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Monday, August 26, 2013

Large Flying Cryptid - Pickens, South Carolina

I received the following report a few days ago:

This happened almost three years ago - not sure of the actual date. One night, while coming home from my girlfriend's house, I saw something flying toward my car through the night sky at about 7:30am. It had leather-like wings and was almost as big across as the windshield. I did not get a good look because it was dark, but it had almost orange-reddish eyes and swooped up before it smashed into the windshield of the car. The whole time I was pumping the brakes afraid it was going the smash into the car. I told my parents but they tried to convince me it was a bat - but I told them "no, it was way to big." Then one year later, my Dad told me he saw the same thing flying towards the windshield of his car on the same road and same spot. My Brother also saw it in the backyard as he was taking out scraps. While walking back from the fence he saw the shadow of something on the ground - like it flew directly under the outside light almost blocking the light. He was shocked by the shadow on the ground. Then quickly heard something moving around in the trees. He informed my Dad and they quickly went back outside. They could not see anything in the dark but felt the something was watching from the trees.

None of us have seen or experienced this again. What made me decide to send this was because of the flying dinosaurs article. That might possibly be what I saw - not too sure. Any ideas are welcome. I just know it was pretty big about the size of a man. I live in South Carolina. This also happened in the winter time. RR

I contacted RR for further information and received the following:

It was in Pickens, South Carolina - on a back road called Shady Grove Road. The wings were bat-like and did not appear to be covered with feathers. I did not really get a good look at the body. It happened so fast - but the wings were so noticeable because of the size and shape. The thing was at least the length of the windshield wing tip to wing tip. It was flying at a angle toward the car. I don't know if it came over the hill on the right side of me or from the field on the left. It was still a pretty dark and it was flying a good speed, as it almost impacted with my car. It was about the size of a man with long wings. The head also had a somewhat triangular shape.RR

NOTE: The witness seems to think it looked more like a Pterosaur...especially after reading Jonathan Whitcomb's article Why Believe in Living Pterosaurs?. Because of the glowing orange-red eyes and human-sized body, I'm leaning towards a flying humanoid. The fact that it was seen by 3 people in the family is also very interesting. There were no further strange events and no accidental deaths or tragedies during the next several year...though the witness' Father passed away in January 2013. Lon

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