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Odds & Ends: Abduction Report... Interactions With Aliens -- Mystery Animal in PA -- 'Weeping' Tree in Fresno

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Abduction Report...Interactions With Aliens

Delaware - unedited: Before I begin, let me just say that Im completely aware of how crazy all of this is. What drove me to submit a report is the details of the most recent, August 6th event. Ive been an experiencer (I like that word a little better than abductee) since around 5 years old -- Im now 36.

To give you a little background, my family and I lived in a small town in northern, CA - basically in the middle of nowhere, in 1982 when my mother claimed the entire family was abducted by aliens. My mother and I shared experiences and memories of that day -- many that I remember "like yesterday" even to this day. Since then, every couple of years, Ive had experiences that are so unbelievable, I cant believe Im feeling compelled to submit them.

The natural response to this is likely, "This guys nuts." However, know in advance that Im totally sane with no history of mental illness. In fact, Im a successful business man, have a great job, make great money, and has zero reason to totally embarrass myself like.

Years ago, my father recommended that I keep a log of these events - so I did. Im just going to copy/paste that log into this form. It ends with the event from August 6th, which is interesting to say the least. I started this around 4 to 5 years ago outlining the "legacy" info up to that point and added to it whenever something happened. Sometimes, it could be years in between events.

LOG (emailed to my father in many parts over the years):
*beginning of log*

Earliest memory (5 Years old, California home)

An was Alien hiding behind a stack of boxes in the attached garage at our home in Murphys, CA. Whats strange is I knew it was an "alien" and not a
"monster" and didnt feel threatened. I recall crying for Grover, the
neighbor kid, because I wanted protection anyways. I remember seeing
a large head poke out from behind a tall box - pretty featureless. I
remember it to be small. Being 5 at the time, it was definitely no bigger than me.

Nothing happened nor was I spoken to...I tried to run away. Thinking back, running away was difficult - as if I was moving in "slow motion," as if time was slowing down. Whats STRANGE is that happened about 27 years ago and I remember that like it just happened; however, I dont remember what happened after I "ran away." Maybe I didnt get away?? No memory after I tried to run.

circa 1987:

I had a set of "dreams" about aliens. Very possible these were
dreams, who knows. I have very vivid dreams of aliens in the house -
and an alien hiding behind the bush that was on the Applegate-side of
our house. Just a lot of imagery - nothing specific... just a lot of
weird stuff. I remember these dreams as if they happened yesterday, as clear as events.

freshman year of high school, 1991:

Laying in bed, not sleeping with my eyes closed. The first time I
experienced "the tone." The tone/warble built up within seconds and
instead of seeing black as you normally would with your eyes closed, I
saw a brilliant blue... almost a perfect blue. I recall panicking
because I didnt know what was happening, but I couldnt get out of
bed - I was completely paralyzed except for my eyes. I could move my
eyes with no problem and look around (which wasnt much because I was
facing the wall) - but my body was 100% paralyzed. I could hardly
move my jaw, I couldnt move my head, arms, body, legs. The tone
eventually hit an incredible crescendo of high and low oscillating
tones (not unlike how an analog modem would make a connection) except
it sounded like a electrical "hums" - the pattern of the oscillations
were like a modem. Once the crescendo reached the highest point, the
volume was lowered to a background-level (but still oscillating) while
I heard a voice that said, "Dont move." The voice sounded
synthesized and not like it came from a being speaking through vocal
chords, if that makes sense. It also had a sinister tone to it, in my

I had such a panic in me that I somehow rolled off the edge of the
bed. I slowly regained movement and stumbled into dads room to wake
him up in a panic. TIME: 4:45am


There were numerous times in the coming weeks where the tone started
to build-up and I figured out a way to block it out. Nothing
eventful, outside of that.


After a number successful tone-blockings on my behalf (all of which while I was awake - all of which I was mighty proud of), I was sleeping when the tone came on very fast and it made me self-aware in the dream.

