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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Flight 191 Crash Prophecy

In May 1979, 23 year old David Booth, a Cincinnati office manager, had a well documented premonition, that came to him in a series of vivid dreams, regarding an American Airline crash.

Booth feverishly called the FAA and spoke with a representative of American Airlines. He told them in no vague terms that he had had a vision of an airplane going down in flames among tall buildings. Obviously, there was nothing that could be done even though the authorities were eventually convinced of Booth's seriousness and that he wasn't just trying to pull a joke or be a pain in the butt.

On May 26, 1979 Lindsay Wagner-famous at the time as the Bionic Woman-arrived at Chicago's famous O'Hare Airport. She was to board an American Airlines jet, but canceled at the last minute due to a sudden sick feeling that left her nauseous without any explanation. David Booth was perhaps not the only person who had the ability to foresee trouble aboard that American Airlines DC-10. Shortly after takeoff an engine fell off the plane, causing it to crash into buildings. Everyone aboard died.

With a sickening feeling, the authorities compared the details of the crash to David Booth's premonition. Although never seriously suspected of complicity they had little choice but to make sure he hadn't had a hand in causing his remarkable feat of foretelling the future to come true. The comparisons were enough to send shivers up and down the spine of anyone reading them. For all intensive purposes, David Booth had predicted with astonishing accuracy the disaster that took place at O'Hare Airport that day. Even so, the question of whether anything could possible have been done to prevent that disaster were immediately rejected. It was the only time in his life that anything of this magnitude had ever taken place and his inability to do anything to prevent him left him emotionally fragile.

In the book Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets: A Historical Anthology of Women's Spiritual Writings it states "David Booth stopped having nightmares once the disaster had happened, but he continued to feel disturbed by the whole affair. 'How can you make sense of something like that?' he asked. 'There's no explanation for it. No meaning. No conclusion. It just doesn't make sense.'" - /


American Airlines Flight 191

May 25, 1979 remains the darkest day in American aviation. On that Friday before the Memorial Day Weekend, 270 passengers and crew aboard American Airlines Flight 191 lost their lives when their airplane literally fell out of the sky. To this day, the accident is the most deadly commercial airline crash in United States history. Here is the story of what happened on that blusterry Spring day in 1979.

In command of flight 191 was Capt. Walter Lux, a 22,000 hour pilot who had flown the DC-10 nearly since its introduction eight years earlier. Assisting him on the flight deck were First Officer James Dillard and Flight Engineer Alfred Udovich, who had 25,000 flying hours between them. At 2:50 pm, N110AA was cleared to taxi to runway 32R at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, and at 3:02 pm the flight was cleared for takeoff. The wind was Northeast at 22 knots.

In the cockpit and cabin, the takeoff roll seemed totally normal. The view from the cockpit was even being broadcast on the airliner's closed circuit television system for the passengers' enjoyment. But six thousand feet into the takeoff roll, air traffic controllers in O'Hare's control tower saw small parts of the aircraft's no.1 engine pylon fall away, and as the aircraft started its rotation, the entire number one engine separated from the wing.

Behaving exactly as it was designed to, the severed engine flew up and over the left wing, falling to the runway below. Unfortunately, in the process, it ripped out all of the hydraulic lines to the leading edge slats. As a result, pressure slowly started to leak out and the leading edge slats slowly started to retract. The plane continued to climb normally, however.

The tower controller called "American 191 heavy, you wanna come back and to what runway?" There was no response... the crew was too concerned with keeping their wounded beast flying. The Captain, following American's engine-out procedures to the nth degree, pitched the nose up and slowed the aircraft down to V2+6, or 159 knots. Decelerating through 165 knots, something odd began to happen.

The Captain was putting in full right rudder and aileron, yet the aircraft was still rolling left. At an altitude of 400 feet and with an airspeed of 155 knots, the airplane rolled past wings vertical and fell to earth with a bank of 112° and a nose down attitude of 21°.

The accident investigation revealed that, when the engine separated, it disabled the Captain's control panel, which contained both of the slat disagreement systems. The severed hydraulic lines allowed the slats on the left wing to gradually retract, and the stall speed on the left wing rose considerably. When the aircraft slowed through 164 knots, the left wing aerodynamically stalled because of its clean configuration, while the right wing continued to produce lift with its slats still in takeoff position. With one wing stalling and one wing producing full lift, the airplane eventually rolled past a 90° bank, and fell to the ground. The crash killed two people on the ground when it hit a field directly adjacent to a trailer park. All 270 passengers and crew aboard were also fatally injured. -

NOTE: Author, Judith Wax was one of many who perished that day in 1979. She was bound to Los Angeles to promote her new book, Starting In the Middle about the middle-age life. An ironic twist of fate or coincidence can be found on page 191 of her book where she describes her fear of flying in airplanes. “When the job required travel, I developed such a fear of airplanes my head trembled from takeoff to landing...” Of course the flight was 191 the same as the page in her book. Over the years, there have been several reports of paranormal activity at the location of the crash. Animals seem to react strangely, sometimes violently, when in the vicinity. I have personally heard remarkable EVP and disembodied voice recordings from the area as well. Maybe one day those wandering spirits will find their loved ones...Lon

Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets: A Historical Anthology of Women's Spiritual Writings

Air Crash Investigations: The Worst Single Plane Crash In American History, The Crash Of American Airlines Flight 191

Crash Of Flight 191

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