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Friday, June 14, 2013

Just the Facts?: Should We Be Signaling ET? -- It's NOT the Jersey Devil -- Mysterious Beast Desecrates Graves

Should we be sending signals to the extraterrestrials?

A group of scientists and entrepreneurs has created the world’s first continuous message beacon to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. And for a fee, people can use it to transmit their own messages into space. But not everyone thinks this project is a good idea.

Is SETI at risk of downloading a malicious virus from outer space?
We take it for granted that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is a safe endeavor. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with… Read…
The idea of messaging ETs has been around for a while now, and typically goes by the name METI (Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence) or Active SETI. The basic idea is that, instead of just listening passively for an alien radio signal, we should deliberately try to send messages into space in hopes of attracting the attention of alien civilizations.

To that end, Dr. Jacob Haqq-Misra and a group of entrepreneurs recently took over the Jamesburg Earth Station radio dish in Carmel, California. They’ll use the facility to send a continuous hailing message into outer space. It’ll all get started later this month.

Initially, Lone Signal will target the Gliese 526 star system, which has been identified as a potentially habitable solar system.

“Our scientific goals are to discover sentient beings outside of our solar system,” said Lone Star co-founder Pierre Fabre at a recent event. “But an important part of this project is to get people to look beyond themselves and their differences by thinking about what they would say to a different civilization. Lone Signal will allow people to do that.” Continue reading at io9

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Hey...this is NOT the Jersey Devil or a gargoyle!

....just a hairless squirrel with a nut in it's mouth.


Man dials 999 to complain about ugly prostitute

A man dialed 999 to complain to West Midlands Police about the quality of a prostitute in the West Midlands.

The man contacted officers saying the prostitute should have action taken against her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act for "making herself out to be better looking than she was". Officers advised the man that public solicitation of sex was illegal and have now sent him a warning letter.

West Midlands Police spokesman Lee Page said: "We had a call on Tuesday at about 7.30pm. The caller said he had arranged to meet a prostitute outside a hotel and he did not like the look of her. He said she made herself out to be better than she was.

"When he took issue with this she took his car keys, ran out of the car and then threw them back at him." Mr Page said the caller originally refused to give his name but inquiries had enabled officers to locate him. The man has now been sent a letter. Officers have not revealed the hotel where he met the woman.


Mysterious Beast Desecrates Graves

Mysterious Beast Rends Coffins and Scatters Human bones - Roars Scare Women

Raleigh Herald (W. Virginia) - 21 March 1913

Shelbyville, Ind. - The most uncanny sensation that has stirred Shelby county in recent years has taken a firm grip on residents near the Patterson cemetery, east of Lewis creek. Graves in the cemetery are being despoiled by some animal or agency, and none of those who has taken an interest in the situation has been able to solve the mystery.

Burrowing into the graves, the beast rends coffins, scatters bits of broken wood, spinal columns, arms and leg bones on the surface and roars like a lion when intruders approach too near the scene of its operations. At first the belief prevailed that woodchucks were doing the work, but this theory has been abandoned, as none of the animals have been seen in the cemetery.

The situation was first discovered by women who went to the cemetery to put some graves of relatives in better condition. They discovered a great hole in one of the graves. They started to investigate, but were greeted with a roar from the grave which sent them from the cemetery with quickened steps and blanched faces. They have not since returned.

Men of the neighborhood then went to the cemetery armed with picks, shovels and guns. They found bones and pieces of coffins scattered over the graveyard. They dug into several despoiled graves and found they had been used as the home of some animal but they have been unable to determine its species.

The work was pursued with vigor until the men struck a grave where it was feared the despoiler was at work. There the men lost their nerve and some declared they were as badly frightened as the women. The work of trying to unravel the mystery is still on and the despoiler is as busy as ever.

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