I immediately found myself in Murphys. If asked how I know that, I really dont know - I just knew. There were pine needles on the ground, large pine trees, and I was at the side of a huge, huge rocky cliff (I think was Big Rocky). For some reason, I wasnt wondering "WTF am I doing here" although I was completely aware. I heard a little boy crying behind a rocky outcrop.

When I walked around the pile of rocks, I was looking at myself at 5
years old....and he was looking at me. The 5-year-old Dave told me
that "theyll hurt me if I keep running."

There was an old abandoned shed that was nearby (gray wood - many years old and rotted).

5-year-old-Dave ran into the shed. I ran after him because being
completely aware of what was happening, I wanted to talk to him.
Wouldnt anyone?? Obviously I wanted to talk to a 5-year-old clone of
myself. When I entered the shed, there was a VERY tall alien. When I
was in his presence, I felt at total peace - no fear. I couldnt look
at his face - my brain wouldnt let me move my eyes in his faces

I recall feeling like I was with family, in a way -
nothing strange that I was in front of an alien at all (as if it were
totally normal, an every day thing)....almost as if it were an actual
family member - very safe and peaceful feeling. It said they would be
leaving soon, telepathically. I felt sadness and I dont know why I
did - I didnt want them to leave. I asked if I could go with them.
Telepathically, he responded by saying theyd be back in another 10
years. TIME: 4:45am

1994, 2nd event:

I was self-aware in a dream after the tone hit me... in my parents
bathroom. I kept feeling a hand "tap" me - but nothing was there.
Every time I felt a tap, it was behind me or to the side--- nothing
was ever there. I recall waiting patiently for the tap and when it
came, Id snap my body in a direction hoping to catch whatever it was
I couldnt see. This happened about 10 times before I took some baby
powder from the bathroom cabinet and waited patiently for the next
tap. The moment the tap occurred I shook the baby power in the air
and it stuck to a small figure, which was an alien. It told me
telepathically I was the first person to "win," as if it were a game
of tag or something. It then disappeared and I found myself in bed.
TIME: 4:45am

Approx. 1995

Was in a car accident with my friend Ron and bashed my shin in very
badly. I was in the back seat of his car without my seat belt when he
ran his car off the road. Ambulance picked us up and Rons mom picked
us up from Memorial Hospital. I could hardly walk - I cant stress
that enough. I thought my leg was broken. That night, I fell asleep
and became self aware in a dream (I was on the football field at my
high school kicking field goals with my bad leg (which is horses**t,
because I cant kick a field goal to save my life). When the
tone/warble hit me, I honestly felt like I couldnt miss--- and I was
completely self-aware, wondering..."WTF am I doing on a football field
in the middle of the night kicking field goals?"

The moment I thought this I opened my eyes and I was on a table,
completely paralyzed. I could only move my eyes and couldnt move
anything else. I was in a dark room with subtle light shined on me.
There were beings to the left and right of me - but my eyes couldnt
move enough to see. The room was octagonal, based on the fact I could
only see forward and saw three sides to the room. The room was a very
flat olive green.... almost a grayish olive-green. There was a
frosted window on each of the three walls in front of me with
sillouettes of small figures behind them (one per window). The rooms behind the frosted windows were brightly lit.

The moment I realized what was happening to me I began to severely panic.

In the blink of an eye, I was in my bed again... instantly. My leg was
completely healed as if nothing ever happened from the accident the
night before. I never told anyone my leg was fine because I knew I
couldnt explain what had happened. TIME: 4:45am

Approx. 1995:

Im laying in bed, awake, when the tone hits me. As the tone hits its
crescendo, a laser light beamed through my window and projected a
message on the wall in front of the bed. It said, "The pipe is on.
If you want to come, just relax. If not, there will be another time."
For some reason, I was scared and tried to fight the tone and light
stopped and the tone stopped. TIME: 4:45am

approx 1997:

I was having back pain so I was sleeping on the couch in the antique
room. I immediately became self-aware as the tone hit me and then
reached a crescendo. I found myself in a long institutional hallway
with flourescent lights, tile floor, etc. There was a woman in front
of me in a military outfit (airforce uniform, blue - with the airforce
cap and longer dark-dirty-blonde hair in a bun - late 40s). She told
me to follow her, so I did without saying anything. At the end of
this long hallway, it turned 90-degrees to the right went back a few
feet and there was a door on the right wall.

