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Monday, August 12, 2013

Update: Humanoid Body Discovered in Iran

Butch Witkowski, Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, forwarded the following email and images that he received 8/11/2013:

We received these photos from a gentleman in the Republic of Iran this morning at 0512 hrs. Photos attached and email below. He stated in some following emails he is in process of having an MRI and Xrays taken. I'll keep you advised.


Dear Sir/Madam

I am an Iranian person, Who found strange dead creature .

This creature is looklike human, the whole of hight is 7Cm .

It has very big eyes, yellow skin and bigger head than it`s body .

The pheenomenal is that the body doesn`t frozen in ccold situation and has not bad smell in warm weather, and not Rotted yet .

It`s muscles still look stong with short hairs and tooth are looklikes wild animals .

If you are intrested in, i will send more photos of the above mentioned .

Youre prompt reply is highly appreciated .


Hamid G.

NOTE: At the present time, I'm not going to make comparisons of this being with the 'Atacama Specimen', the 'Metepec Creature' or the 'Kyshtym Alien.' When I receive follow-up information on this artifact, I will update the post. Lon

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UPDATE: I received the following information this afternoon:

Hello All,

You know when something bothers me about a case I can't stop till I get that answer. Well those photos of the creature bothered me so by 4AM this morning I had the answer I was looking for. 'The Guy' who submitted those photos to us has been trying to sell that creature all over Europe since 2008 mostly to UFO Research Groups and some Museums using the exact same story he gave us in emails. With some further tracking he also peddles junk merchandise out of Canada mostly paranormal related.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We will publish these findings on our Blog and in our August newsletter.


NOTE: well, at least the real story was discovered quickly enough to stop any further speculation. I have been skeptical of the 'Atacama Specimen', the 'Metepec Creature' and the 'Kyshtym Alien' as well. Maybe this will lead to more detail on those artifacts...Lon