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Monday, June 10, 2013

Just the Facts?: Visions of Future Human Evolution -- Big Cats of Scotland -- Get Published!

Visions of Future Human Evolution

Forget cyborgs — humans of the future might look more like Pokémon characters.

In 100,000 years, people might have larger heads, Google Glass type contact lenses and sideways-blinking oversized Disney eyes that glow green with cat-like night vision. At least, that is what two researchers say could happen in "one possible timeline."

"This is speculation based on reason," artist Nickolay Lamm told the Daily News. "When I designed it I wasn't thinking of anime, but I can see the resemblance. It's kind of a coincidence that that happened."

Lamm teamed up with computational geneticist Alan Kwan to envision a future where zygotic genome engineering technology develops to the point where humans will be able to control their own evolution the way we control electrons today. Continue reading at NY Daily News

How We Do It: The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction

The Future of the Body: Explorations Into the Further Evolution Of Human Nature

The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal (P.S.)


Woman Gives Birth To TWO Separate Sets Of IDENTICAL TWINS At The Same Time

The chances of naturally conceiving two sets of identical twins without any fertility medication is one in 70 million, reports the NY Daily News.

Lowrie and Carr were quite surprised then when they found out she was pregnant with four boys, all of which were born premature via C-section at 28 weeks.

None of the boys weighed over two and a half pounds at birth and their proud parents will have to wait until at least the end of July before they can take their new babies home.

Lowrie had been on bed rest for six weeks when she delivered the first set, Kenneth and Colton and minutes later delivered Bentley and Griffin.

Kenneth and Griffin are now over 4 pounds but Colton and Bentley are considered to be in critical condition until they grow and develop more.

Carr proposed to Lowrie on Mother’s Day but the two plan to hold off for awhile on the wedding plans.



The fossa is cat-like, carnivorous mammal that is endemic to Madagascar. The fossa is the largest mammalian carnivore on the island of Madagascar and has been compared to a small cougar. It has semi-retractable claws and flexible ankles that allow it to climb up and down trees head-first, and also support jumping from tree to tree.


Just a Conger Eel

Guesses range from Loch Ness Monster to a dinosaur, shark, pike, and ling, but officials finally identify it as being a Conger eel


Big Cats of Scotland

Scotland has no native large cats.

But recent reports from Scotland claim there have been sightings of large mysterious felines during the last decades of the 20th century and at the start of the current century.

These incidents are reported on as eagerly as Nessie sightings. The large cats tend to be elusive and have led to tales of such creatures as the “Beast of Bennachie” and the “Cougar of Cupar.”

One witness claimed “(I saw) what I thought was a black Labrador…(but) I am 100% sure it to be a tiger-like creature walking slowly across the field.”

Also like Nessie, the elusive big cats have initiated debates about their existence. Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth claimed that the big cats are actually dogs or foxes.

But the sheer number of sightings have made believers out of many. Internet web sites are dedicated to chronicling big cat sightings, and a retired policeman from Inverness has collected reports of distinct sightings and promises “it is only a matter of time until the skeptics are proved wrong.”

Scotland is not alone in sightings of obviously non-native big cats. Similar reports have come in from as far away as New Zealand.

Captured large cats such as pumas and leopards can account for a few of the Scottish sightings, but certainly not all of them. One website logged 2,050 sightings over a 15-month period of time.

The possible origins of these non-indigenous cats are unclear, but one strong theory exists. Until the 1974 Dangerous Wild Animals Act, people in Scotland could keep pets such as pumas, leopards, and other exotic felines. This Act established standards for the care of exotic pets that some large cat owners may have found too costly, so they cruelly released their pets into the wilds, where they have roamed and bred ever since.

Chances are these cats are not supernatural in origin, although the majority of them do manage to glide in and out of view without being captured or identified. - Celtic Heritage, Jan/Feb 2001, “The Cats of Scotland”

Mystery Big Cats



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