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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Esoterica: Ghost Haunts Amish Churchgoers -- Exorcism Causes Cardiac Arrest -- An Uninvited Funeral Guest

Ghost Haunts Amish Churchgoers

The Cedar Rapids Republican, Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 3 October 1903

This Spook is Broad and Fat, With Long Arms and Eyes as Big as a Man's Hand--Attempts to Shoot It Prove Futile and the Gunners Leave Rapidly With Their Hair Standing on End.

Eagle Grove, Oct. 2.– Tense excitment and fear now prevails in the usually quiet and peaceful neighborhood surrounding a little church building six miles east and north of town, where the sedate and staid Amish farmers and their families are wont to congregate on the Sabbath day for the purpose of attending worship. The cause of this excitement and trembling is a real live ghost, whose favorite haunt and particular station seems to be the immediate vicinity of that little white church, so silent and still, on the prairie.

The ghost, or phantom, or “spook,” or “hobgoblin,” or spirit or whatever it may be seems to be of a playful nature, and not at all afflicted with suicidal tendencies, as ghosts are often reported to be. This particular nocturnal visitant, so it is reported by stout hearted men to whom fear is unknown and who have seen it, is of a tenuous, ethereal nature, about four feet in height, squatty and broad, with long wide arms, and with big black eyes as large as your hand.

The ghost was first seen some time ago by a Clarion young man who was returning home at the midnight hour, after having spent the evening with his sweetheart. Arriving home he related his experience on the following day. Many Clarion people kept watch for it but never caught a glimpse of the apparition. About a week ago some the good people living in that neighborhood were reported to have seen the ghost.

Last Saturday night four of our young men, well equipped with muscle, brawn and nerve, drove out to investigate the truth of the ghost stories and to prove that it was all imaginings of the effeminate minded. They returned, however, thoroughly convinced that the ghost was the real thing.

After having drove around the church and up and down the road branches at the church, and not having seen or heard anything strange or terrifying, they decided to return and give up the quest. Passing the church they were startled and horrified to see a thing which appeared to be a shadow crouching low on the church steps. As they approached it began to move, beckoning with its hands for them to follow. They attempted to shoot, but just as the eye caught the head, apparition would disappear. By this time their hair was standing on end and perspiration streamed from every pore. Driving around the building it disappeared under one corner. Hearing a slight sound overhead, they beheld it standing on the church roof, beckoning with its outstretched arms. Enough. It was more than flesh and blood could stand. They drove rapidly from the haunted place, satisfied and glad to get away.

Every night since then, many of our brave and reckless youths, and older ones too, have kept a close watch, determining to solve the mystery. Many scoff and laugh at the four who saw the ghost, but they stoutly maintain that they saw it, and felt its mysterious influence.


Poltergeist Exorcism Sends ‘Possessed’ Woman To Hospital

An exorcism was recently performed to rid a possessed woman of the poltergeist inhabiting her body. She was later taken to an area hospital after going into cardiac arrest.

Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center received a call on Tuesday evening about a woman who was said to be possessed with a poltergeist. Although efforts were made to rid her of the problem, she reportedly went into cardiac arrest after being doused with Holy Water.

Deputies who arrived at the home in Gardens North area outside of Riverton, WY said the woman was breathing when they arrived on the scene. However, she was later transported to Riverton Memorial Hospital for treatment. Authorities said she is currently in stable condition.

“Other occupants of the home then attempted to perform an exorcism. They reported the exorcism activity caused the female to go into cardiac arrest,” Undersheriff Ryan Lee said in a statement.

People living in the house said the poltergeist made its presence known by breaking windows and other items for several days. The occupants stated the “demon” also bit several people during its stay. When it reportedly possessed the 31-year-old woman, they performed an exorcism in an effort to get rid of the poltergeist.

The initial investigation into the supernatural activity at the Gardens North home didn’t turn up any signs of criminal activity. Deputies were also unable to find any proof the possessed woman had been bitten by the alleged poltergeist.

