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Friday, May 24, 2013

New Project

I'm going to take a day off from the blog in order to catch up on a few neglected tasks. Irene and I worked through an interesting remote view session last evening, of which I am now experiencing some physical effects. This does happen on occasion...it's a part of the process. This new project is an old unresolved incident that we are determined to clarify. Because of the nature of this investigation, I may need to take a day away from the blog occasionally. Be assured, these pauses will be rare...I just believe that I should give the readers a 'heads up.' I don't want to offer any details at this time...but, if you have been regularly reading the blog, then you should have an inkling of what incident we are researching. Optimistically, our continued analysis will deliver satisfactory and persuasive results. Have a great weekend...Lon