She opened the door and motioned me through it. There was a long stairway leading down. If I recall right, the stairs were covered in a very short reddish-brown carpet. At the bottom of the stairs was an empty room with the walls/ceiling/floor covered in the same carpet. When I stepped off of
the stairs and into the room, the tone intensified GREATLY - and I
felt the presence of aliens.

The wall to my left raised up (as if it were a large panel), revealing a glass wall behind it. On the other side of the glass partition was a white room. Everything was white. White floor, white walls, white ceiling. There was also white furniture (a couch and a chair, if I recall) with a white end-table and lamp. The room was very well lit.

Facing the glass, standing to my right was an alien about my size wearing a white robe and it was holding a baby. I tried to look at the aliens face and I couldnt; however I did manage to catch a quick glimpse before it prevented me from positioning my eyes on it. I saw it had large almond-shaped eyes; however, they werent slanted-up like on the Communion book
cover. They were large and almond-shaped, but more horizontal - MAYBE
a slight tilt upwards, but not much. Large head. The next thing I
knew, I was on the couch.

New Entry to record an event from 10-years prior (circa 1998):

Within the last 10-years (relatively recently), Ive "become aware" in
a dream where Ive walked over the hill in Murphys (the one that was
on fire) and was led into a passage in the side of a hill which went
down a LONG flight of steps (underground) into a chamber that looked
like the bridge of a ship. Whenever I become aware, I have a hard
oscillating tone/warble originating in my head (pulsing energy / energy oscillations) -- but goes throughout the body - very euphoric and electrical at the same time (I have the sensation of flight and non-verbal communication). There were aliens there, but I couldnt look at their faces---my eyes wouldnt physically move to allow it.

They were trying to show me a map of some kind, but I paid no attention to it because all I cared about was to try to look at them. There was a stalemate of some kind so I went back up the stairs. When I did, I "woke-up" and was in my bed. I had "woke up" IN the dream when the tone hit my head. Its as if at one moment I was physically there, and the next second I was in bed.

approx 2008:

The tone hit me and paralyzed me in bed and something was beside the
bed, but I couldnt move to look. A very bright light was coming from
the hallway just outside of the bedroom - my gf was completely asleep.

I freaked out because I wasnt ready for it and panicked. I fought
out of the paralysis and rolled out of bed, landing on my face. The
moment I hit the ground, everything stopped. The very next night, the
tone came back and once again I couldnt move in bed. There was a
very bright light in the hallway and movement in the room - but I
couldnt move my head to look.

This time, I felt a VERY strong air flow moving out of the room. This wasnt like a ceiling fan spinning- there was no sound and i felt a very hard flow of air getting sucked out of the room. So hard, in fact, I felt the air RUSH across my face.

Once again, no sound. Again, I panicked uncontrollably and
everything stopped. Nothing since. Theres zero chance I mistook the
air flow from the fan during my paralysis. I cant describe how hard
it was - but a fan it wasnt. When I could move again, there was
nothing in the hallway.

Miscellaneous thoughts (probably written late 90s):


Whenever it hits me, theres usually complete paralysis. The more I
relax, the more intense it gets. If I completely let it go, which is
rare because it feels like youre going to have an aneurism, it hits a
brilliant crescendo of tone oscillations and thats when the REALLY
weird s**t happens.

