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Monday, May 27, 2013

Just the Facts?: Is Andy Kaufman Alive? -- Alien Debris Found in Lunar Craters -- Interesting Occurrences

Andy Kaufman believers say he's alive

It's an urban legend that's been around for decades: Actor and comedian Andy Kaufman didn't actually die, he faked his death as the ultimate prank.

Now that urban legend has resurfaced, with a small group of fans believing he's alive and living in Albuquerque.

Kaufman was considered by some as less of a comedian and more of a performance artist who wanted to make the audience question reality.

Some say, if anyone could pull off faking his own cancer death 29 years ago it would be Andy Kaufman.

“I do find it fascinating and I think there's a very strong possibility that this could be for real,” said Edgewood-based writer Jack Bristow.

Bristow is part of a group of fans recently interviewed by the Huffington Post who explain in detail why some believe Kaufman has created a whole different life in the Land of Enchantment.

“He told people he was going to fake his death before it happened, years before,” Bristow said.

As the story goes, fans say Kaufman has a biological son, known as Stephen Maddox , who spent years trying to track down his father. Maddox dedicated a website to it and eventually tracked him down in Albuquerque two years ago.

“He was having surgery, supposedly, and he finally guilted him into seeing him once - that's how the story goes,” he said.

They say he created this cryptic video and posted it online after Kaufman apparently didn't want anything to do with him.

It shows a man walking through a parking lot full of cars with New Mexico license plates and walking by an Albuquerque-looking apartment complex.

But it's one particular clip that causes the most speculation, fans say Maddox says it show Kaufman at work in Albuquerque 2011.

“I don't know if it's him or not. But that one black and white one where it shows his face, it looks like it could possibly be him,” Bristow said.

It's not the first time the New Mexico theory has come up.

A few years ago, he was rumored to be living in Taos .

In 2005, someone claimed to have see Andy Kaufman panhandling near an Albuquerque Walmart, something Kaufman was known to do in his act.

Fans also say if there is someone living in Albuquerque who was formerly known as Andy Kaufman, there's no evidence he wants to be revealed.

If he were alive today, he’d be 64 years old.

For Kaufman believers, the legends and the questions continue. - KRQE

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Man on the Moon


Alien Debris Found in Lunar Craters

Strange minerals detected at the centers of impact craters on the moon may be the shattered remains of the space rocks that made the craters and not exhumed bits of the moon's interior, as had been previously thought.

The foreign matter in the craters is probably asteroid debris and some could even be from Earth, which has thrown off its share of material as it's been battered by asteroids and comets over the eons.

The discovery comes not from finding anything new in the craters themselves, but by planetary scientists who were looking at models of how meteorite impacts affect the moon. Specifically, the researchers simulated some high-angle, exceptionally slow impacts -- at least slow compared to possible impact speeds -- and they were surprised at what they found.

"Nobody has done it at such high resolution," said planetary scientist Jay Melosh of Purdue University. Melosh and his colleagues published a paper on the discovery in the May 26 online issue of the journal Nature Geoscience.

They found that when a slow enough impact happened, at speeds of less than 27,000 miles per hour (43,000 kph), the rock that struck doesn't necessarily vaporize. Instead, it gets shattered into a rain of debris that is then swept back down the crater sides and piles up in the crater's central peak.

In the case of craters like Copernicus (pictured top), the foreign material stands out because it contains minerals called spinels. These only form under great pressure -- in the Earth's mantle, for instance, and perhaps in the mantle of the moon. But spinels are also common in some asteroids, said Melosh, which are fragments of broken or failed planets from earlier days in the formation of our solar system.

The team has concluded, therefore, that the unusual minerals observed in the central peaks of many lunar impact craters are not lunar natives, but imports.

That conclusion could also explain why the same minerals, if they were instead from the interior of the moon, are not found in the largest impact basins -- as would be expected if the impact event was larger and penetrated deeper into the moon.

