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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Morphing Multi-Colored UFOs Over Nova Scotia

I received the following images from a reader & friend in Nova Scotia:

Good morning Lon,

Last night I opened the door and snapped a few pics....

I noticed one straight ahead and one to my left quite far away and about 30* from the horizon two flashing orbs that were strobing. The one on the left was flashing primarily blue and the one straight ahead was strobing red. There were also other colors but red and blue were more evident than other colors. I believe these are the same things I send before. I set up the tripod. I tried to focus to take video, but it wasn't working. I went back to pic mode and tried to get the blue one in focus without much success. When I played with the settings I got the red one to focus quite clearly (it my have been closer than the other). What I got was quite awesome, it was morphing into different shapes and in one pic it looks quite clear. I'm adding these to the e-mail for you to see. I'd like to know what you think and if these have something to do with the orbs filling the yard in the night. Your friend, G

NOTE: This area has had a significant amount of paranormal and other unexplained activity. It is also an active Sasquatch habituation location. Lots of strange energy orbs...oval and 'signature' shaped (orbs that attempt to manifest). Many UFO sightings...and landing craft. In addition, there have been very unusual tracks discovered...including other strange evidence. Quite an intriguing place, which I hope to visit sometime soon. Lon

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