When the tone hits me, its extremely hard to explain. Time is no
longer normal. Actually, reality isnt normal - although Im lucid.
What I mean by that is my awareness hits another level. I feel an
entire new sensation of insight and thought. I feel as though I can
levitate (and sometimes I did while self-aware in dreams). I feel as
though my breathing is different. Im not even aware that I am
breathing. When the tone hits the crescendo (highest-level), I feel
extremely oxygenated - as if Im always at the top level of inhalation
with my breath--- without consciously breathing. The air is
different, slightly thick and slightly sweet - almost like the air
during a lightening storm with ozone--- its different.

Time is different with the tone as well. Theres no sensation of the
passage of time at all. I cant even explain that. Its a sensation
I never felt before experiencing the tone so its impossible for
someone else to understand who has never experienced this. As a
matter of fact, Im not even sure whats happening is happening in the
"now" as-in "our dimension." Everything is not in "real-time" as you
see it now. Its in "different" time. I cant explain different - I
dont know the words or phrases.

For example, one could easily read what I wrote and think, "Eh--
becoming aware in a dream - its still a dream." I completely
understand that as Id think the same thing. When I say self-aware, I
mean-- Im no longer sleeping and Im somewhere else completely lucid.

(There are a few events in the late 2000s early 2010s, one involving a visit with what I believe was my daughter).

Here's a record from this morning (8/6/2013):

I become completely aware within a dream and find myself in a room thats setup exactly like a classroom. There are desks/chairs setup in rows. The tiles on the floor are large concrete tiles, not unlike something youd find in a traditional classroom. To the left, I see that two floor tiles are missing and there is some kind of device on the opposite wall. Immediately, I know whats going on, so I keep totally calm and become highly observant. Im looking at everything I can as fast as I can because I know SOMETHING is going to happen.

I turn around and look towards the entrance to the classroom. Beyond the entrance way (I dont recall seeing a door), theres a hall way that extends 30-40 straight ahead. Im only saying 30-40 because its a complete estimation based on a quick look-see. The hallway is very plain and not much to look at. I notice that the lighting is mostly reddish, leaving everything red and black so I couldnt get too much detail. I was able to see that the hallway straight ahead came to a "T" intersection. From my perspective, Im able to tell there is a hallway immediately to the right outside of the entrance way; Im not quite sure if anything is immediately out of the door to the left. It could be a wall or another hallways, I really couldnt tell.

As soon as I was able to get as much information as I could visually, about 12-15 people began to walk into the room - mostly single file. The people looked very, very human. Very typical. There was a lot of diversity within the group, some were white, some where black, and some were Asian. To the best of my knowledge, I dont recall seeing any females within the group. The group of people looked very, very normal and nothing out of the ordinary struck me as strange except that everyone was between 4-5 tall. Everyone I walked near was at least a shoulder shorter than me.

I knew immediately these were aliens. Not because they were much smaller than me, but because I "felt" them telepathically. My head was "lit-up" in their presence, so I knew right off the bat that they were presenting themselves as "human" and everything was a facade.

As they all entered the room, each took a seat behind a desk and everyone was paying attention to me. It wasnt long before a male Caucasian entered the room.

This guy had a blondish-brown short beard that rose up to hair along the side of his head --- the top of his head was bald. His beard and what little hair he had around his head was well-kept and clean-cut - very similar to Ben Bernanke (attached). His eyes were blueish and the top of his head came up to my shoulder level. The group of aliens all stood up briefly to acknowledge the captain and sat back down. This was done in a way where I interpreted it as showing the captain respect. Now, whether or not this guy WAS the captain - who knows. All I know is the others clearly felt he was in charge and I felt he was in charge as well due to the feeling / connection I had with the others. In a way, you feel what they feel and know what everyone is thinking -- all at the same time. VERY hard to describe.

Knowing these were aliens, I smiled at the captain just to let him know I was comfortable.

I initiated the conversation by saying, "You dont have to do this. You can present yourselves in your natural state. Im not afraid anymore, I promise."

The captain replied, "Its easier this way."

