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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reader Submission: Odd Observations

When I was 11 years old I had a cousin Patricia who was my best friend. We played together and my sister played with her younger sister Betty. Patricia got sick and went to Grady Hospital. One night mom and dad went to visit Patricia in the hospital and my sister and I stayed home. I was asleep in my bed and in a waking dream Patricia came and kissed me on my right cheek and told me she loved me but had to go. I remember wondering how she did that when my bed was up against the wall but she kissed me on my cheek with a cold kiss. When my parents came home my dad stood in the doorway of my bedroom and said “son wake up I have to tell you that Patricia died tonight”! And I said, “No she didn’t Daddy cause she was just here and kissed me!” My dad said you were just dreaming son and turned out the light. I’m 63 now but I remember this like it was yesterday and I believe I will see her again someday!

When I was walking in the woods one day in the 100-acre woods behind our house I saw a dinosaur. I was probably 10 or 12 but I was walking along down the path to the creek thinking about dinosaurs as I did a lot in those days. I was a child fascinated by history and fossils and dinosaurs.

I believe that my focused thinking created the dinosaur in front of me as I stopped suddenly in my tracks and saw a long necked dinosaur eating leaves off the top of a small tree. I stood there not believing what I was looking at all the while knowing I was seeing it! I bolted back home and told my mom I had seen a dinosaur in the woods and she laughed at me. I believe today that my focused thinking created something out of time and space and put it in front of me because I was thinking about it so hard.

My wife’s second husband died Dec. 22, 2002 and we didn’t go to the funeral because my wife was badly treated by her second husband of 15 years. His name was Carl.

One night approx. two nights after his death, at 3:00 am we were awaken by a horrible bloodcurdling scream that came from our bedroom door! We both sat up and switched on the lights and looked around and the dogs were looking at the door. The one dog who slept on her bed just inside the door had ran downstairs and was looking back up while the other two dogs were standing up and staring at the door.

We sat there on the side of the bed after looking around the house and finding nothing we both realized we were thinking the same thing. It was Carl who was faced with the realization of how he treated Phyllis and he had to feel the way he made her feel and it hit him all at once. Even though he was dead we heard him scream that night!

My wife and I sold two houses and bought one big house in Douglasville in 1982 and we moved into it expecting to live there the rest of our lives. It was built on the corner of the main street across from the fire station which came in handy when my wife’s mother moved in with us and needed emergency care. One night I was sitting in my rocking chair in the master bedroom watching TV and my wife was in the baby’s room rocking him to sleep. I sat there watching TV and dozed off, I woke up to see a Asian or native American woman standing between me and the TV wearing a burlap bag dress and looking at me with hate in her eyes as if “If I could I would kill you I would” look in her eyes! I blinked once, twice and on the third blink she faded right in front of my eyes! This is the same house that my wife and I spent all day putting up shelves and putting stuff up on the shelves in the garage and that night while watching TV we heard a huge loud crash in the garage as if everything we had put up on the shelves and the shelves themselves had fallen. We went rushing into the garage expecting to find a huge mess! Instead there was nothing out of place at all.

This house doesn’t exist today as the county condemned it and burned it to train firemen and tore the rest of it down.

I guess the ghost got her wish. Nobody lives there now!

I have been finding a penny a day for years and years! I have found pennies in the strangest places and at the strangest moments. When it first started I was working at the railroad and I had gone about 45 days finding a penny every day until one day I got sick at work and had to go home with the flu. I walked in my front door thinking I haven’t found my penny today and I knew I was going to bed because I felt awful! Because I get too dirty working at the railroad I had to take a shower before I got in bed even though I was sick, so I took off all my clothes and got in the shower all the while thinking “I haven’t found my penny for today”! Suddenly I heard a coin drop behind me in the shower and I turned around and there in the bathtub with me was a shiny penny! My wife’s explanation was there was a penny on the bed and when I sat on the bed it stuck to my naked butt and when I got in the shower I washed it off! I told her that may be so but all I know is when I asked for my daily penny it fell into the bathtub with me! I have been finding pennies every day since and I take it as God’s notice to me that I should trust in him every day because it says on the penny “In God we Trust! The penny is God’s way of reminding me every day to trust in Him!

My wife and I worked at a real estate company whose office was an old plantation house during the civil war known as the McAdoo house. It was understood that the house was used as a hospital during the three battles that was fought around the house and that the house was haunted. I used to work there late at night on the phone or computer and I and others smelled cigar smoke numerous times. One of the agents also took a picture of the whole team and staff and there on the outskirts of the picture behind the group was a lady dressed in the 1800’s dress with her back to the camera. By the way we had constant trouble with the phones and the computers, as they didn’t seem to ever want to work!

My mother lived in a trailer in Dawsonville, Ga and for three months in 2008 I went and stayed with her to look after her and cook and clean. I had to sleep in one of the back bedrooms and every night after I went to sleep I was awakened by a dog barking behind the wall behind my head. Also many times while I was on the phone someone would knock on the back door and when I went to the door to see who it was there would be nobody there. My mother’s second husband and his dog Missy haunted the place. I am sure of it.

When I was small I dreamed a realistic dream that I was a child in a wagon train and we were attacked by Indians and I remember being a little child like 12 and one Indian pulled me out of the back of our wagon and slit my throat and I felt the blood as it flowed out of my neck and down my chest. I’m 63 today and I had this dream when I was 6-10 years old and it was so realistic that I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Name Withheld

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