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Friday, June 14, 2013

Court of the Dragon King: Case Studies of Abductee Encounters With Royal Reptilians - Part 1

I've recently come across two new reptilian abduction accounts. Both of these interactions have strong parallels to my own abductions. These cases demonstrate the 3 primary criteria that Reptilians use in their abductee selection process:

1. A high percentage of reptilian DNA, which permeates certain royal human bloodlines.
2. A demonstrated willingness to endure a violent initiation procedure, without exhibiting cowardice.
3. an ability to show appreciation for the hierarchy and ritual utilized in reptilian governance and ceremony.

It is important to note that reptilian culture blurs the distinction between category’s #2 and 3. reptilian culture is extremely feudalistic, and oriented around a strong appreciation of a military mindset. This is reason that many abductees see them wearing knives, swords, armored breastplates etc. It is a cultural and religious stipulation. More importantly, it is a practical application of psychological warfare. The combination of claws, teeth and conspicuous weaponry provides them a fearsome appearance. And, not unlike many imperial armies in earth's history, they win many of their fights through intimidation alone. to quote sun tzu: "Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." I discuss this warrior centric aspect of Reptilian culture in my previous article (

The first abductee I will highlight in this article is Simon Parkes. Mr Parkes is a British politician who has recently gone public with his alien experiences. He has had interactions with greys, reptilians, and mantis type aliens. His reptilian experiences started from an early age, and offer some vivid details of their complex screening, testing and indoctrination procedures. One of these experiences involved being taken to a gymnasium, along with another group of young abductees. Much like in my mass abduction, there was also a human military presence involved. The purpose of this exercise was to determine which of these children could properly issue telepathic orders to a group of Reptilian soldiers. When one of the human military tried to assert too much influence over the exercise, one of the Reptilian supervisors actually grabbed his arm in a threatening manner (as detailed after the 52 min mark here- This is reminiscent of an incident that occurred in the anti-riot training exercise in that shopping mall. There was an incident there in which a Reptilian actually nipped an abductee, despite being aware he was an active national guard member . Although it didn’t break the skin, it left horrifying bruises. I discuss this in my previous article: ( In both my case , and mr Simon's case, you have what is appears to be a facility provided by our military. And, in both cases, the human military seems unusually accommodative in meeting all of the reptilian's demands. Is this in response to threats of force, or in exchange for advanced weaponry? The answer is probably a combination of both. Why are they providing guarded access to gymnasiums, malls, and even convenience stores? The more important question is, why do reptilians feel the need to practice complex troop maneuvers in these settings? The only logical answer is that they plan on being deployed on the surface at some point. Training in such earth specific locales would only be a liability, if applied off this world. In the words of the most famous samurai in Japanese history, Miyamoto Musashi, "You can only fight the way you train". Mr Parkes does say the reptilians don't really need weapons, because of their physical combat skill. That is consistent with what I saw in the mall training abduction ( For every reptilian that was armed, 2 were totally unarmed.

And, this brings up another point that both Mr Parkes and I both agree on, reptilians take training very seriously. The reptilians in the mall exercise were extremely focused, and intense. Even as it was winding down, they seemed extremely on edge. There was this permeating sense of this being an absolutely serious and crucial event. I've been through numerous training exercises, on the police. We did "active shooter drill" , a bomb drill, etc. But, there were always moments to the side where we would joke and talk between exercises. The Reptilians stayed in a completely serious mode throughout the time we were there. There was not one second where any of them seemed to be relaxed, or casual. This attitude toward their military engagements was also noticed by Mr Parkes, in his experiences. As he says after the 44 min mark, in his 2012 Ammach presentation ( a Reptilian would be dead serious about guarding a toilet. This is not to say Reptilians entirely lack personality or humor. But, they take military responsibility at such a serious and solemn level, it's almost religious. Simon Parkes goes into great detail about a ritualistic reptilian military parade he witnessed at the. This parade was overseen by two Reptilian generals, who flanked their older royal father (as he details at the 55 min mark, in the same video above). It is this specific detail that strongly corresponds to a ritual experienced by another abductee, Ken Bakeman.

Mr Bakeman has vividly documented his lifetime alien experiences in his website, and book Many of these experiences have involved Reptilians. Like myself, he has seen them use what I like to refer to as "dragon fire" backpack weapons. I discuss the nature, and history of these devices in this post : His detailed depictions of these devices are extremely congruent with what I've seen. As a result, I am inclined to give him strong credence as an experiencer. What is even more interesting are the details that align with Simon Parkes case. Specifically, his encounters with royal Draconians.

In both the Parkes and Bakeman cases, the abductees participated in ceremonies with high ranking royal draco reptilians. These individuals tend to exhibit a larger stature, and often have variations of horns and wings. They average about 8 ft tall, in contrast to the average Reptilian height of just under 7 foot tall. Both the Bakeman and Parkes cases involved elaborate rituals, which were presided over by a large royal draconian, flanked by 2 of it's high ranking sons. This seems to be a very specific hierarchal model, repeated across multiple Reptilian dynasties. This may have sprung out of their rough feudalistic past. It would have been a means of insuring there is always a spare ruler ready to immediately assume command, even if a father and oldest son die within a short period of time.

Simon Parkes received a very clear lesson on this secession structure, when he was first put through a violent initiation procedure. The intro to this event starts at the 18 min mark, with the explicit hierarchy lesson being given at the 23 min mark. The large draconian "king" let him know that he was like a son to him. But, he was very emphatic about the fact that Simon could never claim the right to ascend the throne. This is likely because there was already a waiting list of it's own sons, hoping for that spot. In Ken Bakeman's initiation, it was also implied that he is one step below the sons of a king. He was forced to consume a small amount of their blood, rather than their father's blood. The consistent themes in these experiences is that abductees are part of the family, but always one notch under the royal elite.

Many Reptilians have a very male centered concept of royal decision making. This gender based thinking also affects how they deal with abductees. They tend to be much harsher towards males. As ICAR researcher Joe Montaldo has attested to, a female abductee can be permitted to insult a reptilian. When a male abductee tries that, they are guaranteed to to receive a beating, and sometimes a corrective nip. As I have experienced myself, a Reptilian "nip" is like being struck by a sledgehammer, even when they intentionally choose not to break the skin. Their jaws have the force of bear traps. The strict code of respect, and the Reptilians quick temper are a likely reason reptilian abductees have a harder time talking about their experiences. Female's experiences are not necessarily always pleasant. But, the threat of random violence is certainly less. Reptilian culture is centered upon very sharp chivalry codes. But, they can be extremely relaxed and humorous at other times. That fast swinging pendulum between casual and violent makes their character not unlike those in the mob docudramas of Scorsese. "Goodfellas", "Casino", etc. The reptilians have a “Joe Pesci” like tendency to be spontaneously volatile. With risk of a violent reprimand higher among male abductees, its no surprise that many of them stay quiet for many years, before first speaking of their experience. It took me 5 yrs to start talking. And, it took Mr Parkes and Mr Bakeman over a decade. The trauma and fear of reprisal likely keeps many reptilian abductees from ever speaking at all.

This narrative will continue in Part 2.

If you are a journalist, producer, or researcher, you can contact me at Upon request, I would be capable of providing proof of my service as a New Orleans Police Officer, during Hurricane Katrina. Matt R.

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been posted solely as the opinion of the author without any input by myself (unless I was quoted). The narrative has been published, as received, without any edits. I will state that I believe that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions...Lon

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