Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just the Facts?: Fifteen-Hour Encounter -- All Priests Should Be Exorcists -- Life-Jacket Mystery

Fifteen-Hour Encounter

Sacramento, CA - 5/14/2013 - unedited: 7pm Tuesday May 14th walking dog with girlfriend, seen cat beside sidewalk trap something in paws, a light emitted steadily brighter cat let it go, it looked like a prey mantis/moth fly to my feet and disappear.

10pm Let dog go pee outside saw white LED bright light appear 6 foot next to me and disappear, then 3 red LED lights appear beside a oak tree 10 foot in front of me and disappear.

12:48am Wed. May 15th Got in bed laid down, immediatly bed sheet was raised by right foot, and had knowledge a clamp was going to be put on my foot, I relaxed and "Let it Be". I saw in a vision 2 silver rooms, I moved through a partition into one of the silver rooms and saw a brown human head suspended in air and fragments of things supended in air..it was Chaos and my mind was breaking, I only could repeat, "I AM that I AM, I do not allow you to hurt me", then my dog charged into livingroom like someone was in the house, I immediatly got out of bed and went to the livingroom and a grey shoebox slide from outside on the patio through the sliding glass door and under my chair in the livingroom, without a sound. I sat up for a hour in the livingroom.

1:45am went back to bed, fell asleep right away, Had a vision/dream I was in a white room looking down at 2 8x8 square foot grey mattresses set at a diagnal from one another, had a feeling I was one a bed, then a voice said, "Enlightenment".

4:30am I opened my eyes and saw a small led light outside bedroom window behind Japanese Maple tree, it moved slowly down casting the tree shadow on the sheer curtain, then another light appeared and was moving sideways from it then more started appearing, all the same size, like popcorn hundreds more started appearing then a great flashees light fireworks and a 5 foot in diameter clounterclockwize spiral with thousands of small lights the swirl sped up and shrunk down to 2 volleyball sized bright orbs and flew off to the west with a trail of small lights like a meteor.

9:36am While sitting in my chair in the living room having coffee and log in on to the computer, my dog leaped at the sliding glass door barking again like a intruder alert type bark, I turned and looked and through the picket fence I saw a brown alien face and a black eye looking at me and it moved horizontally out of sight. My dog and me rushed to the front door, and my dog stood at the front door sniffing as I walked to the fence area...nothing, it looked exactly like a grey alien, but brown leather like skin and a big oval black eye.

I have been very emotional, were I cry easy and have been through a self relized transformation, I know I have the Supreme Divine living in me and I am not concerned about the ego, self, "I". I am kinder, gentler and slowly getting over it slowly.

The Japanese Maple tree next to the swirl of lights, seems that a branch has made a 180 degree turn growing back to its trunk, no other branches show anything like that 1 particular branch were a big whiter that white burst of light occured and sputtered at the 4:30am event outside my bedroom window.

I have had visitations the last 3 years, 2 of which I went into the feeling of Chaos when they entered my mind, I felt like waking from a abstract dream and not remembering the dream or cant explain it because its so abstract, but real when your in it, but PAINFULLY chaotic. - MUFON CMS

Alien Mysteries, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups

Are Aliens Real? Aliens and UFOs Proof

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity


Exorcist calls for rules to be relaxed

The Catholic Church's leading 'exorcist' is calling for all priests to be allowed to conduct the ritual after Pope Francis apparently performed one in St Peter's Square last week.

Father Gabriele Amorth, head of the International Association of Exorcists, wants the current rules requiring all priests to obtain permission to perform exorcisms from their bishop to be relaxed.

Father Amorth, who claims he has carried out 160,000 exorcisms, said his request has been prompted by Pope Francis performing an what he insists was an exorcism on a Mexican man 'possessed by four demons'.

He told the Sunday Times: 'I will ask the pope to give all priests the power to carry out exorcisms, and to ensure priests are properly trained for these starting with the seminary. There's a huge demand for them.'

His comments come after Pope Francis was captured on film performing an apparent exorcism on May 19.

The footage shows Pope Francis placing his hands on the head of a disabled man who appears to go into a frenzy of convulsions and shaking, before slumping as Francis prays over him.

