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Just the Facts?: Bigfoot at Shaver Lake -- 'You won't believe this...' -- The E. Ville Ghost

Bigfoot at Shaver Lake, CA

My daughter & I were hiking behind the lake. We kept hearing strange whooping sounds that were all around us. Sometimes far away. Others very near. We also could smell something bad from time to time. We came up on a pretty meadow where the odor was exceptionally bad. We took a shortcut through an area that had just been cut. The ground was bare earth. I was keeping my eye on the ground because I like to watch for animal tracks. It's a habit of mine. I saw a huge foot print. I even have a picture of it. With a smashed spider in the print that it stepped on! I noticed there were more. I actually followed them up the side of a hill thinking it had to be bear prints. But each and every print was a foot. Not a paw. At one point the prints were side ways as if looking back down the hill. My daughter pointed out that whatever it is, I'm following it and might be up at the top watching me! So I ran back down where my daughter was waiting. There was a stand of trees right on the edge of the meadow where we followed the smell to. In the middle of the close circle of trees was a huge mound of scat. Now I'm not talking about bear or mountain lion. I know what they look like. This was piled at least 1 foot high. And had the look of a very huge human feces. But smelled horrible! This spooked us. Because we were thinking whatever made that is huge, and could still be close by. Because it looked fresh! All the way back off that trail we were followed by that whooping sound. I'm getting goosebumps just telling this!!

So, thats it. Now we are too scared to go hiking back there without any men with us. I absolutely believe there is a Bigfoot!! M.

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Bizarre MoD UFO Reports

- A caller to MoD UFO hotline reports that he has been “living with an alien” in Carlisle for some time
- A Cardiff man claimed a UFO abducted his dog, car and tent whilst he was camping with friends.
- A Coventry woman saw “two orange balls” hovering in her back garden in July 2008 after her Springer Spaniel “unusually ran back in”. Frightened by what she saw, she locked the door and reported her sighting to the UFO hotline, asking whether she and her pet could be contaminated as a result.
- A woman in Poole, Dorset, reported seeing “a bright white fireball” that entered her house through her kitchen window in August 2009. The fireball fell into a carrier bag and was followed by “blinding white sheet lightning”, but no trace of any burns was found in the kitchen.
- A man, now living in the Netherlands, asked for the return of a cinefilm he said he had passed to two investigators in 1978, showing a UFO flying over his back garden in Romford. He said he had showed them where the craft had landed, and that the men had taken soil samples.
- A report of UFO sighting during the Second World War (1943 or 1944) - was lodged with the MoD in 2008. The member of the public - then aged 15 or 16 (he could not recall exactly) - reported seeing a “large saucer shaped object (with coloured lights all round its side) spinning around and hovering above Barking Station before speedily floating and spinning away” towards Dagenham.
- A resident in Havant, Hants, contacted the MoD in 2008 offering to set up a “discreet observation post” on a hill overlooking Portsmouth from which he was confident he could spot UFOs.
- A man provided information about an incident in 1992 when he and two friends were in the Whitchurch area of Cardiff. They were parked up in a Datsun Cherry car for around an hour then got out and walked around a corner. They were listening for sounds “because we were up to no good” and heard nothing. But when they returned the vehicle, it had gone. They then saw 12-15 mysterious objects flying above them in a triangular formation.
- a cigar-shaped object, about 80ft in length, and 30ft tall, orange in colour and with a rear, bright white light, was seen near the Royal Naval Air Station, at Yeovilton, Somerset.
- A professional golfer in South Africa who was filming a friend’s swing to analyse it and - when playing the recording back in slow motion - spotted a flat, disc shaped object flying across the sky.
- Ministry of Defence policemen reported seeing a pear-drop shaped “translucent” green light in the sky while on duty at Portsmouth naval base. - Telegraph


'You won't believe this...'

Walnut Creek, WA - 11/15/2012 - (unedited): Im about to relay a story that few of you will believe. No Im not on drugs, no Im not kidding at all, not one bit. If you disbelieve my eyes, do me a favor and keep it to yourself. I know what we saw...