Very short, very simple answer. I recall pressing the issue a bit and I wasnt doing it to argue with the captain. In a way, I wanted him to know that that I respect them and they dont have to hide themselves. I pressed the fact that 1) They can be themselves around me and 2) I respected them and 3) I wasnt going to become afraid. I already "kind" of knew what they looked like from years ago when I had that event with the alien holding the baby. Back then, it tried like hell to not let me see its face, but I was still able to get a quick glimpse. I think he knew that anyways, but he repeated, "Its easier this way."

None of the communication was verbal - its all telepathic.

The captain and the group wanted to show me technology involving matter. Looking around, there wasnt anything technology-wise other than the two tiles missing on the floor and that device along the right wall. When I took a closer look at the two missing tiles, there was nothing under the floor -- just blackness. What was strange, was that there was PERFECT blackness - even though we were in a well-lit room. Perfect blackness as if -- there wasnt ANYTHING beyond the level of the tiles. I took a piece of chalk that was sitting near the chalkboard and threw it into the hole that was closest to the entrance. The moment the chalk hit the blackness it immediately shot-up from the other missing-tile area with the exact same trajectory and speed. It was almost as if the one hole was a perfect portal to the other hole. I have no idea why I did it, but I jumped up with my arms pressed against my body and jumped into the first hole and I IMMEDIATELY shot through the next hole - instantly. I almost didnt make a good landing because I nearly lost my footing and I felt an overwhelming sense of panic from the group. I dont think they expected me to actually JUMP in the hole, but at the same time no one suggested I couldnt so I thought it was safe.

The captain made a comment along the lines of, "Dont do that again, its very dangerous. If you fall back in, you will be gone forever."

One of the other crew members led me to the device along the right wall. It explained to me that matter can be created. When I asked how so, it said something along the lines of: "Think of something. Concentrate hard. The machine will show your image."

I have no idea why, but the first thing that came to mine was a single story brick building. Just like he said, when I imagined it, an image displayed exactly as I pictured it in my mind. The crew member then instructed me to take a light pen (almost like a laser) and shine the beam of light around a part of the object that I wanted to create. I did what he said and highlighted a corner of the building with what appeared to be a red beam. That part of the building turned red as it was selected. For some reason I wanted to hold that piece of the building, so the hologram machine must have understood the scale that I desired. Out of nowhere, my entire selection manifested and presented itself in the air in front of the machine so I picked it up. What was once literally 1/4 of the size of an actual building was reduced to a scale that fit within the palm of my hand. Even the bricks were tiny.

If I recall, this event initiated an in-depth discussion of "HOW?"

The captain explained that consciousness was the master of matter and that in the beginning, consciousness created matter - matter was not the creator of consciousness. The general feeling I got was that matter could be manipulated. The technical discussion didnt go beyond the differentiation between matter and consciousness. I felt like the captain was saying there are two classifications of everything within the universe (and beyond): consciousness and everything else (matter). Consciousness can control its environment, if the consciousness is strong enough.

I asked the captain if he was referring to our soul.

He replied by saying something along the lines of, "Not in the way you define the word soul."

In between what he said and what he felt, I interpreted his comment as the word "soul" is man-made, with its definition being incorrect - basically, it was a myth, incomplete, bad information or completely misunderstood.

He clarified that "consciousness" expresses itself through a body. Consciousness is there before the body and consciousness is there after the body. I believe he attributed the word "soul" to only have meaning after one dies, which is incomplete. Who you are, your personality, your intelligence, your knowledge and what defines you as a person is persistent in both directions.

The understanding I had was that consciousness was everything - the most powerful. Everything else was a result of consciousness. Something along those lines

I asked if I could try again, and the group obliged.

I have no idea why, but I wanted to think of something random just to test the limits, so I concentrated hard on a bag of Doritos. A bad of cool-ranch Doritos appeared within the hologram and "willed" a smaller bag because I didnt want to eat a full bag in front of these guys. The bag manifested in the air and I pulled it down into my hands. I broke the bag open and ate a Dorito chip --- it was perfect, just like the real thing. I was fascinated, so I ate a few chips. OBVIOUSLY, never seen anything like it so I was googly-eyed over what just happened.

