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Daily 2 Cents: Scientology PR Rep Arrested For Kidnap, Murder Plot -- Decrypting Cryptozoology -- Naga...or Something Else?

Scientology PR Rep Arrested in Crazy Plot to Kidnap, Kill Cop

Las Vegas police have arrested a man and a woman in connection with a crazy plot to kidnap, jail, try and execute a random police officer.

The plot was allegedly driven by right-wing "Sovereign Citizen" beliefs. Growing since the late 2000s, the Sovereign Citizen movement is largely made up of people who do not believe in following U.S. laws or paying taxes and have a particular dislike for law enforcement.

Devon Campbell Newman, 67, became the public relations director of Scientology’s “Celebrity Center” in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2010. Her alleged partner in crime is 42-year-old David Allen Brutsche, a registered sex offender and six-time felon.

An investigation that began in April eventually led to their arrest, after authorities say Newman, Brutsche and an undercover officer bought a vacant house and turned it into a makeshift jail.

Brutsche then told the undercover officer, “We need to arrest the police and take them to our jail and put them in a cell and put them on trial in a people’s court. If we run into the position that they resist, then we need to kill them.”

In an interview from jail, Newman denied belonging to the Sovereign Citizen movement, but expressed frustration with law enforcement.

“I am upset, because if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. I have felt for a while now the police are out of control. That they are stopping people and searching them with no probable cause,” Newman said.

“I align myself with people who, as our forefathers did, believe that in inalienable rights and that the Constitution restricts the government from what they can do,” she added.

But Newman claims she was not involved in any plot to harm or kill anyone.

Considered "domestic terrorists" by officials, the pair's bizarre plot was reportedly detailed, and even called for using vinegar and bleach to destroy evidence on the officer's body before dumping it in the desert.

Newman admitted Brutsche and the undercover officer had talked about kidnapping a cop, but says she "didn't think they were serious."

Both Newman and Brutsche face charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. - UPI


Naga...or Something Else?

When I was living in an apartment in Massilon, OH I had a bad experience with a demonic spirit, that I found out later was a naga. I personally can feel spirits, but My husband has the ability to see them.

when we moved in, everything was fine. then my neighbor got a package form her older sister in japan, and the attacks started. all the attic in our apartment series were connected, so we figured out - later- that that was how it was getting in to our apartment, the attic entrance was in our laundry room.

it started really small.. I would just get really tired, or feel like I was being watched... I would get scared for no reason, and my husband (a very calm guy) would get furious over everything. I started not being able to sleep near the closet in our room (which connected to the bathroom, which was connected to the laundry room), and Had to have my back pressed against my husbands, and even then I could not sleep a lot.

It came to a head when I had what I thought was a nightmare, but I don't think I was sleeping. I was being chocked by an unseen force, and I was screaming at it - calling it a bitch, telling it to fuck off.. just really nasty things - but when I tried to call for help, my voice would be gone. it was after that I started looking for a new place to live...

My husband and I moved out the next month. we were working at the time, my husband working from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, so we could only get our stuff after work.. getting there about 9:30, leaving around midnight. (we started on sunday, but we only had the money for our car to go back and forth... it was a long going to pack the car, drive back to the new place, empty the car.. then get ready for work the next day and eat dinner) the last night I ever went was our third trip, most our belongings were already gone, and I had to do a quick cleanup. we walked in the house and turned on all the lights. I started cleaning while Hubby packed the car. about 15 mins in the lights in the living room started flickering...5 mins later they went out. figured it was a faulty surge/light but I refused to go and check, because it was in the laundry room and I stopped going in there before we even started moving.

next was the kitchen lights, these were right next to the laundry room, flickering, then off. the funny thing is, our bedroom and bathroom lights were still on and going strong.... I wanted to leave right then.

Hubby wanted to get the last parts of his stereo into the car... so I stood by the door and took the speakers he handed me, shoved them in the car and sat down put my seat belt on and refused to move. he brought his in then went to go and lock the door.

this next part he told me about, and I believe him...

when he went to shut the door he heard the attic door open and slam shut. he quickly slammed the door closed, but felt something pulling the door open.. he saw the face of a woman, with the body of a snake, and in his head felt the deepest hatred he has ever felt.. whatever it was wanted him dead.

he used the last of his strength to shut the door, turned the lock slammed the screen door and almost flew into the drivers seat, started the car and refused to talk to me until we were almost home (about 15 miles away) I swear he just ignored the speed limit (which he never does, it's why I love being in the car with him) and his face was white as a sheet of printer paper.

I never went back to the apartment, and to this day I suffer from anxiety over what had happened.. we figured out that it was a naga from japan, and was feeding off of me because I could sense it, and I was afraid of it. -

Lon's 2 Cents: Phaya Naga - this may have been an attached entity, but I doubt it was a Naga. The description was of a 'snake body'...though the possibility of shapeshifting and deception is probable. Lon

Defeating Dark Angels: Breaking Demonic Oppressions in the Believer's Life

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True Tales of the Unexplained


Celebrating an 'alien' invasion

A farm family's gunfight nearly 60 years ago with suspected alien invaders is being celebrated by hundreds gathered near a replica of their flying saucer said to have landed in rural Kentucky.

At the Little Green Men Days Festival near the site of the incident on August 21, 1955, adults this weekend sang gospel songs as kids got their faces painted to look like space invaders.

"There was hysteria all over the place," Geraldine Stith, daughter of one of the earthly combatants, recounted her father telling her of the night-long fight at their now-demolished farmhouse.

