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Just the Facts?: Property For Sale...Includes Bigfoot Habituation -- Dark Grey Entities Encounter -- Skunk Ape Photo?

Bigfoot Habituation - Property For Sale

Bigfoot Property for sale - $77,000.00

This is the property featured in my book 'Visitors in the Twilight.' The house and property have had a Bigfoot Habituation going on for almost two years now. The property is located in rural Carroll County, Georgia, and is about 14 years old. The property consists of a double-wide mobile home with 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths - that has vaulted ceilings, garden tub, fireplace, ceiling fans, and front and back porches. It sits on almost 6 acres of land, that is completely forested, except for the area immediately surrounding the house.

The Bigfoot habituation is still going on at the current time. We have seen them repeatedly, heard them, smelled them, have found numerous foot prints, and have strange tree and branch structures here that they have built. We put food up in our 'Giving Tree' every night, and almost every night-the food is taken. They often come up to the house and 'talk,' and sometimes bang on the walls if they are trying to get our attention! We have also taken pictures of them, and have many pictures of their foot-prints, and their tree structures. These pictures can be sent to you by request. We have also had many researchers investigate the property, that have confirmed that they believe our habituation to be real and authentic. Georgia Bigfoot Society and North American Bigfoot Research Organization are among some of the ones who have visited here. You can read our complete true story in our book - 'Visitors in the Twilight.'

We would like to have someone buy the property that would take care of the 'Big Guys' (we have the little ones around here too) and treat them with respect. Absolutely NO HUNTING will be permitted of them, and this will be reflected in the sales contract!! We do not want these Big Guys harmed in any way - no setting traps, or anything else that would harm them will be permitted either. If you want to set up trail cameras after the purchase of the property - that's fine. They don't like them though, and you may get some bangs on the house because of it - which is what happened when we put them up. If you would like more details or pictures-please email me at:

NOTE: seems to me that these people are trying to sell books instead of selling property. I'm going to contact them and see what's going on...Lon

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The Habituator


Is this a Skunk Ape?

Photo taken by Ken S., an IT professional from Cape Coral, Florida. He says that the exact location of the sighting was Pine Island in Lee County, the largest island in Florida, and the perfect place for a large hairy hominid to hide.

Abominable Snowmen, Legend Comes To Life: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Oh-Mah, Grassman And Skunk Ape: The Story Of Sub-Humans On Five Continents From The Early Ice Age Until Today Illustrated

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“Boston Bomber's” Former Friends Suspect Him In Triple Murder

Tamerlan Tsernaev's best friend was among the victims in the bloody 2011 homicide. Surprised “Tam” skipped the funeral

Former associates of slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamarlan Tsarnaev now believe he may have been involved in a 2011 triple murder that claimed the life of his closest American friend, Brendan Mess.

"At the time none of would have thought it was Tam. It was just so emotional, and we thought we had someone else who had done it. Tam's name wasn't coming up at all," said one of their mutual friends, who asked to be identified by his first name, Ray.

Now "a few of my friends, without even speaking about it beforehand, have all been thinking" that Tsarnaev could have been connected to the 2011 murder, he said. Ray and Tsarnaev were both part of a social circle centered on the gym at which Tsarnaev trained and on a Boston hip-hop group called FlyRidaz, whose members this week expressed shock at having known the suspected killer.

Ray gave BuzzFeed his full name but asked that it not be used because, he said, he is concerned for his safety. Other friends were more reticent about speaking with reporters. But some have been reflecting on their knowledge of Tsarnaev on social media.

"This is so crazy. Lots of us knew the older suspect. UNREAL AND TERRIBLE," a former friend wrote.

"I just put together what this meant and I'm buggin the fuck out," responded another.

The 2011 murder has returned abruptly to the forefront of their minds.

The owner of the Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts in Allston, John Allan, told reporters that Tsarnaev described Mess to him as his "best friend."

So the Cambridge crew were surprised in the fall of 2011 that Tsarnaev didn't show up at his best friend's funeral. Now they see it as a clue.

"Tam wasn't there at the memorial service, he wasn't at the funeral, he wasn't around at all," Ray said. "And he was really close with Brendan. That's why it's so weird when he said, 'I don't have any American friends.'"

"He was somebody who was in contact with Brendan on a daily basis. Anybody like that you would think they would have been around," Ray said.
The other members of their social circle recalled Tsarnaev, 26 at the time of his death Thursday, as a "normal guy" who liked boxing and occasionally came to their rap shows.