One of the crew members said, "Im fascinated by his primitiveness."

Im not sure if he said "fascinated" or if he said something like, "His primitiveness is interesting." Whether he was fascinated or interested in my primitiveness, I kind of took a LITTLE offense to the comment. Right as he said it, I felt the group concur w/ his feeling/statement and I know they werent trying to offend me -- to them, I was interesting and he wanted to share that.

I didnt want to let that go without a retort because I knew that THEY knew I didnt receive that comment too well. Without missing a beat, I said, "Theres no doubt you have the intelligence and knowledge aspects of consciousness down, but you clearly lack other qualities like personality and sense of humor." As I said that, I was pretty animated --- talking with my hands and speaking with an enunciated flair to make my point.

The captain, I believe, probably felt the same way I felt and somehow telepathically "lit-up" the nerves that ran from my arm pits down my sides to the extreme. Its probably the same "tickle" nerve I remember as a kid, but he really lit it up to the point where I was laughing so hard it was literally TORTURE. As he lit those nerves up, he said, "Still think we have no sense of humor? STILL THINK WE HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR!?!?!"

Each time he said it the intensity went up a notch and just before I felt like I was going to die from laughter (literally), he stopped lighting me up. It took me a moment to collect myself and as I was catching my breath, I felt the groups entertainment. I dont think they were laughing since Im not sure if thats part of their emotions, but I felt a very STRONG sense of "entertainment," which I thought was the equivalent of the entire room laughing at me.

Im a sport, so I smiled and thought that was cute and let the captain know his point was well-made.

The captain then said that I remind him of himself when he was at my stage of development. I took that as meaning, "His consciousnesss stage of development - not him physically." At this time, he telepathically "connected" with me and created an illusion, which we both experienced. I found myself in a two room living quarter. It looked like a small studio apartment with a bathroom off to the side. It was very plain and it looked very human-like as a dwelling. In fact, it was very similar --- but it was very, very plain. No visible knick-knacks, decorations, art, or anything like that. There was a small window in the bathroom and a small window near the main door. I couldnt really see the outside well at all. The bed had linens, there was a soft flooring that reminded me of carpet - all in all, very similar. The captain told me that this was where he lived when he was at my stage in development. The "gist" I felt from him was that consciousness that exists within our "body type" will all live/exist in a similar fashion, regardless of their race. I think he was trying hard to show me that he could relate to me and that he was just like me at one time. Maybe he pulled this together just to have a serious moment after the tickling incident and bring calm? Im not sure.

This only lasted a few moments and I was back in the classroom with the others. In fact, Im sure I never left -- the captain just created an illusion that we left, but we didnt.

All of this was so far beyond my understanding, I was absolutely enthralled. It all seemed like magic, but it wasnt. They had complete control of everything.

Right around this time, the crew started to exit the room and down the hall to the right and I knew my time was up. I finished my small bag of Doritos while I waited for the crew to exit the room and I left the bag on a desk as I followed the last guy (the captain) out of the room. I didnt feel guilty because I didnt see a trash can and I figured if they can make the f**ker appear, they can make it disappear.

The captain was waiting for me just outside of the door to the right. I looked him into his blue eyes and I told him that I was appreciative of the lesson and the information. I felt that he gave me a good insight of "what is." I then told him that I would shake his hand, except that I had Doritos-seasoning all over my right hand. The captain smiled and told me to raise my hands and put them together. I did what I was told and made a "praying sign" with my hands around the level of my chest. The captain stared INTENTLY at my hands.

The look of his face was that out outright concentration and determination. My eyes never left his eyes and the middle of his face when he did this because I wanted to see what he was doing, but I noticed my hands started to shimmer / reflect light strangely. As this was happening, the captains human "facade" broke-down somewhat around his upper-nose and eyes - generally around the center of his face. The illusion broke down slightly and I could clearly see there was an alien behind the facade. I couldnt see much because it was only a few square inches that broke the illusion. Im guessing he couldnt pull off both tricks at the same time and let his facade slip a bit.

