sacramento. My friend has agreed to talk to you upon my request. He is Paul of the well a known family. His brother is a majority owner of an NBA basketball franchise.

He is 78 years old and lives here in Sacramento California. He is the only person I have ever heard that has witnessed animal mutilations by alien beings not the military!

He saw 6 small midget like beings dressed in what he describes as uniforms? While he was waiting for his father from work at the base. He witnessed the disklike craft (18ft diam, 8 ft high)land at the north end of the base and settle down without landing pods or gear. It illumnated the area bright as day after landing. Shortly thereafter he witnessed a half dozen of these beings depart the craft for the better part of a half hr at a distance of approximately 50 yards. The midgets appeared to be working around the animals(cows)on the ground.

He didnt know what to think about the incident until he read an article in the newspaper the next day regarding animal mutilations.

Call me for his phone number. Better hurry as his health is failing. He is lucid and he remembers the incident as if it happened yesterday. He is credible and is the most honest truthful human I know.

I think this is an important sighting as it debunks the theory about the military being responsible....

I too have witnessed a UFO while a teenager in Texas in 1964. It was much different than Paul's sighting. My sighting was similar to Jimmy Carter's sighting. I and 2 of my high school chums saw a gigantic luminous "Sphere" (like the moon without craters) at night on a lonely Texas road. This was not a machine or disk that engaged my car several times. There was no contact(did not check the time?) just appeared to be observing us. Then after several departures and returns over my car it dashed out of sight. It seemed like just a few minutes but who knows how much time passed as we did not check the time of the sighting too excited back then as teenagers! - MUFON CMS


600 Lashes...Saudi Arabia’s Latest Savagery

On July 29, Raif Badawi, founder of the Free Saudi Liberals website, was sentenced to 600 lashes and seven years in prison. His crime? Insulting Islam, speaking ill of Saudi Arabia’s religious police and, most puzzling of all, “parental disobedience.”

Badawi is a 30-year-old man. Can an adult be imprisoned for disobeying his father? In Saudi Arabia, where all citizens are treated as children, the answer to that question is “yes.” The Saudi dictatorship doesn’t trust its citizens to speak their mind, and so impose paternalistic and draconian laws to keep in check those who might think differently.

Women in particular are infantilized, and their ability to move around, unaccompanied by a male guardian, is severely restricted. Women are banned from driving. They cannot go to coffee shops or restaurants alone. And according to Saudi law, a woman cannot decide for herself to go on religious pilgrimage. She must have a man’s approval and be accompanied by her guardian.

Saudi Arabia is considered a close U.S. ally. Yet every few weeks a case like Badawi’s reminds us that despite a massive PR effort, the Kingdom remains a vicious tyranny that will lock you away for speaking openly about politics or religion.

Can an adult be imprisoned for disobeying his father? In Saudi Arabia, where all citizens are treated as children, the answer to that question is ‘yes.’
In June, seven men were convicted and sentenced to prison terms up to 10 years for writing posts on Facebook about political protests. The men were held in prison for a year and a half before they were even charged and tried, according to international human rights organizations.

Also in June, two prominent women’s rights activists, Wajeha al Huweidar and Fawzia Al-Oyouni, were convicted and sentenced to a ten-month prison term on charges of inciting separation between a husband and a wife. Reportedly, they had tried to help a Quebec woman escape her abusive husband and bring her to the Canadian embassy in Riyadh. In fact, the Saudi government had been consistently harassing these women and used these trumped up charges to finally silence them.

And the list goes on.

The 23-year-old poet and writer Hamza Kashgari, who was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad after he tweeted three short messages on Twitter describing an imagined meeting with the prophet, has spent almost a year and a half in prison, and his fate is still uncertain.

Khaled al Johani, a teacher in Riyadh, was thrown in prison in 2011 after he gave an interview to the BBC, calling for democracy in Saudi Arabia. He was released last year.

Since its creation in 1932, Saudi Arabia has been ruled by the male descendants of the kingdom’s eponymous founder, Ibn Saud. The current ruler, King Abdullah, has been lauded in recent years for taking steps toward reform such as the inauguration in 2009 of the King Abdullah Science and Technology University where men and women can study together - a first in the kingdom. And last year in Vienna, he opened the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue – a center supposedly aimed at promoting comity and respect between religions.

But if the Saudi king was really interested in dialogue and respect, he might have started in his own theocratic, gender-apartheid dictatorship. Why did he need to fund a $20 million a year center in Austria when his own country bans Christians from importing Bibles and building houses of worship? Why, indeed, did he need to fly to Europe for such ceremonial ribbon-cutting when in his own country he could have stopped the beheading of Abdul Hamid Al Fakki and Amina bint Nasser for “witchcraft”? If he cared about respecting people of other faiths, how about letting non-Muslims step foot in the city of Mecca where they are banned? Or not arresting people for celebrating Christmas? Why not stop the printing of Saudi textbooks that call Jews and Christians “apes and pigs”?

Let’s be clear. Saudi Arabia is still a brutal dictatorship that harasses and imprisons liberals, democrats, activists, bloggers and journalists. It’s a place where women don’t have freedom of movement or access to the same services as men. The guardianship system ensures that women are treated as children who needs a man’s permission to do anything of consequence.

We look away because Saudi Arabia buys Western arms and sells oil at a steady price. It may seem like a good, stable arrangement. But it’s a devil’s bargain and lurking beneath the surface are deeper trends--the same ones that led to chaos and collapse in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Syria in the past two years alone. Betting on Saudi stability is a crucial mistake.

Activists such as Badawi are silenced in order to sow fear among others who might dare to challenge the dictatorship. This week, by imprisoning the young campaigner, the Saudi government proved, yet again, that it cannot tolerate those who think differently. A government that treats its people with such contempt deserves respect from no one. And rather than maintain the cozy diplomatic relations with this tyranny, the West should apply massive pressure to get Badawi and other political prisoners released.

Saudi Arabia remains a barbaric dictatorship. It’s time the West start treating it as such. - The Daily Beast

Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia

In the Land of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor's Journey in the Saudi Kingdom


The Flying Devil

So I was in Nevada this past summer and we went to Laughlin and my girlfriend and I sat in the hotel room discussing our middle school lives and I told her about how my best friend and I always loved to find ghosts and hope to catch one. At the same time my mom and my grandmother came back from gambling (typical when you go to Nevada) and caught the last part of what I was saying and told me to stop. So naturally I questioned why I should and my mom started speaking to my grandmother in Spanish and my grandmother looked distraught. She began to speak more in Spanish and my mom began translating that when she was a little girl she lived somewhere near LA. And one day she was playing inside the house and my grandmother was with her and she told me that when she turned there was a big huge bird standing in front of a glass screen door with big red eyes. My grandmother called it "un diablo" and when they saw it, it screeched and flapped it's wings and flew off breaking the glass door. They said that later while they lived there in LA a reporter was killed and riots broke out in the streets and flying overhead was the same figure. What is it? I don't know what exactly to call it or what my Mom and Grandmother saw? - reddit.com/r/Paranormal/


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