"An origin from within the Moon does not readily explain why the observed spinel deposits are associated with craters like Tycho and Copernicus instead of the largest impact basins," writes Arizona State University researcher Erik Asphaug in a commentary on the paper. "Excavation of deep-seated materials should favor the largest cratering events."

The new impact modeling also implies that pockets of early Earth material might be in cold storage on the moon, says Asphaug. The young Earth was bombarded with asteroids that sent terrestrial debris into space at speeds that were pretty slow and within the range of this model.

“Even more provocative,” explains Asphaug, “is the suggestion that we might someday find Earth’s protobiological materials, no longer available on our geologically active and repeatedly recycled planet, in dry storage up in the lunar ‘attic’.” - Discovery

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Five reasons Bigfoot ABSOLUTELY exists

I was amused this week when my friend Casey Phillips—a writer for the Times Free Press—asked readers for input on a story he was writing about Bigfoot. People were insistent, absurdly so, that a respectable news organization wouldn't ask such a question of its readers. They shouted from every corner of the region that the very idea of Bigfoot existing is ridiculous, and as one responder put it, they should be “ebarressed [sic] to have even asked that question.” What you simpletons don’t understand is that Bigfoot is ABSOLUTELY and indisputably real. Science cannot explain the unexplainable. They are among us. You just have to open your eyes.

Anecdotes are enough

If a single person is witness to something extraordinary—regardless of how outlandish that “something” is—science must step up and prove they are in the wrong. This is the way the academy of science operates—and for good reason. As uneducated nonscientists, the burden of proof is up to the experts. If we completely dismiss the thousands of reported sightings from outside the continent, we still have hard evidence in the form of eyewitness accounts of an “ape-like” beast as far back as 1811. We need not worry ourselves about the daily lives of these creatures or whether a newspaper is doing a story on them. We should instead be worried when they will attack. Perhaps a little research on our part would be better than ignoring what could be a disastrous inter-species slaughter? But what do I know?

There is a TV show devoted to “Finding Bigfoot”

They have not found Bigfoot, but they have continued to accumulate what amounts to an overwhelming body of evidence for the existence of this creature. The show features a group of leading scientists as they investigate claims. Who cares if they haven’t captured a living or deceased specimen? They HAVE acquired hair, audio, photographs, infrared jirobolts, seismic bloops and footprint casts. We don’t have this much evidence for Jesus, and we all know he’s out there walking among us today. Look, the point is that there wouldn’t be an entire television show devoted to something that didn’t exist. That fact should be proof enough. We should be watching to learn their behavior in case of attack.

The children

We must think of the children of sasquatches (often labeled "lil’ squatches") and wonder how we would feel if we were in a similar situation. Can you imagine how difficult it is for Bigfoot parents to raise their offspring in a constant state of alert, wandering pursuit? What if someone were chasing after you and your kids all of the time? Yeah, I’d be angry, too. The offspring of Bigfoots—like the children of anti-American terrorists—are just like human children, except they have been conditioned. We hate that which hates us. Is it no wonder that generations of Bigfoots are now programmed to run away and hide at the first sight of a human. We must prepare ourselves for the inevitability of that first pushback. They are there, hiding and waiting for our defenses to drop. We must not let them succeed.

We don’t want to believe

We live in an era of logical skepticism. Gone are the golden years of the handshake trust, that ability to look a man in the eye and truly believe what he is saying is the truth. Many people believe and incorporate into their lives stranger ideas than the existence of Bigfoot. Take the pseudoscience behind global warming, a ridiculous concept that many people not only believe, but alter their lives around. There is far more evidence of Bigfoot than for “global warming.” We just don’t want to believe in Bigfoot because it means we are not as smart as we thought we were. Plato famously said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” We are afraid of the light of Bigfoot. And that’s why they’re going to kill us.

