Monday, July 15, 2013

Just the Facts?: Florida, NASA and Nazis -- Death by Falling Cow -- Walmart to Destroy Ancient Native American Mound

Florida, NASA and Nazis

Forwarded by Greg May

As we 'blast off' into the 2012 presidential elections we're reminded of the saying, 'politics makes strange bedfellows'. But wait 'til you learn who 'slept together' when it came to American rocket science . . .

Did you know that key NASA scientists who worked on the American rocket programs were Germans? The Germans were twenty years ahead of the Allies in their advanced rocket science.

The American rocket program was restarted after the German scientists were brought to America along with most of the Nazi technology - after their war crimes were erased - and that technology helped jump-start NASA into space exploration.

Some of the best-kept secrets of World War II were highly-advanced weapons developed by German scientists such as 'Die Glocke' - one of the Nazi's 'Wonder Weapons'. 'Die Glocke' or the Bell was a bell-shaped device powered by counter-rotating cylinders of 'red mercury'. The radioactive field generated by the counter-rotating cylinders was so intense that many German scientists and concentration-camp laborers who worked on 'Die Glocke' were burned - or died of - radiation poisoning.

The Bell was based on ancient descriptions of a flying saucer that was believed to have been used by extraterrestrials that once visited earth so the Nazis studied ancient Hindu Vedic records to prove that the Aryan race had descended from them.

An SS colonel who managed 'Die Glocke' project - an electrical engineer named KURT DEBUS - claimed the Bell was actually a time machine that could go back where the Germans would reverse the course of history.

On the night of December 6, 1965 a bright fireball appeared in the sky visible from California and landed in the woods outside Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Just before the military and the Pennsylvania State Police arrived and cordoned the area off, a member of the area's volunteer fire department got a good look at the object that 'landed' and said it resembled a metallic bell with lettering that reminded him of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The object was loaded onto a flatbed truck and hauled off to some unknown place where the army and state police cleared the area of witnesses.

NASA denied any reports of having retrieved any object from the area.

The launch director at NASA's Cape Kennedy at that time was KURT DEBUS, his war crimes officially erased twenty years earlier. - Florida Backroads Travel

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Death by Falling Cow

A cow has fallen through the roof of a house in south-eastern Brazil killing a man and narrowly missing his wife.

The one-tonne cow was grazing on a hill behind the small house, in the town of Caratinga, when it stepped onto the asbestos roof, which collapsed under its weight.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, was lying in bed when the animal fell on him.

He was taken to hospital and died the day after, reportedly of internal bleeding.

Mr Souza was conscious and appeared to be in a good condition, but he had to wait too long to be seen by a doctor, relatives said.

Local media says this is the third such incident in the region in the past three years.

There were no casualties in the two previous incidents.

In the first occasion, there was no one inside the house when the cow fell through the roof.

In the second incident, a baby and a small child were sleeping next to the spot where the animal fell, in what was described at time as a miraculous escape.

Caratinga is in a hilly area of Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state traditionally known as a cattle raising and dairy producing region. - BBC


Ancient Native American Mound to be Destroyed for Walmart-owned Retail Warehouse

Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly happen again, developers have set to the destruction of an ancient Native American mound in Oxford, Alabama, for the construction of a retail warehouse store operated by Walmart.

The 1,500-year-old ceremonial mound is of particular historical significance, being the largest of several stone and earthen mounds in the Choccolocco Valley. This fact hasn’t stunted the $2.6-million construction project, however, which is currently digging up the dirt from the mound to use as fill for yet another big-box retail store, Sam’s Club, which is owned and operated by Walmart.

The city’s mayor, Leon Smith, claims the site is not man-made and was only used to “send smoke signals.” This statement flies in the face of the Alabama Historical Commission’s decree that the site meets at least three criteria that make it eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Mounds including this one are very important to the Native American community. They are ritualistic sites where funerals may even have been held. Johnny Rollins, a local resident, recalls how his grandmother told him that when she died he could “go to that mountain” to connect with her. He described the demolition as feeling like a part of himself was being taken away. Protests have already been held demanding a stop to the destruction.

To compound the nefariousness of the issue, the Oxford Commercial Development Authority (CDA), the public board who owns this land and much of the city’s land, and who uses taxpayer money to lure developers to the city, didn’t accept any bids for this project; it went straight to Oxford-based Taylor Corp. whose owner, Tommy Tailor, has donated money to the city’s mayor on multiple occasions. But the most shocking revelation might be that part of the money the CDA paid in engineering contracts went to an archaeological study; the firm who conducted the study has also donated money to the mayor.

What looks like a very organized conspiracy to sanction the eradication of this historically significant site is, appallingly, pressing ahead. The crass words of mayor Leon Smith seem to unceremoniously sum up the senseless destruction: “What it’s going to be is more prettier than it is today.”

This story is sadly one of so many that have surfaced across the world in the last few months, including the destruction of a Mayan pyramid in Belize for a highway in May, and most recently a Peruvian pyramid demolished by real estate developers in June. - Travel and Escape


Kirstie Alley 'Livid' With Leah Remini For Leaving Church Of Scientology

Actress and Church of Scientology member Kirstie Alley reportedly has it out for Leah Remini now that the former "King of Queens" star has severed ties with the Xenu institution.

Last week, news first broke that Remini quit Scientology following years of interrogations and thought modifications. The probing came after she allegedly questioned Scientology leader David Miscavige, the church's practices and the disappearance of Miscavige's wife, Shelly. The 43-year-old CBS star was one of Scientology's most famous members, having been involved with the group for some three decades and having defended it publicly on previous occasions.

Scientology journalist and former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega claims Alley was "livid" with Remini for leaving. He pinned multiple tweets posted by the "Manzanis" star to the issue.

"Our sources tell us that Alley worked the phones that day, raising a stink with the personnel at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre — what were church officials going to do about Remini’s defection?" Ortega wrote. "A meeting was called for Alley and other celebrities to get a briefing from church executives about what was going on and what they planned to do about it."

The meeting was allegedly held at the home of longtime Scientologist Melinda Brownstone, who was one of Remini's best friends until they had a falling out in 2008. Alley tweeted about being at Brownstone's house just days after the first report of Remini's exit surfaced.

Alley has been a staunch defender of Scientology and some of its high-profile members. Last year, she credited the religion with freeing her from cocaine addiction. She said she found Scientology through a friend who sent her the cornerstone book, Dianetics by founder L. Ron Hubbard, while she was battling drug abuse.

"Somehow I got through [the book], and I thought either [Scientology] is the world's biggest scam or I thought this is how I am going to get rid of this hideous compulsion," she told "Entertainment Tonight."

Confirming her decision to leave Scientology, Remini released a statement July 11 thanking fans and the media for their support. - THP

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