Newspapers at the time reported a bizarre story of a gun battle erupting between the farmhouse occupants and as many as 15 little men who had landed a spaceship in the southern Kentucky town of Kelly amid corn and soybean fields along Route 41.

Descriptions in 1955 newspaper articles provided blueprints for the 11.6-meter-diameter, 2-1/2-ton flying saucer parked on Saturday at the entrance to the festival grounds as well as for the 60-cm-tall stuffed alien dolls on its ramp and in the cockpit.

"All I can say is something happened," said Joann Smithey, country store proprietor and festival committee co-chair. "What? I don't know. It's a big universe."

The festival's website takes no sides in the incident, which was ignored for many years by the village of 200 people but is now embraced as a way to build unity while funding a planned community centre with a computer lab for school tutoring, a firehouse and an anti-bullying campaign.

The festival inevitably turns into a debate over whether the battle in which seven people used firearms to fend off aliens trying to swarm their farmhouse is fact, fiction or a mixture of both.

"We may not know exactly what happened that night, but we are determined to celebrate the occurrence," says a statement on the website of the festival, now in its third year and located on pastureland close to the site of the farmhouse.

Some debunkers attribute the sensational tale to consumption of an alcoholic concoction locals call "panther juice" or some other type of liquor. Others insist the "aliens" were monkeys escaped from a carnival or horned owls or even an angry cat.

Many say it's a harmless and fun tall tale worth celebrating.

"I don't know if it was Little Green Men, but they thought it was," said former Green Beret Master Sergeant Frank Brown, who helped initiate the celebration after retiring from nearby Fort Campbell.

"If it's real in their mind, then it's real. And to that family that night, those Little Green Men were real," he said.

One elderly couple, Marcum and Alma Brite, drove 48 km from their home in Madisonville, Kentucky, to stroll the festival where vendors peddled funnel cakes and country crafts as well as books and DVDs detailing the Kelly incident.

"I haven't ever seen one of them (aliens), at least not yet. If I did, I'd probably shoot at them," said Marcum Brite.

Doug Oller, 44, travelled the 130 km from Paducah, Kentucky, to sell $5 Little Green Man latex masks and other handcrafted items demonstrating his otherworldly passions.

"I've always been interested in the Little Green Men," said Oller, who also works as a valet at a casino. His biggest sellers, however, aren't alien items, but zombie dolls. "'Walking Dead' stuff is going good right now."

At the edge of the field, kids climbed on inflatable attractions, including a flying saucer, and played with U.S. Army Frisbees given away by Sergeant First Class John Wylie, 40, a recruiter who each year comes to the festival to spread the word that Uncle Sam also needs people to dress in green - specifically army fatigues.

Wylie said he believed the farm family's account and sees the celebration of alien invaders as a welcome diversion.

"I don't want to believe we're the only life forms out there," he said. - Stuff

Out Of The Dark: The Complete Guide to Beings from Beyond

Alien Legacy


Decrypting Cryptozoology: The Science & Pseudoscience of Mythical Creatures

Is Bigfoot real? What genus and species is the Loch Ness monster? What are the origins of the Yeti? All of these questions fall under the purview of cryptozoology. Literally translated from its Greek root, it means the study of hidden animals. The definition has been expanded to encompass a host of mythological animals including monsters spotted only in sci-fi novels or comic books.

In their new book Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids authors Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero break down the fact and fiction surrounding a fringe area of inquiry.

Both researchers approach the book from a skeptic’s point of view but they’re not quick to dismiss claims that these creatures could exist. Both have been hooked on the topic since childhood and as Prothero writes, “Scientists are not inherently negative sourpusses who want to rain on everyone else’s parade.” Though the book sometimes gets bogged down in details, the authors retain a childlike enthusiasm toward the topic. Here are the origin stories for three of the legendary beasts in the book:

Bigfoot: Most people imagine an ape-like creature that stands on two legs, but the original story of Bigfoot describes the creature quite differently. The first “sightings” of Bigfoot in North America occurred in the 1920s. A man named John W. Burns gathered reports from people of their encounters with a creature called Sasquatch, described as hairy giants who looked like giant Native Americans. They had clothes, fire, and weapons and lived in villages. And their hair? According to the stories it was not all over their bodies but worn very long.

The Yeti: Also referred to as the Abominable Snowman, the creature got its name from a team of explorers scouting a route for an attempt to climb Mount Everest in 1921. The team saw tracks that looked like a human foot. Though Lieutenant Colonel Charles Howard-Bury, the leader of the expedition, surmised that the footprints were caused by a large grey wolf, his Sherpa guides said that it was the tracks of a wild man whose kind were found in remote mountains. The first recorded sighting of a beast that fit the description of a Yeti happened more than 180 years ago when Brian Hodgson, an English explorer living in Nepal named, wrote that his shooters were alarmed by a wild man. However in the paper, which was published in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, he also wrote that he doubted their accuracy.

The Loch Ness Monster: Three fishermen in 1933 looking for trout on the Loch Ness most likely reported the first sighting of “Nessie.” While fishing, they said they saw a beast 600 yards away that wriggled underwater and that they were “quite positive it couldn’t be a salmon.” The legend behind a water beast has been around for centuries. Scotland has a treasure trove of myths surrounding similar creatures such as the boobries (a giant carnivorous waterfowl), water-horses (lethal, shape-shifting demons found on land or in water), and kelpies (similar to water-horses but associated with running water). A fusion of these timeless folklores, in combination with the premiere of King Kong (which occurred just four days before the fishermen’s sighting) is what most likely created the modern day Loch Ness Monster. - LA Magazine

Lon's 2 Cents: I don't normally post articles from cynical writers...though, I haven't read the book. Lon

Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids


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