I have seen Bigfoot

Twice, in fact. The first was as a boy in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. I was walking with my younger brother down by the creek on a cloudy evening in late autumn. We were attempting to fetch crawdads for Maw’s soup when we heard a hootin’ and rustlin' across about 75 yards to the west of where we were standing. We thought it was one of our milking cows, initially, but realized that this creature was no cow. Instead, it was attempting to eat one of our cows. It was about 8 feet tall, and we could smell the odor of a million dirty diapers. We told it to “scat on,” and it sauntered back into the brush. My brother would kill me for telling you this, but he urinated on himself and I cried. It wasn’t until I visited Chattanooga’s Little Curiosity Shoppe on Market Street that I came face to face again with the Bigfoot of my youth. Again, I cried. And we will all be crying if we ignore the evidence. - Nooga

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Interesting Occurrences

I received the following narrative from a reader:

I am now a senior citizen, but have had several interesting happenings in my life, sometimes seeming to have a guardian angel, though by no means has my life been free of tragedies. Several times I survived what could or should have been deadly auto accidents. Once, 40 or so years ago, I was on my way to work early in the morning and came to a red light with a car in front of me also waiting. When the light changed we both took off but my car suddenly stalled just as a speeding car ran the red light and passed right between us at a very high rate of speed. I never even saw the car coming. I was driving a little VW Bug and would have been crushed if my car hadn’t suddenly stalled. Shortly after that I had bought a very fast sports car and with a few friends, we were all around 19 or 20 at the time, spent all day partying and bar hopping, on the way home late that evening, one friend said “ let’s see how fast this baby can go”, I was unfortunately only too happy to oblige. As we all called out the speedometer reading out loud, 100, 110 ,120 ,130, it started to rain and we came over a hill and much to our shock there was an intersection coming up on us very fast with a red light. As I tapped the brakes, the car took a sharp left and then a sharp right and then we began mowing down a chain link fence with the posts disappearing in front of us at an alarming rate. It was really like someone put us in the only spot where we could be slowed down gradually without being in an incredible crash. We gradually slowed and the car was totaled but we all walked away from what could have been very tragic accident. A very stupid bunch of young guys all survived and learned to be a bit more responsible. A few years later, my wife and I were driving around on a side street behind a very busy street looking for a business address. We heard sirens and looked up and saw a car fleeing the police, he hit the median and went airborne and as we looked up he was just a few feet away and appeared to be ready to crash right on top of us, all we could do was duck. Incredibly, the car landed well up the side street we were on and the guy just kept on running. We were both stunned that the car we had just seen practically on top of us, had somehow completely missed us. I’ve also been a bit of a gambler in my life and a big horse racing fan. One night I sat straight up in bed out of a deep sleep because the name Night Dancing was coming to me over and over, it was enough to make me get up and write the name down so I wouldn’t forget it. The next morning was a Saturday and I grabbed the paper and looked at the racing entries for the day, I saw no horse named Night Dancing and forgot about the whole thing. On Monday morning as I was reading the paper I was shocked to look at the results of the previous days races and see that Night Dancing had won and paid something like $75 to win. After I didn’t see the horse entered for Saturday I unfortunately didn’t look at Sunday’s entries the next day. There were other similar instances that ended better. One night I was in bed reading the next day’s Daily Racing form, with the television on. Just as I came to a horse called Covered Wagon, some voice on the television said Covered Wagon, not 5 or 10 seconds before or after I started looking at the horse in the form, but at the exact very second my eyes looked at the horse. A few minutes later when I was looking at the next race the same thing happened. I do not now remember the name of the other horse, but just as I began looking at that particular horse in the form, someone on the television said the exact same name at just the exact time I looked at the horse. I marked both horses down and waited for the next name, but nothing else happened that night. I went to the track the next day, both horses won and paid a very nice price, they were both around 20 dollar winners. This day, I did have a very profitable day. Similar things happened a handful of times later with varying degrees of success, but it has certainly been very interesting and often a bit puzzling. Just thought I would share a few odd happenings from years ago. Bob


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