After just a moment, my hands were covered in that lemony-liquid that is found in wet-naps. All of the Doritos seasoning was gone.

I told the captain, "I dont understand how you just did that."

When I said that, I got the impression that the captain was a little let down -- I think I asked a "stupid question."

He replied by saying, "The same way the demonstration worked in the classroom."

I said, "But how did you do that without the equipment?"

He just smiled and right then... I found myself opening my eyes in my bed --- WIDE awake as if I had been up for hours. The time was 4:45am.

It just now occurred to me as I write this, the classroom "matter device" and possibly even the black portal holes in the floor were probably illusions all along as well. Based on his smile, maybe they manifested those illusions as well - maybe it was them manipulating those actions all along?

I was wondering why all of those crew members were in the room. Maybe they were learning from me as much as I was learning from them, hence the "classroom." In addition, maybe they were all there to collaboratively execute the matter demonstration - maybe they needed to cooperate to pull it off?

*end of log*

When you read the above log, know that when I said "self-aware in a dream," it might mean that was sleeping, HOWEVER, I was 100% cognizant and as lucid as any other time. For me, 100% of self-aware events while sleeping involve aliens and they all involve "time" of some kind. Meaning, when I "come to" in my bed (usually at 4:45am), Im not tired and it feels as though Ive been up for a long time.

In conclusion, I KNOW it all sounds insane -- Im submitting it in hopes it means something to someone else. Im also submitting a diagram from the August 6th event. I recall each of these events very well - a lot more detail is available upon request.

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'Weeping' Tree in Fresno

As the mid-day sun beat down, a group of parishioners huddled under a tree looking for shade, but seeking a miracle.

Rosemarie Navarro, a parishioner at a Fresno, California Catholic Church says, "I said my prayer and asked the Lord to give me a miracle cause I'm really, really sick."

Navarro counts herself among the believers, a small but growing group that thinks the liquid dripping from this Crape Myrtle tree is the tears of God.

Parishioner Maria Ybarra says, "When you say ‘glory be to God in Jesus name’ the tree starts throwing out more water."

On close inspection, arborist Jon Reelhorn agrees, something is falling from the tree in front of St. Johns Cathedral. But it isn't water.

"The aphides will suck the sap, the sap goes through the aphid and then it is a honey dew excrement from the aphid and it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip down," Reelhorn says.

He calls it a natural process. He also found another tree dripping across the street. And like the honey dew rolling off its leaves, clinical therapist Mark McOmber says the way people choose to interpret it can also be attributed to nature.

"Human beings inherently need to hope for things, things that they can't understand, things they can't see," McOmber says.

Miracles are nothing new in Christianity. In fact, their origins can be traced back to before the time of Jesus. But for catholic Miguel Beja, this tree doesn't qualify.

"For me it is a natural thing but for some they say its different," he says.

Maria Ybarra was the first one to feel the drops this Wednesday and whether they are aphid waste or water, she believes they're divine.

"I can tell you looking at it from a scientific standpoint and a spiritual standpoint it is the work of God manifesting here on earth," Ybarra said.

Parishioners say the water started falling on Wednesday. - WPTV


Stan Gordon: Can You Identify This Mystery Animal?

Unity Township-Westmoreland County, PA

June 7, 2013

Photo of mystery animal in Unity Twp., PA
Used with the permission of the witness

On June 7, 2013, a woman who lives in a very wooded area of Unity Township a few miles east of Greensburg saw a strange animal unlike anything she had ever seen. She is looking for help in trying to identify what the creature was. It all began at about 11:30 AM that morning when she was taking a walk around her property.

About 50-75 yards away, she noticed movement in some high weeds and saw an animal which she thought initially was a deer. The animal, at that distance, seemed to be a little larger than a fawn. As the animal exited the high weeds, she quickly realized that it was not a deer. The face of the animal turned in her direction and looked somewhat like a dog with big ears.