Has anyone ever seen a military craft like this? In the dome is a swivel seat in which I saw who I believe was a Marine Pilot in a green pressure suit with no helmet. It sounded like a diesel train. Just before I saw it, there were a series of twister like rotational updrafts off in the distance. It was capable of changing bearing without changing the direction it faced. It can travel very low to the ground. When I saw it, it was about 200 feet in the air. The pilot noticed me, flew within 1/8 mile close to me, nearly hovering in one spot at one point, and then headed off into the commercial flight lines with an incredible capacity for acceleration and was easily capable of speeds approaching what I consider to be a thousand miles an hour. I was in Vancouver WA and the location I was at had a reasonably decent view of the flight lines that go to the coast whereupon I normally watch the planes alter course and head north to Canada, or south to California. It reached the point of breaking south within 30 seconds and then simply disappeared into the night... Its definitely a UFO to me but having seen the pilot it was unmistakably a decorated military pilot at the helm. The height of the fuselage was about 10 feet tall, 15 feet wide at the nose and 40 feet wide at the widest point through the stern. The pilot was about 30 years old, dark hair, military haircut, sitting in a pivot style captain Kirk chair. The craft flew such that the stern was angled up from the elevation of the nose. I cant recall if I saw the bottom of the craft but I remember wondering where the [Item Moved/CMS/nd] the diesel train sound was coming from and then I saw this in the air. I do not recall specifically any lights on the bottom of the craft, but due to the angle of the craft and the low proximity to the ground and the distance away from me, I could not ever see the bottom of the craft. I had someone with me at the time and she saw this craft as well. The surface of the craft had a look of corrugated metal like would be used on an overhang for a backyard deck along the sides of the craft, and a flat matte grey upper surface. The dome provided a 360 view of the surroundings.

It was positively the most advanced aircraft I have ever laid eyes upon - MUFON CMS

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The E. Ville Ghost

The Vanishers: New York Is Full Of Them, But What Are They?

Some true life experiences by: Posey Gilbert

It was a cold winters night in 1994 about 3:00 am and I had just left the home of my friend Carolyn in the East Village.
I had just rounded the corner of 1st Street and Ave A and was starting up to catch the F train.
A brisk wind had swept the streets clean of garbage and Clubers alike and was hurrying me along too.
I had just passed the East Indian Deli and was walking pass the parking lots of the high rise when I saw the young man approaching me.
He was staggering and really not dressed for the weather now though earlier his attire would have been enough.
I remember thinking to myself you'll not make it through this night if you continue going in the direction you are staggering like that.
Why not just put a sign on your neck saying, "Mug me.... Easy prey."
To my surprise the youth staggered toward me and stopped.
"You won't believe this he said but I have walked all the way down from Broadway trying to bum subway fare..." he slurred "No one will give me even a quarter."
I looked at him and was startled how much he looked like the ex boy friend of a mutual friend of Carolyn's and mine....
It was just that he was at least ten years younger but damned near a twin of him.
He apologized several times to me for being in the condition he was and said he should have known better but he spent every dime he had on a girl and a good time and that they both ran out at the same time.
I laugh and gave him a quarter and started to walk for it was cold and he said,
"Great all I need now is another dollar."
I had thought all he needed was a quarter by what he had said earlier and called him back and said,
"Look you need to get your ass off these cold streets give me back the quarter and I'll give you a token."
Wobbling he put out his hand and I took the quarter from it at pushed the token into his palm for I was afraid he would drop it and that was all I had was two tokens and a quarter.
"Now you need to get on the subway" I said and started to walk toward the station.
"OK." he said but walked in the opposite direction I turned to call him he was gone.
I walked up the block and called Carolyn to tell her of what happened and about the young twin of Rob I had encountered.
After a long pause she told me how when Rob was a young kid he had been stabbed and died on a subway but was brought back to life in the hospital.
Was it young Robert’s ghost?
You tell me...