Father Amorth, 88, told La Repubblica newspaper 'The Pope is also the Bishop of Rome, and like any bishop he is also an exorcist.' Continue reading at Daily Mail


Famous Tattooed People


Tattoos would never have taken off if Edison’s patented “electric pen” hadn’t paved the way for the first tattoo gun. So it’s only fitting that he had a quincunx, a geometric pattern of five dots, inked on his forearm.


The 1984 author also saw spots. His were bright blue and tattooed on his knuckles. The dots were supposedly a bit of youthful rebellion from Orwell’s days as a policeman in colonial Burma.


America’s 11th president annexed Texas, but he had another legacy that was just as lasting: starting the trend of Chinese-character tattoos. Polk’s ink translated as “eager,” or so he was told.


Polk wasn’t the only tattooed commander in chief. Teddy Roosevelt had his family crest emblazoned across his chest.


The notoriously cranky Jackson was never one to bury the hatchet, but he did have a tomahawk inked on his inner thigh.


The sharp-tongued writer sported a small blue star near her elbow as a memento of a drunken night in the 1930s.


As of 2012, the U.K. holds the title of the world’s most tattooed nation, and the trend goes back ages. Even Churchill sported some body art: an anchor on his forearm.


Longtime senator Barry “Mr. Conservative” Goldwater adorned his hand with a crescent moon and four dots, the trademark of the Smoki People, an Arizona organization dedicated to preserving Native American culture.


In 1891, Nicholas II of Russia visited Japan to improve Russo-Japanese relations. He survived an assassination attempt on his trip, but he also came home with a souvenir: a colorful dragon on his right arm.


Royal tattoos have been around longer than you’d think. After England’s Harold II emerged as the big loser at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, his allies identified his body using his ink, including his wife’s name, Edith, scrawled across his heart. - mentalfloss.com

Book of the Bizarre: Freaky Facts and Strange Stories

Weird-o-pedia: The Ultimate Book of Surprising, Strange, and Incredibly Bizarre Facts About (Supposedly) Ordinary Things


Teapot Baobab takes the form of bottle and also looks like teapot, which is why its name has teapot in it. This tree and the trees similar like this are located in Ifaty, Madagascar.

The famed Teapot Baobab is around 1200 years old and has the capacity of storing more than 31,000 US gallons (117.000 litres) of water. It can show the endurance for severe drought conditions.


Life-jackets wash up unexplained in Australia

Australian police said on Monday 28 life-jackets had washed up on a beach in the Cocos Islands, but there was no specific incident they could link them to and no search was under way.

The life-jackets, found on the Indian Ocean territory off Western Australia on Friday, had sparked fears that asylum-seekers may once again have drowned en route to Australia.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) initially said that eight life-jackets were found but later updated this number to 28. The police would not immediately confirm a report that one contained a small amount of Iranian currency.

"The AFP can confirm that a total of 28 life-jackets have been found on Cocos Islands," a spokesman said late on Monday.

The AFP said it was common for debris and other items to wash up on the east coast of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, including from Indonesia, which is about 1,100 kilometres away (680 miles) and closer than the Australian mainland.

It said the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has confirmed "there is no specific incident they can relate to these life-jackets".

"Consequently, there is no search and rescue operation in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands area."

But Ian Rintoul, from the asylum-seeker support group Refugee Action Coalition, called on Australian authorities to say whether they had searched areas near the islands in recent days.

"The existence of the life-jackets themselves are an indication that there has been some kind of incident," he told AFP.

"And it almost definitely means that a boat has gone down for those life-jackets (to be found). They are not likely to have been thrown overboard... they are quite expensive, and they are too valuable."

Rintoul said the life-jackets most likely came from an asylum-seeker boat.

"It's far more than likely that they are a consequence of some kind of distress situation and a boat going down somewhere," Rintoul said.

Hundreds of asylum-seekers have drowned at sea over the past few years while trying to reach Australia, mostly via Indonesia.

Canberra has attempted to crack down on people-smuggling by sending boat passengers to remote processing stations on the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru and impoverished Papua New Guinea's Manus Island.

However, more than 10,000 people have arrived in Australia this year alone, many from Iran and Afghanistan. - NDTV