The body of the animal was estimated to be about 2 to 2 ½ feet long with a tail about a foot long. The entire animal was the same color described as really dark brown and completely hairless. The tail was long and skinny. The creature appeared to be very thin, and the back legs of the animal appeared to be longer than the front legs.

The back of the animal also appeared to be hunched up. The ears looked to be straight up, and similar to a deer. The weirdest physical detail of the animal was a very prominent snout. The snout was described as appearing really long and really thick. It was not pointed at the end but seemed to be blunted.

The witness was not able to identify the strange beast and she decided to go into the house to grab her phone and use the camera function to take a picture. She was able to take a picture before the animal ran off and from quite a distance away. An enlargement of the picture is used with this report and reproduced with the permission of the witness.

When the animal could no longer be seen, the woman decided to approach closer to that area hoping to get a more detailed photograph. She moved about 25 yards ahead when she heard some growling and decided to turn back. A couple of seconds after the animal moved off into the woods, a deer came running from that area. The deer was snorting and huffing and appeared as though it was frightened.

A similar animal has reportedly been seen around that general area by other people over the last year. I have been receiving other reports of somewhat similar strange hairless creatures over the last two years from various statewide locations.

The woman who did an internet search mentioned that what she saw looked similar to an animal identified as a Tasmanian Tiger, even though she saw no stripes. She said that the blow up of the photo of the animal that she took seemed to possibly show stripes. If you have seen anything similar, or have some ideas as to the identity of this animal, please let us know.

More recently on June 29, 2013, in a rural area of Greene County outside of Waynesburg, another odd hairless creature with a dog-like face was reported.

Source: Can You Identify This Mystery Animal? June 7, 2013, Unity Township, PA

NOTE: I've had a lot of reports of coyotes and red fox with mange in the US Mid-Atlantic this Summer. Lon

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Swedish men warned of crotch-chomping fish

Ever since a fisherman reeled in a 21 centimetre pacu in the Øresund Sound off southern Sweden, experts have been on alert. The fish species, a relative of the notorious piranha, caused museum staff in nearby Denmark to put out a warning.

"Keep your swimwear on if you're bathing in the Sound these days - maybe there are more out there!" the Natural History Museum of Denmark wrote.

The fish species is more usually found in warmer climes, and has a reputation as something of a ball breaker among male swimmers, an expert confirmed for The Local.

"The pacu is not normally dangerous to people but it has quite a serious bite, there have been incidents in other countries, such as Papua New Guinea where some men have had their testicles bitten off," said Henrik Carl, fish expert at the Danish museum.

While Carl said the museum's warning about the pacu, sometimes known as the "ball cutter", was meant "as a bit of fun", human victims of the pacu are rarely laughing.

"They bite because they're hungry, and testicles sit nicely in their mouth," he explained.

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"And its mouth is not so big, so of course it normally eats nuts, fruit, and small fish, but human testicles are just a natural target. It's not normal to get your testicles bitten off, of course, but it can happen, especially now in Sweden."

Pacus have reportedly killed fishermen who have bled to death after losing their testicles.

While Carl admitted that he was unsure if there were any more pacu in the Swedish waters, the team at the museum is looking into the fish's DNA to confirm whether it is indeed a pacu. The fish, he explained, looks exactly the same as a piranha and is even a member of the same sub-family.

"They are almost identical to the piranha, you couldn't even tell from the outside. It's just that they have different teeth. Flatter and stronger, perfect for crushing," he added.

While the Öresund pacu may not have caused any harm before it was caught, Carl said there is nothing to fear for other men planning to take a dip in the area.

"No, there's nothing to worry about... you're more likely to drown that get your nuts bitten off," he told The Local with a laugh.

"However, it could become a problem some time in the future if it's not the only one. This one was the first, but who knows, it's probably not the last."

The pacu, native to South America, can grow up to 90 centimetres and weigh up to 25 kilogrammes. - The Local



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