He "wore regular American-ish clothes," said Ray, also 26, who said he lost touch with him directly after the murder of Mess, along with Raphael Teken, 37, and Erik Weissman, 31 on Sept. 12, 2011, in nearby Waltham.

Ray said he had met Tsarnaev in 2010. He and his friends had an amiable, if not particularly close, relationship with him, and didn't think of him as different. They didn't notice any increasing religious fervor, which Tsarnaev is said to have developed in the last two years.

"He kind of had an accent, but I didn't think of him as that foreign," he said. "He was sociable but kind of distant."

Tsarnaev met the rappers through Mess, Tsarnaev's gym buddy who lived down the block from him. Tsarnaev was an aspiring Olympic boxer, and Mess was training in mixed martial arts. "Tam did a lot of training with him in the gym," Ray said. "Brendan was my link to Tam."

Tsarnaev went to Ray's house before a FlyRidaz show once and attended one of their shows, he said.

But contact stopped after the horrific triple murder.

"Those three guys all had their throats cut, and they had marijuana dumped all over their bodies," Ray said. "It's really gruesome how they were killed. It's not something typical you'd see in Waltham. Not some home invasion gone wrong or something."

Police indicated the three men had "sharp force injuries of the neck" and $5,000 was left at the scene, and they believe the murders were "targeted and not a random act of violence."

Police believe there were two other men in the apartment sometime before the murder, but those two men have never been identified. Ray said following the murder, he was questioned by detectives who told him Tsarnaev may have been with Mess either the day of or the night before, although the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office said they could not confirm any relationship between Mess and Tsarnaev. The Waltham police department declined to comment on the murder or on the alleged relationship between Tsarnaev and Mess.

After Tsarnaev was fingered as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, Ray and his friends have become increasingly convinced he had something to do with the gruesome 2011 crime.

They originally suspected Brendan Mess' girlfriend, an immigrant from Somalia, they thought, whom Ray described as a "transient" who "latched onto Brendan." She had a friendly relationship with Tsarnaev, with whom she would have "conversations about religious things and lifestyles."

The attitude about Tsarnaev's involvement has changed in the last week. Now people suspect him of the worst.

"A few of my friends, without even speaking about it beforehand, have all been thinking this," he said.

"There was no forced entry," Ray said, so police believe whoever was responsible was let into the apartment.

No suspects have ever been named, but Waltham police said the case is still open.

A few months after Mess' murder, Tsarnaev went to Russia for six months. His father, Anzor Tsarnaev, told the Associated Press his son stayed with him in the city of Makhachkala, in the region of Dagestan.

"He slept until 3 p.m., and you know, I would ask him: 'Have you come here to sleep?'" his father said. "He used to go visiting, here and there. He would go to eat somewhere. Then he would come back and go to bed."

When Tsarnaev returned to the United States, Ray said a friend saw him out in public once and described him as "hollow." But Mess' younger brother continued to see Tsarnaev at the gym where they both trained. "Tam was with Brendan's little brother a month ago," he said.

Ray said none of his friends saw any "red flags" while they were friends with Tsarnaev, although he said some of them remember Tsarnaev making comments about the afterlife being glorified and disparaging remarks about Americans once or twice. - Buzz Feed


Encounter with multiple dark grey entities

California - 1/20/2013 - unedited: I was sleeping in my bedroom when I sensed that something/someone was looking at me, so I opened my eyes. My night light was on, so I could see clearly somewhat. At the side/foot of my bed were small, 3-4 feet in height, dark gray entities, about 15 of them. One of them was seated on the floor, one was doing a one-handed hand-stand (it looked malevolent). The others were standing, looking at me, seeming as scared of me as I was of them. They had slim, humanoid bodies, proportional heads and bodies, with not more than 10-20% body fat. Their faces were flat, I couldnt see their noses and mouths, and I couldnt see any genitals. They had the darkest, bushiest eyebrows/eyes. Composed of only 2 colors, with their bodies a dark gray, and their eyes, the darkest charcoal black. They looked like Spidermans enemy, Venom, only smaller versions.

I got up, screamed,"oh my God, oh my God," ran past them (because the bedroom door was behind them) into my daughters room. When I came back about 2 minutes later, they were gone. Before this, I had never seen anything like them in my entire life. - MUFON CMS

Alien Encounters in the Western United States

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