Lee explained the sheriff’s department generally doesn’t investigate cases of the paranormal. However, they are obligated to investigate any calls for assistance they receive.

“Any time someone requests our assistance we’ll respond and take care of them — that’s our obligation to the community. If there are still issues out there (on Firethorn) we’ll be out later to deal with it. If they call again we’re there to help them out,” Lee explained.

What do you think about the poltergeist exorcism performed in Wyoming? Do you believe the woman was really possessed by demons? - Inquisitr


Haunted hotel? No...toxic deathtrap

An investigation has been launched following the death of an 11-year old boy in the same hotel room where two guests were found dead earlier this year.

Jeffrey Lee Williams and his mum Jeannie were staying in room 225 at Best Western Blue Ridge Plaza in Boone, North Carolina this weekend when Jeannie's husband notified hotel staff he had been unable to contact the pair.

Upon checking the hotel room at around 12:30pm Saturday, first responders found the dead body of Jeffrey.

Next to him lay Jeannie, alive, but in a deep state of asphyxia. The 49-year-old was rushed to Watauga Medical Centre and is now in a stable condition.

On April 16, Washington couple Daryl Dean Jenkins, 73, and Shirly Mae, 72, died within two feet of each other in the same room.

Their son Doug had his final conversation with the couple on April 15 prior to 8pm. Their daughter sent them a text later that same night but it was never read. Their bodies were found the next day.

Supernatural suspicions were raised after the medical examiner couldn't find any indication of foul play in initial findings.

"Daryl (73) and Shirley (72) were in good health and were extremely active," the family's attorney Mark S. Brumbaugh said.

"There was absolutely no reason to believe they would simultaneously pass away from natural causes.

The cause of death at the time was listed as undetermined.

"While it was unusual for two people to die like that, it definitely was not unheard of," Boone Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Shane Robbins said.

Yet the hotel ignored the request of the family to keep the room closed pending further investigation.

"It is simply inconceivable that the hotel would choose to rent the same room to others while toxicology results were pending related to the deaths of Daryl and Shirley," Brumbaugh said.

On Monday, Boone Police Department confirmed carbon monoxide toxicity to be the cause of all three deaths.

"Preliminary indications are that he died from asphyxia," Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford said in reference to 11-year-old Jeffrey.

Local news WCNC-TV reports the room is situated directly above the swimming pool of the hotel, where the gas heater used to heat the pool is located. Further testing is expected to be conducted over the next week.

"During the emergency medical response, a presumptive test indicated an elevated level of carbon monoxide in the room," Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford said.

"The hotel was evacuated and assistance was requested from North Carolina Emergency Management and the North Carolina Public Health Preparedness and Response Branch."

A report by the Appalachian District Health Department in March cited ventilation issues at the hotel, according to WataugaDemocrat.com.

"Chemical/Equipment room is required to have natural cross ventilation or forced air ventilation. This needs to be corrected ASAP. Consult inspector prior to making any installations," it reads.

The hotel remains closed during investigations.

"Much like a biological family, a faith family is anguished when something happens to one of its members. We are heartbroken for the Williams family in the midst of this tragedy," said Scott Davis, senior pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, S.C., where the Williamses attend church.

"They are a much beloved and very active family within the life of our congregation. Our greatest prayers are that God will grant them gospel peace in the midst of their loss, strength for recovery and for the days ahead and wisdom for the doctors and authorities as they go about their important work." - news.com.au


An Uninvited Funeral Guest

All Saints Pavement is amongst the most attractive of York Churches. It has been much altered over the centuries and whole sections have been completely lost. A visitor who also now seems to have gone is the most beautiful ghost in York. A stunning young woman with extremely long hair in clustered curls, she used to appear in a long white shroud, welcoming funeral processions at the open door of the church.

The lady became famous because her appearances occurred in the middle of the day, but no-one has ever managed to discover her story and her manifestations remain a mystery. It has been suggested that she was denied a Christian burial in some way and was seeking to correct this at each parish funeral but, as she no longer appears, the truth will probably never be discovered. - Britannia - Ghosts of York


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